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A crazy July 4th weekend (Part 2)

For those of you who haven’t read Part 1, check it out as it ties into the story.

After being out daygaming with my wing all day, I went back home to shower and rest up. I had my earplugs and everything so I was going to be ready for the club. After resting up, I headed out to a bar that I usually like a lot these days due to some of the cool bartenders there. I had not really eaten a proper dinner but thankfully, the bar has a lot of great food options.

I get to the bar and order Empanadas, looking for a table to sit at. Now I find a table with two ethnic brown guys (could have been Pakistani or maybe Persian?) and ask if I could sit down. The kind guys are nice enough to tell me to sit down as well as ask me about myself. We make small talk and find that they are from Chicago and both working in the medical field. The guys are Persian tell me stories about that.

“So how do you like Miami?” says Omar, one of the guys and the more social one.

“Well man, I can say that it is not a city for everyone. People here are vapid and shallow so you need to have a social circle already in place in order to be happy,” I reply.

“Yeah, Miami does not have the same soul to it that Chicago or New York do,” replies Omar.

“You know man, I have to agree, it is a very plastic city,” I reply, as I notice the bouncer (an older black dude) standing around and nodding.

On the table next to us there is this Asian guy and white guy with long hair along with four hot blondes sitting down with them. I notice a couple more hot blondes pass by and ask if they can sit with them but then overhear one of the blondes tell the girls “they have open tables over there”. Such a brutal interaction lol!

I finish my meal but then get a couple of drinks, these guys seem interesting and it is a great way to warm up before I head out. Now I sit down and chat with these guys a bit more before heading out to do some sets. I notice two brunettes, both well dressed, and approach.

“I am guessing with the way you two are dressed, your night isn’t ending at this bar,” I say.

“No haha, it’s Story!” replies one of the brunettes.

We have a fruitful conversation after that and I even shake their heads. One thing I notice is that the quieter friend is actually giving me a more firm handshake which I like. We chat a bit more, we can go on forever at this point. I notice the area next to us filling up a lot and a loud argument happening between a couple of drunk guys. The first thing I do is move the two brunettes elsewhere and then I talk to them a bit more.

I know a makeout or anything physical is not going to work and these two are going elsewhere, a place they paid tickets for, so I am not going to pull from here. Instead, I get their IGs after a good conversation and then keep chatting. Time has flown by and they are walking around but then I go to get drunks. I open two hot blondes and it goes alright but notice that they are with a large group.

Not long after, I approach the two hot blondes from earlier who had asked for a place to sit. I find them quite receptive but for the love of god, I cannot come up with a good way to escalate this interaction. Now it is in times like these I feel like a decent wing will help a lot but there are none around. I exit the set and notice the blondes later exiting the bar after a few minutes, they were not entertained.

For some reason, due to all of the walking I had done earlier in the day with daygame, I know that I needed to be seated. I conserved energy for an hour just walking around as the club I would head to does not have any place to really sit. A couple was kind enough to let me sit next to them and soon, I just had drinks if anything.

Some random young black guy tells me my shoes are great and I thank him for it. We have a short convo and I had noticed him doing a few sets that night. I applaud decent game and the guy seemed chill. Shortly after, I get asked where my girls are at and I tell him that they are at the club I am going to head to. The hour is almost up so I head to the club where for a second night in a row, I was going to be let in due to the promoter knowing my wing.

Round 2!

I head to the club and notice that yet again, it was loud as shit. We enter the club and I notice that even with earplugs in, it feels loud. I try to speak to my wing but he cannot for the love of god hear me. I do some approaches and then notice that even when the girls are receptive, my throat hurts from having to project my voice.

We do a fair amount of approaches and I open this blonde who is once again taller than me despite me being 6 ft tall. I run into the issue yet again of projecting my voice and did not even want to be there. So much of me was miserable. I realized that the environment would have been just great for an early-twenties me who was new to it all but after years of all kinds of nightgame, it became a drain.

My wing does his fair share of approaches and gets blown out almost repeatedly. We finally hook a decent enough set and my wing has a great vibe going with the blonde. A curly-haired brunette vibes with somewhat alright with me but then I notice that I cannot project my voice at all here. My god, it is so miserable in this environment and words cannot even begin to describe what I am going through. I feel my throat hurt and realize that I never learned to speak from the diaphragm.

