What you realize about men after getting good with women.

I remember back in 2013 when I was at a bar watching a football game. Now I used to be a loner back then but wanted to get out of the house. The team in question scored and a bunch of drunk dudes nearby were roaring. I tried to toast as a couple of them gave me the stink-eye. Wow, seriously dude? Come on man. Yet, that was me then, a me that was not as confident and a me that had taken a break from game.

Something about fitting in had overcome me. I wanted to be one of the guys, have my crew, and never go out alone. I thought I’d have some bros to chill with and it would make me appear as if I had friends or such. Even in my social life, I wanted to make some male friends who were cool and wanted to fit in with whatever crowd was mainstream. When you are in college or high school, this urge is even stronger but you even feel it in the workplace. In fact, it is why people try to get into golf, so they can please the higher ups at work right?

Fast forward to a few years that consisted of thousands of approaches and hundreds of nights going out, I start to get better with women. Add in quality photoshoots for the dating apps and I start to get a date almost every weekend. Now it didn’t hit me until after a year or two of getting dates and sex, I didn’t even realize until it finally consumed me, and you might even stop reading my blog based on what I am about to tell you.

A large majority of men, I’d say close to 90% really, are not worth even a second of your time.

Now whenever I go out to a bar, I cannot stand the drunk sports fan that wear an oversized jersey and have beer spill all over them. I cannot stand the typical guy in the social circle out at a bar who is clearly a friend that is mate-guarding hard. Sure, I play it nice since these guys are drunk and I do not want problems but I cannot stand most of these guys at all. Even with coworkers, I have started to see how pathetic most of them are and tend to not want to mix with them all that much.

I started to get some wings again and I realized that out of 10, maybe 2 of them are actually any good. Majority of them are a waste of time and have no idea of what they are doing. A lot of them want to go out and not even focus on game. Most of them cannot even make simple conversation with people and a good chunk of them are borderline black pill as well. You are lucky if you get 2 good or decent wings out of 10, the rest you will notice live sad lives and don’t even have their shit together.

The cold hard truth about male friends and “bros before hoes”.

Most of your bros will backstab you in a heartbeat if a pretty ho is involved. In your life, you will be lucky to have five good male friends. You might see a large group of guys like in a fraternity, coworkers, or guys who played a sport together but there is a truth; most of them do not like each other. Sure it may seem like the big fraternity or the large group of men are friends in photos but usually, they only like a small enough number of guys in their group.

Hang around any large group long enough, you start to see it. Guys will gossip about other guys and often try to nitpick whatever is going on in the life of their friends. As soon as a certain guy becomes successful, it polarizes the group to where most men start to envy him. In reality, from the whole group, maybe three guys were actually his good friends while others were acquaintances at best.

As soon as a woman is involved, it become so obvious.

Bros before hoes right? Bullshit.

Most of these men will step on each other and turn on each other as soon as a pretty girl enters the picture. When you start to get good with women and get the attention of women that are hot, you start to realize how pathetic the vast majority of men are. The same men who thought they were too cool to be around you now want to get to know you better and bombard you with questions because you happened to talk to the hot girl at the bar. Here is the kicker, most of them were hoping she would reject you so their own egos could be kept in tact.

Now say the approach goes well, most men will envy you and others will try to probe into what you are about. How did you get the guts to talk to her? How are you always around the pretty girls? How is your sex life so great?

Maybe the good person in you will want to help, fine. However, you start to realize just how much even the most “red pilled” guys will act like suckers as soon as women are involved. In fact, the more “red pill” or “alpha” they try to act as, the more they will simp and bend-over backwards as soon as a woman gives them attention. Perhaps the most pathetic thing is how these men will just turn on most guys in the vicinity for the sake of a woman’s attention.

Sure, having a male friend or two is alright. After a while though, you start to realize how pathetic it is to try to be “one of the guys” and how pathetic a lot of the most macho guys actually are. You start to realize how most men, outside of a select few, will instantly turn into white knights towards women. Outside of the obvious incels, you realize how a lot of men live sad lives of playing golf every weekend as they age away, just to get away from a miserable marriage they got pressured by society to get into.

Then it hits you and realize why most alpha males act how they do.

You realize that for the most part, you do not want shit to do with most men. Unless they are helping you get ahead or helping you get better in some way, they are a drag. You tend to avoid the coworkers who call you out to golf or for drinks outside of going once in a while. What you realize is that average men do these hobbies for some degree of social comfort and feeling accepted because they are too scared to take the risks you took like talking to that hot girl at a cafe.

Now realize why most men who make it are very strict about how they let other men into their lives. Sure, if you are a pretty girl you get called to the party but if you are a guy, you better bring some hot girls with you. Outside of doing that, you are just eating up time and eating up space. Now you start to understand why some random drunk bro cannot be let into the party.

Finally, you realize how much of a liability or danger a lot of guys out there can really be.

Now I started to notice why the men who had it made in life were very choosy about what men they let into their lives and around women. You realize that there are a lot of opportunistic and predatory guys, especially “nice guys”, who will pounce on the first chance to take all you have and leech off of your success. Now these guys offer no value but want to be invited to your fancy house party with hot girls in it with the sole purpose of trying to take their chance at a vulnerable girl. You start to spot these leeches overtime and realize just how commonplace they really are. Here is a hint, you will find them all over the place in the corporate world.

Imagine that you throw a nice house party and let some random drunk bro or your passive aggressive coworker in. Maybe there is a drunk girl or two there and pretty soon, your low value guest pounces on one that is vulnerable. Not long after, a sexual assault has happened perhaps on your property and now you are caught up in it. All because you decided to look out for your fellow man.

I know, it is a tough pill to swallow because a lot of you who have come from pickup and red pill backgrounds were taught to hate women. Even your average guy is told nonsense like “bros before hoes”. Well, here is the truth you need to realize if you want to genuinely get good with women and even life, most men are obstacles and leeches. Most men are there to get in your way and should be ignored unless they help you. You may vet women as you should but aggressively vet men who you make friends with. The wrong woman can ruin your life, the wrong guy can end it.

In a way, you relate with attractive women and realize why they are how they are.

Once you have seen the “nice guy” snake in the corporate world go back on all of his virtue signaling and seen how “nice guys” are just awful human beings deep down, you start to understand why women hate them so much. Once you have seen the macho red pilled bro go weak for a woman and turn against other men in the bar, you start to realize how BS the whole “bros before hoes” nonsense is. When you have dated a hot girl and seen how your friends will try to make moves on her, you start to wonder if your fellow man is your friend. Well, there you go, now you realize why beautiful women think the way you do.

The most powerful part of this whole realization is how you can almost get in the mind of a beautiful woman and kind of work with that. Now you can adjust your approach and game to be the kind of man she wants. You realize why that outspoken brash douchebag is so appealing to her, because she knew that what she saw was what she was going to get. Now you can take pride in being that kind of guy without guilt because that “nice guy” who you put in his place probably had it coming.

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