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Five lessons I’ve learned after a month of daygame

A little over a month ago, I decided that I would seriously dedicate some time to learning daygame and practicing it for a bit. Now I did have some previous experience with daygame so I was not a hardcore newbie but this was my first time truly immersing myself in the process. After immersing myself in the process for over a month, I’d say more like a month and a half, here are five lessons I’ve learned.

Women can be just as rude during the day as they are at night.

The common misconception goes that women at nightclubs and bars have their bitchshields up because so many thirsty men are hitting on them. Now this could be because I am in Miami but I noticed that it is just as bad during the day. Hit up the same girl in Brickell that you would at LIV and she will act the same way. Now the rejections might not be as exaggerated but you will get outright rejections and if there are people nearby with her in a bad mood, they can still be pretty bad. In other words, with game in general, have a thick skin.

The quality is a lot more dispersed even in the hottest areas.

In Miami, the daygame hotspots are typically South Beach and Brickell although I have been to other places too. Even in Brickell, expect to see a hot approachable woman say once every twenty minutes. Now when I say hot, I mean hot. I do not mean kind of cute or above average, I mean the kind of girl you would brag about getting with. You quickly start to realize that even in a city like Miami, hot women aren’t as common as one would think. Most women are above average and dolled up but true model material is not that easy to come by.

Your mindset and vibe before you go out is everything.

As with night game, if you go out all pissed off because you read something on the news or because some black pilled post really got the better of you, you will fail. You have to go out in a good mood, light-hearted, and understand that game is a transfer of emotion. If you go out with bad emotions, you will fail and you will be miserable. Women will pick up on your vibe and throw those bad emotions back at you. If you are miserable, do not even bother going out.

Looks are just as important.

The saying goes that daygame is where women are less selective than online dating or night game, I actually disagree. I think that due to the fact that she is already taking a risk by entertaining your approach, you have more pressure on you to look good and perform. If you are a short guy that is overweight and trying to game tall models, you will fail unless almost everything else is on point. I’d wager to say that at least with nightgame, alcohol can help our and with online dating, you can get the most flattering photos taken.

You must exercise social awareness, spontaneity (or an appearance of it) is your best friend.

The truth is that PUAs have ruined daygame in the past years. While some aggressive PUA coaches are thankfully out of the game, the stigma still exists. You cannot come off as someone stalking her or trying to pounce at the right time. If you see her, you must immediately go for the approach and not double-think it. At the same time, you have to be aware of the environment. I had a wing that loudly approached a hot blonde at a quiet clothing store, he made a scene and she freaked out. You have to adjust to your environment and avoid being seen as a PUA.

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