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A reminder to why I game and why you should too.

Maybe a friendly reminder, who really knows what to call it. Lately, I have had to travel a lot for work and in one instance, I had dinner with my boss and employees at our client. Our clients are all guys in their thirties that are married with kids and as is my boss. This was all in Charlotte.

“So what do you hit in golf again? I mean my swing has gotten a bit rusty with age,” said one of the employee.

“Man I tell ya, my golf course serves the best beer and Shrimp Cocktails are fire brother!” said another employee, who was a fat souther man with a heavy beard and naturally feisty expression.

“I tell ya, nothin like Shrimp Cocktails on a Sunday after church,” said one other employee.

“Great way to get away from Kate’s bitching,” replied another employee who also golfs as they all laughed and toasted.

“Man, we got this sweet young blonde working at our golf course, she is a stunner and has those athletic legs,” said the fat heavy-bearded man, who happens to be a “good Christian” married with two kids.

I put on the fake face of laughing along but deep down inside, all of these guys were so fucking pathetic. In a way, these men were all reminders to me as to why I moved out of the south in the first place. Even more than that, it hit me hard when the dinner ended. I finally got this stronger and newer motivation around why I even do game in the first place.

Because if not game, then what fucking else?

Think about it, the average American guy over the age of 30 (25 in a lot of southern states) usually spends his weekend with his family. Most of the times, he is doing things like playing Golf in order to get away from the wife and kids. Despite putting on the act of being a loyal husband, he is just waiting for that opportunity to find a younger woman who is vulnerable and pounce. The second the opportunity presents itself, he is as loyal to his wife as Terminator was to his.

Yeah, I could live a “normal life” where I get married just so society can see me as a “good person”. An afternoon spent golfing as I bitch about my aging wife would be so comfortable. Perhaps I go spend it at a local bar as I watch a typical sport (baseball, football, or basketball) and drink as much beer as I possibly can, expanding my waist line. I have known more than my fair share of men who took this path in life and on the outside looking in, it seems like their life was just so comfortable.

Well, here is the truth about most of these guys, they’re fucking miserable. Sure they use alcohol or playing an geriatric sport like Golf in order to get away from it all but they are miserable men. Most of them, especially if they are under the age of 35, have realized to what extent they have thrown their youth away. A lot of them were probably raised to believe that they had to marry as soon as they finished school and so they went along with whatever narrative was there in their society.

Now here is something else, even though they will never admit it, they fucking envy you. They envy the younger guy or even any guy in general who is not tied down to a long-term relationship. If any of them heard of someone like you doing things like daygame where you get a beautiful woman’s number, take her out on a date, and then give her one of her best nights of the year? Oh man, their blood would boil. They would try to cancel you faster than a Social Justice Warrior tries to cancel a proud Trump Supporter.

Don’t get me wrong, there are men out there who are happily married and don’t envy what you have but those men are rare. Most men are miserably married and wish they had the freedom you have in your life.

A lot of these men, you may encounter them in a big corporation you work in. Once they realize that you are not married with kids, they will try to gently push you down that route. Once they realize that you are a handsome young guy who sleeps around, their rage will awaken and their blood will boil. For all of you brave players out there, stay off the radar but keep on killing it. Your life is worthy of a lot more envy than you’d like to think.

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