An embarrassing night to remember.

Thanks to linking up with some old wings and finding new ones, I was able to get the inside scoop on getting into one of Miami’s hottest nightclubs, LIV. I’ve been meaning to share this story but life put so much on my plate that I was not able to share it the way I wanted. Earlier in June, towards the start of the month really, one of my wings had his birthday. Now a couple of nights before his birthday, he wanted to go out to game with me and another wing of ours.

Due to having worked in nightlife before, my wing was able to get us all entry into LIV which is normally an expensive nightclub. We all arrive at midnight and found that the lines are long. Due to knowing the bouncer, wing gets in and gets us all in. Even at midnight, LIV is barely picking up. After all, this is Miami and the nightlife here goes till 5 AM in the morning.

We get to LIV and initially, don’t do any approaches. I finally find a large enough group and approach this pale-skinned dark-haired girl with blue eyes who was apparently from Tampa. The entire group is from that area and is visiting Miami. Me and the girl get a really good vibe going, her name is Katie. For some reason, her face reminded so much of Rayveness (the pornstar, yeah I used to watch a lot of porn many years ago). Katie is wearing a black dress and she is well-dressed along with her group of friends.

I am not sure what I was thinking but at some point in our convo, I get closer to her and even softly kiss her on the neck which she doesn’t push back on one bit. As we chat, I grab her ass a bit as she tells her story and my dick is as hard as a rock due to me being on a couple weeks of no fap. I keep eye contact the whole time and I notice that the friends are largely unengaged. My wing approaches and I notice that he gets blown out but I keep my focus on the girl.

Not long after, I start to kiss Katie a bit more and notice her take a calming breath. Katie’s friends lead her away but I tell her I am finding her again before kissing her. Now I notice Katie smiling a bit but I let go for the time being. Wing and I had chatted a bit about the approach. It’s a good time to mention that my wing is actually a natural who is 6’3, built like an NFL Tight End, and bold as fuck.

Wing gets approached by an older woman and after that ordeal, we open another set. I notice the girls are all hot blondes and they are very receptive to my wing but not me. The night goes on and soon after, I do a couple more approaches only to get blown out. I feel a bit deflated as nightclub blowouts tend to be more pronounced and obvious.

As 2 AM nears, I see a cute dark-haired girl with tattoos and approach her. She seems receptive to my approach, I had told her that she looks Californian and come to find, she was. I am not even sure what we talked about as the music was so loud but it gave me an excuse to lean in and chat with her. She was with her friend who was there with her husband but somehow very touchy with me.

Now the convo goes on and I notice her leaning in more. I start to kiss her more on the neck and immediately, she grabs my head and pulls it closer to hers. As soon I lean in for the kiss, she practically eats my face. We are against a wall in the club and she starts grinding on me as my no fap is starting to punishing me. Oh please don’t, please don’t, and it fucking does. After not fapping for almost two weeks, I feel it pop like a champagne bottle and it becomes obvious. I came.

Looks like I learned the downfalls of nofap on that day.

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