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A long daygame session.

So this is from the past weekend and I have been meaning to post it but haven’t had the time needed. After a week spent not being in Miami and a Saturday that had me too busy to go out, I decided that Sunday was going to be my day. My wing and I met up in South Beach and started what would be an early daygame session meant to go for a while. Heat wave weather had hit Miami over the weekend so I put on my sunscreen and stayed hydrated.

While I usually watch infields from former RSD Coach Todd V, this time I decided to give Austen Summers a listen. I noticed that the format he talks about with daygame in terms of Attention, Context, Intent and Introduction was worth trying out so I go in with it. My first two approaches, as I waited for my wing to arrive, fall flat. I do a couple more approaches which also end up in nothing.

Truth is that I am so in my head when I do these that I decided to try and grind out as many approaches as possible. My first four end up falling flat and my wing arrives as well. Me and my wing meet as he does his approaches and he is getting blown out a good deal as well. My wing is someone who has had his fair share of luck with daygame and does it almost exclusively but today, he is falling flat too.

As we walk the area, one sexy looking brunette walks in our direction and my wing approaches. It seems to go well and it seems like he is talking to her for a while, something I had noticed as I took my lap around. I do a couple more approaches which end up amounting to almost nothing. Then after ten minutes my wing and I catch up with each other only to find that my wing found the girl weird. Apparently, the girl was supposedly asking him for drugs. Crazies, you even find them in daygame.

At this point, I am largely beaten as my wing has had a long interaction and I have not. We decide, should we just rest and get some coffee? Then I see in the store behind us one really cute girl with dark hair walk out. I had to shoot my shot and I immediately approached her using the method that Austen Summers talks about.

“Excuse me, I was on my way to the Nike store but then saw you, thought you looked fancy, and had to come say hi”. She smiles and I tell her my name, she tells me hers. She is Serbian and we chat for a good bit about the vibe of the city. Apparently when I told her she has a very Eastern European look, she opened up a bit and wondered if that was a good or bad thing. She isn’t a big fan of the vibe of Brickell and neither am I to be honest. We keep at it and seem to talk a great deal before I ask her about a coffee date and get her number. It was a great approach overall and I could have kept it going for longer, she was definitely hot.

Wing and I connect and just like that, I go off and do another approach with the same format as I used for this one. The girl is Ukrainian and I walk with her. Towards the end of it all, I get her number even though she said she was in a rush. I didn’t propose a coffee date because the moment got too big for me and I let it get away from me, totally on me. Still, it was a great approach.

Immediately after that, I approach this blonde who was from Canada and that goes nowhere. Soon after, I approach this Latin girl from Colombia who asks me if I do this to all women. I tell her only to ones that are able to distract me enough from my boring life which has nothing going on. She takes me literally and says “oh you should live a less boring life then”. I tell her “well you seem and not judgmental at all, help me out here”. She laughs and flirt. Not long after, I get her number.

I did a few more approaches and got one more number from this cute brunette visiting from Texas. It was a daygame session that I very much needed. All it has done is given me momentum for the upcoming weekend. I have a coffee date with the Serbian girl tomorrow!

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