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A wild time with Sona (July 9th)

So for those of you that read part 2 of my previous action report, you already saw my success with a cute Armenian brunette named Sona. Meant to write this sooner but I have been sinking with work and business lately. Sona and I texted back and forth during the week and a coffee date that was supposed to happen on Friday night took place on Saturday instead. Given that I was going to South Beach anyways, Sona and I met for coffee around 11 AM.

I noticed that Sona had come back from a yoga workout and was dressed in black yoga pants and a white top. At this point, I am not sure how to feel. In the past, I have noticed that the natural smell of a woman after a nice workout gets me aroused like nothing else so is she already down? At the same time, I felt a bit disrespected since I dressed well for the date and she just came for a workout.

As soon as we hugged, I got a whiff of what seemed like a sweet yet pumpkin-like smell from her. Somehow I felt the hair on my back stand up because she had rubbed the back of my neck which sent blood rushing through my body. Sona had a seductive look to her and we sat down for coffee. Even though this was all on a Saturday, I largely forgot a good bit of the conversation.

All I do remember is that we talked a great deal about her interest in yoga and from there on out, the conversation just went on in different directions. Not soon after, we started talking a bit about the vibe in Miami. I decided to switch the conversation into more about the women out barely wearing anything. Sona tells me how at times it can get a bit too much and I joked saying “you must feel so left out”, as she playfully kicked me on the shin. I grabbed her hand and kissed it, as random as it was and she smiled.

After the date was finished, I asked her where she was at and what she had going on. Sona tells me that she doesn’t have much going on and that was my chance to finally make a move. Instead, I keep walking with Sona to her place and its lobby. I know that I have to change the direction to her apartment and what its like so I ask her about it. Sona tells me that her friend is gone for the weekend and that she feels bored now.

At this point, this girl is just begging me to close. I tell her that I can help out with the boredom but if her place looks boring, I am walking right out. Sona smiles and playfully hits me. We get to her place soon and as soon as the apartment door closes, I look into her eyes. I close my eyes, go for the kiss, and we start making out.

Sona was sweaty and somehow that odor just aroused the fuck out of me, making my cock as hard as a fucking rock. I remember aggressively kissing her neck, cheeks, and a lot of her face as my blood boiled. We got naked fast and before eating her out, I sucked on her perky breasts and kissed her waist and inner thighs. Not long after, I was eating her out which made her moan louder than I have seen from other girls.

Just being there covered in sweat, the both of us, as we made love made my blood boil. Soon after, Sona had an orgasm as she kicked both of her legs around and kept moaning. I went in missionary and raw without much resistance from Sona who was tight as hell down there. My larger body was tightly pressed against her athletic frame as I kissed and fucked her. I was surprised I could last as long as I did.

“Does sexy girl want to be on top?” I asked, sniffing Sona’s sweaty body as she smiled.

Sona rode me and I saw an intense look in her eyes. I didn’t like how upright she was so I put my arm around her lower back and hugged her in closer. We kissed as she started to grind on me and I really saw her aggressive side come out. Despite her frame being skinny, she had a bit of a grip on my head and could ride with the best of them. My testicles felt almost crushed before I had to catch my breath and tell her that I need to cum. Napkins were nearby and I held it in just long enough before busting on (and slightly) off of one.

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