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Crazy night with a raunchy Brit (July 14th)

So not only have I been busy in these past few weeks, I have also been “busy”. Daygame has been doing wonders for me so I thought I’d share this rather long story of what happened.

Background and how we met:

On July 10th, I was worn out. My sexual experience from the day before had me so horny the next day that I fapped multiple times while in bed. What I had done was made it a point to go out at least three times a week to daygame but this Sunday was looking to be real unlikely. Despite every part of my body saying to stay home, I gathered up the courage to go out again. I was drained, I was not at peak testosterone, and still I found the will power to go out.

Now it took me forever to approach but I done a few anyways that didn’t go too bad. I had seen this one dark-haired girl in a ponytail that I could not approach at first but then saw her multiple times. Finally, I found the opportunity and jogged past a couple of groups before I could finally approach her. I tell her that I was going to go to Starbucks but saw her, thought she was cute, and had to come say hi.

I was able to build up enough rapport with her to get an instant coffee date. Not long after, we connected on what brought her to Miami. Work as usual but apparently, she is in South Beach for the whole summer due to her work allowing her to do be there. We had chatted for a good bit and I teased her a decent amount. Come to find, her friend is looking for her and she said she has to go so we talk about meeting up for coffee again. She tells me we can meet on Thursday for coffee except this time it will be in South Beach.


Me and the Brit already had a good vibe going from before and this time, I was on no fap for a few days while also experimenting with Zinc before bed every night and Maca Powder daily. Throw in some L-Arginine and I was as horny as a Jack Rabbit. I show up to find her nicely tanned with her dark hair in a ponytail and immediately hug her. She smelled almost lemon-like and that turned me on.

We had our date and I was aroused through and through. Somehow, my rock hard erection coupled in with the amount of coffee I had brought in that strong urge to piss. I go to use the restroom and then had to let my erection die down so I can let all of my piss out. The whole thing took me a lot longer than usual. After pissing, I come back to see some dude hitting on my date, such Miami behavior!

My date was uncomfortable and let him know she was not interested. Luckily the guy had not sat down so I come back and sit down. My date is vocal about letting him know that she is not interested and soon we get back to it. At this point, I switch the topic to her place to try and plant the seeds about me coming back. I basically get her to talk non-stop about her apartment and its view only to challenge her and tell her “I have known a lot of folks who do this so you know that the expectations are gonna be high, I think I might walk away disappointed”.

Now this was enough for me to walk home with her. We arrive at her high-rise and then go up. As soon as we go in, she is basically showing me around and I am teasing her slightly along the way. I tease her about the kitchen being for quality English cooking. As soon as we get to the bedroom, I take the jump and go for the kiss. We locked lips forever and I could not help but kiss her cheeks and neck as well. Something about tanned skin, dark hair, and a British accent sent my blood rushing.

We started to take each other’s clothes off and I could not help but suck on her rock hard nipples that went so well with her perky breasts and slim frame. I ate her out while she put a finger in her ass only to find it inconvenient. I put my longer and thicker middle finger in her ass while eating out and that incites a lot of high-pitched moaning from her. Meanwhile, she is calling me all sorts of nasty names in a British accent. Unfortunately, I could not get her to blow me but after putting on a condom, she rode me better than any girls has this whole year.

As much as I loved the sex I had with Sona, the raunchy Brit was just so aggressive and her lemon-like odor had me kissing her constantly no matter what we did. Somehow, what got to me was her trash talk coupled in with her British accent as she said so many nasty names and sexual things towards me. I had never been this intense the whole year but she brought it out of me. I was wrestling with her nude in bed and it was a miracle that I didn’t cum since I didn’t even penetrate her yet.

Soon after, she got the condoms out of the drawer and started to ride me. I brought her in close to where we were hugging as she rode me. The smell was so strong from her that I kept kissing and licking her face as she rode me. I had smacked her ass instinctively so much that afterwards, I noticed her cheeks being red. My arms were coiled around her skinny frame as we both let out some groans, her skinny frame crushing my balls at times. After a few minutes of riding, I came inside of the condom and threw it away.

We chat a bit afterwards as she lays on me and I cannot help but continue to kiss her soft skin. After an arousing conversation, we agree to meet up again. All from a day of daygaming that almost never happened!

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