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The guys getting the best results almost always move on.

I have been around the game community for quite some time and been familiar with a number of different communities whether they were RSD, Good Looking Loser, or other pickup communities. Now in all of these communities, especially Good Looking Loser back in the day, you always had the guys getting the results. By this, I mean the guys who were sleeping with a lot of different women that looked alright. Looking back at it now, I noticed one trend in the majority of cases.

The guys getting great results seemed to almost always move on.

One community to observe is Good Looking Loser and I point it out because objectively, it churned out a lot of guys that got great results. Due to proof pics being needed in order to prove that you were “slaying”, you legitimately had more than enough guys who were doing well out there. The other reason I point this community out is because it is more or less dead now with Chris having moved on.

It’s like they never really stick around to coach others or even stick around for much of anything after they have gotten their results. Most of them enjoy the ride (or well the ones riding them do, pun intended) and then they just move on to goals such as trying to get rich or trying to start their own business. As I approach thirty, it has sort of hit me that while I did get laid a decent amount in my twenties and had many wild nights worth of some crazy stories (thank you NYC), I left a lot on the table when it came to getting laid. I did not prioritize my fitness enough which is something I am still regretting right now.

I give credit where it is due in that a lot of these guys who were in their early to mid twenties and a lot of them just played it smart. While some of us were stuck in our limiting beliefs and wasting time posting too much on the internet (something I am guilty of), these guys took heavy action and matured fast. Now, they can put the getting laid demon behind them and move on to other things. In other words, they played it right and cashed in early enough.

Maybe this is what is meant to be with game.

You get in, you learn it, you improve yourself to the max, and then get laid as much as possible. After getting laid enough and perhaps going into the triple digits, you simply disappear. Almost out of nowhere, you just disappear and now you are gone. Some men stick around to be regulars on forums but they never truly improve their lot (this was me for a while). Other men try their luck but then bounce out after failure, deeply hating that they were not able to have success. Obviously quite a few guys become incels and move into the black pill movement. Yet, what if we were really meant to get in and get out? (Pun still kinda intended)

Why this is even coming up for me?

You may be thinking why I am doing this and why I am posting this. The truth is as I get back into game and approach thirty, the question of the big picture comes up for me. I have realized that there is no way I can be say forty and still going at this. While thirties are a man’s peak as they say, I always feel as if time is running out. Yeah sure thirties might be young enough for some but for how long can someone stick to daygaming religiously and going out multiple nights a week to get good?

After a while, it starts to slowly creep up on you. What about potentially having a family? What about other aspects of life such as starting my own business? What about personal development elsewhere? As of right now, these are things I cannot get to as I have not even come close to hitting my ceiling with game and women. I am not even close to being in the best physical shape and I still have so much to learn about game and approaching.

Ironically, the very communities meant to help you improve will weigh you down.

This is worthy of its own post but the vast majority of pickup communities and game forums are awful for self-development. The reason is that most of them are full of trolls and toxic people that are just looking to waste time. Material on these forums is often meant to set you back and distract you from your very goals. I’d wager to say that outside of knowing the basics, the only real use of the forums are finding wingmen. Yet, so many men get sucked into it all and they end up wasting a lot of precious months and years.

For the guys who figured it out early and became legends, they figured it out and saw it for what it was. Somehow, they were able to avoid the toxicity and get to the root of what they were there for. Most of these guys were able to get the basics down, practice, put in work, and eventually get results. After all was said and done, most realized that the ones who need get it will get it while the ones who don’t, won’t. There is no point in helping others who cannot help themselves.

I have come to a similar realization.

In truth, I wasted a lot of time in my twenties and am paying for it now as I approach thirty. I realize how time is of the essence and how little of it we really have in this world. One day, I am going to be forty or even truly just old enough. Youth is one of those things you get once in your life and then you become mature and it’s gone. When I turned 21, a wise old man once told me that you will be thirty before you know it.

I have realized the urgency in me making the most out of the game and decided that I cannot waste anymore time. After a certain point, it becomes inconvenient to run game to the extent a lot of PUAs do. You can’t just go out like you used to and it starts to feel odd compared to others your age. Thankfully, I feel like the early-thirties are at worst borderline compared to doing this at the age of fifty. I only wish I had the same sense of urgency back then that I have now.

What I do know is that when all is said and done, don’t be surprised if I move on.

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