Field Reports and interactions with women · Miami

A daygame session to remember.

So this past Saturday, I met up with a long-time wing. I had already had a good bit of success and decide to hit up the Starbucks as he was getting to town. As soon as I arrived, I noticed two hot blondes behind me in line so I open them. One is a bit more into me while the other is impartial. I get my drink and order it as I let her order hers. What I notice is that she is talking to me as the Barista says “this line is only for people ordering drinks”. Rude fuck but he had a point since the line was getting long.

Not long after, we both get to the area to get our drinks and I Instagram close her. The blonde was visiting from Germany with her friend and we had a good vibe going. Meanwhile, I notice my wing just looking on and after we say bye to the blondes, we go out.

Well look at her!

A great start to the day already and my wing had already done a few approaches. We see this hot blonde on the street, just my type, and I go for the approach. I tell her how I was heading to the beach but thought she was cute and had to come say hi. Come to find that she is an Aussie visiting Miami and her parents were Hungarian immigrants. We have a nice long convo but then I come to find, after I got her Instagram, that she is heading to NYC that night. Fuck 🙁

Soon after, I see a blonde in a black dress and approach her. The approach is going well but then I found that she has to go to a store. Well, that went nowhere.

You keep getting behind us.

My wing had done a few approaches and it had just not been his day. I notice that behind us is this cute girl with dirty blonde hair and I immediately open her. Tell her the usual line I have been using and she is quite receptive. Swim Week had brought her down to Miami as she was doing some work behind so we connected around that. I got her number and then chatted with her some more. Not long after, I got her Instagram as well since we were talking about it, only to find that the next morning she flies back home to Jersey. Fucking Miami, tourists galore.

I have been told that locals flee Miami in the summer since it is so hot and they usually go elsewhere. My guess is that come fall, my luck might get a lot better. For now, we are with the building blocks.

Not long after her, I see this gorgeous blonde in a red skirt and talk to her. We have a good vibe going but she was in a rush. I could have been a lot more aggressive but decided to play it soft since I have had my success already. Not long after her, I approach this Latina with her dog. We have a good vibe going but despite the good vibe, I forgot to close for the number. Still, a day to remember!

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