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A crazy July 4th weekend (Part 1)

It’s been quite some time since I updated the blog and life has been crazy as hell for me. It is almost like from late-June until now, I took a crazy amount of time off because I was just so out of the mix.

A time off that never was.

I took Friday before the July 4th weekend off but spent most of that day interviewing for jobs. On just the morning of, I found that half of my interviews were “rescheduled” despite me telling these idiots that this Friday off is my best chance to get the interviews going since I won’t be at work. Now they say it is always easy to find a job when you have a job, I don’t always agree if your job is hectic as hell since it is tough to commit to an interview you can actually show up for; even if you are remote.

The silver lining of the interviews being cancelled was that I spend my Friday morning getting a haircut that was much needed!

A few interviews did happen but then I found that something very urgent at work came up which made my boss text me, while on PTO. I spend the final part of the day handling work stuff despite being on PTO.

Then after all of that, I was fucking exhausted. The day just took way too much out of me and I had to take a long nap. Thankfully, I was going to a nightclub thanks to a promoter friend getting me and my wing in. My wing regularly brings the guys girls so this was him doing us a solid. Midnight rolls around and soon after, I am making my way to the club.

A loud night at the club.

I could not hear shit and my entire body was almost vibrating from the noise. Like it was so loud that you felt your body almost tremble from how loud it was. I have never in my life been in a nightclub so chaotic. Since this is a Miami nightclub, water is not served in a cup and you have to buy a bottle for around $8. Yeah…that’s the ugly of Miami. I get some water because I am dehydrated as hell and I felt so fucking miserable at this place.

It’s Canada night because July 1st is their July 4th and the quality is somewhat alright. Despite all that, I regret coming to this place so much and have to end my night early. I hated my Friday.


I sleep in until 11 AM and then meet up with a wing later on for some South Beach daygame. My wing and I met up and I start to take on the mindset of doing a few approaches to warm up. I approach this blonde with sunglasses who gives a very smug look before shaking her head at me, cunt. Next, I approach another blonde who gives me a very smug look again, she was a Latina and seemed pissed off about something.

Well, what a start to this crazy fucking day. Not long after, I see this blonde in a ponytail walk by and approach her. I use my Austen Summers script for this approach and it works, she is from the Upper East Side of Manhattan and I realize that we lived in the same area in 2021! What a small world. Somehow, due to the first two approaches being so crappy, I end up not number closing this girl.

I take another lap around with my wing and see this cute blonde with some heart-sharped sunglasses and open her with the same script. Not long after, she opens up and seems friendly. Apparently, she told me she was going into one of the stores nearby so even if the conversation was friendly, I barely close or have any luck here. I did not ask for the number. Big coaching moment here is for me to not let early approaches get me down.

After that, we see a cute brunette pass by and I try to approach only to notice that she speaks Spanish. These approaches are giving me all the more reason to get on Duolingo and learn Spanish by the end of the year. She was quite nice and seemed like a chill girl so I cannot complain much.

My wing and I are walking around and cross paths with these two super tall blondes. I am a 6 ft tall guy and these girls are taller than I am, they are making them fucking massive these days. I approach only to find that the blonde I didn’t open tells me they need to meet someone, light and polite rejection, whatever.

The wing and I go to get some food together and I try to do an approach on the way, only to find her to be quite hostile. I chat with my wing as we sit down and eat, he seems to have an interesting life story as a former military guy. Not long after, we get back at it and I approach a blonde in white dress who once again barely speaks English, or maybe told me that because she was not interested.

After the approach, my wing and I are walking around and I see this blonde with almost platinum hair so I approach her. I found her to be quite receptive and she was actually from Israel. Despite all they say about Israeli women being stuck up, she was actually quite cool. I was so beatdown from the day and all of the partying the night before that I did not number close although I could have.

Not long after the Israeli, I open these two blondes behind me and my wing. I ended up finding that they were actually quite cool and heading to the same nightclub I was going to be at later on in the night. I did not number close after finding that both of them were actually kind of chubby. Still, great for warming up after all of the approaches done.

I had noticed a blonde with a ponytail and daisy dukes, a nice ass that showed, and went up to go approach her. What I found was that she was Argentine and only spoke Spanish, all the more reason to learn that Spanish. Not long after I run into a blonde with sunglasses and that approach goes so so.

As I was walking around, I approach a cute blonde sitting down who happens to be from Toronto. Despite what they say about the women of Toronto, this girl was so cool. We chatted for a couple of minutes only to find that she had a boyfriend. All good.

My wing and I walked around for a few, he already got 3 numbers plus a couple of Instagrams on that day while I got nothing. I find this one blonde with sunglasses walk towards our direction and immediately go for the approach.

“Hey, listen! This is not gonna work out”, she said in the most ratchet east coast type of a voice.

“I completely agree,” I reply, smiling.

Wow, this woman was just one special kind of a cunt based on her vibe. I feel for whatever guy has to deal with that level of trashy. Come to think of it, she sounded very ratchet New York from her voice. I do one more approach because I had to almost bleach my vibe from just interacting with that girl. I see a rather plain looking girl in a green dress and approach, it doesn’t go well but she is friendly and smiles.

So many approaches, I had noted about 16 or so but likely left the more plain ones out. I needed it. Thanks to my friend’s nightlife connections, I had yet another night at the club so I went home to rest up a bit beforehand. How would it go? Stay tuned in part 2.

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