Well to make a long story short, this whole thing really cost me and around 2 AM I realize that I need to get the fuck out. I end up going outside because I cannot handle the club inside, it is just not for me at all. Then, I realize that most of my game outside was just toxic because I was so beat down from the club life. I did see a few approachable sets for street game but am really not feeling it, this night is over.

Just end already.

I order an Uber back to my place and found that my driver was a really fat black dude. My driver was cool to talk to but missed so many turns along the way which took us way longer than usual to get back. I was so miserable and pissed off at just how much I have grown out of club game and how much the night has ruined me. When I do get to my place, I get right to sleep.

No doubt I slept in until 11 AM or so and then readied up to meet my wing again in South Beach for some daygame. Maybe today is different but I woke up with gratitude. Mentally, I thought about all the things I have to be grateful for. I live in a hell of a city which has a lot of hot girls and is also quite international. For the time being, I am in decent health and I have a roof over my head.

Now not long after, I head out to meet my wing and we go about doing some approaches.

I see this one girl heading in our direction and think, why not warm up? I approach her only to get a very smug smile and for her to barely even respond to me. Typical smug Latina rejection here where she will smile and shake her head as she rejects you. On a closer look, I realize that she had a grill like a donkey and looked way better from a distance. Keep this girl, call her Donkey Grill, in mind for the rest of this post.

Not long after, I approach this California blonde and it goes quite alright actually. I didn’t ask for the number since the very next day, she was leaving.

I walk around a bit and see a girl standing around by herself, a cute blonde, and open her. The girl was a medical student from Louisiana and she was quite cool to talk to. We spoke for a few and then I ask for her number only for her to tell me that she is engaged. Fair enough, still a classy and cool girl so I have a lot of respect for her.

My wing has done his fair share of approaches and wants to get a smoothie from an outdoor shop and I walk with him. Right as he is about to order, I see this sexy brunette wearing black. I immediately head over and approach her, she is from Armenia and is cool to chat with. I tell her that black soaks in the sun so she should be careful.

Strangely enough, she asks me if I want to get coffee, wtf. I end up going to a local coffee shop and getting both of us coffee. We walk over to the beach area as I notice that this is an insta-date already. The brunette, whose name was Sona, was quite chill to talk to. Along the way she puts her number in my phone and shortly after that, I cross paths with my wing who plays it smoothly and pretends like he does not know us.

We head over to the beach and check out the view for July 4th weekend. Along the way, we see a woman in a thong and black top. I tell Sona that she could so pull that off at which point she playfully smacks me. We end up making out for a bit near the beach as I hear some black woman shout “oooo girl they gettin it on, umph!”. After we stop making out, Sona and I look at each other and smile.

Not long after, we walk back and Sona meets her friend along the way who she was waiting on. I tell her that we will get coffee again, so cool to have an Instadate.

Yet another surprise waiting.

So I still use dating apps and matched with this cute dark-haired girl from California. Around 5 PM or so, we had agreed to get coffee at a South Beach spot so I let my wing know about it. Meanwhile, someone else had joined my wing to game and I headed over to meet my date. She looked amazing in her all-white dress which went well with her tan and dark hair.

From the get go, we had some serious chemistry together. Her name was Lindsay and we chatted about her days at USC and how much she had enjoyed Miami. Immediately, I get challenged on my political views which I throw back at her telling her that both sides suck. One is outright hateful and the other hides the hate behind their virtues as I learned in my time in Manhattan.

We get to talking with a lot of sexual innuendo involved in the setting. Lynn was smiling and winking all along while saying that I could turn her into a freak with the way I am talking. The date went for over 3 hours and we walked back. Lynn drove and had to get to some chores but I went for the kiss. We were to meet at a nearby bar for cocktails but then her schedule got busy, let’s see if this ends up being a rejection and me getting ghosted.

Ending the night.

I am kind of lucky we never met because I didn’t clean my bedsheets after my last lay and my room was kind of a mess. Lynn would have freaked out about how I keep my place and I did not have the energy to clean it up. Not long after doing some cleaning, I headed to a local pizza bar. I waited for my food and then a couple sitting nearby open me.

We chatted for over an hour and I found that my spot is going to have a massive outdoor bar open, looks like the next few months in Miami just got that much better.

I learned that while I am not made for the nightclub scene, there is a lot of good to come from Miami. Could not have asked for a better weekend. In case you are wondering what I did on July 4th itself, nothing but relax my friends!

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