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A fun Saturday that runs out of steam.

The past Saturday was one for the ages as I had a second coffee date with a girl I had met through daygame and that actually ended in a lay. Since I am starting NoFap again, just describing the lay itself will make me break no fap probably more than watching porn would. All I can say is that it was a date for the ages and the kind of entitlement and confident that hit me truly was out of nowhere. While she put up a ton of objections, I managed to handle them easily and her my big fan who wanted a round two. We had fucked for hours.

While that whole session ended at around 1 PM, I went home and got a nice nap in after doing some chores. Around 4 or so, I headed out to do some more daygame because I have vowed to myself to get better at it. To make matters more interesting, I decided to go to Brickell instead of South Beach since Brickell is a lot more of a challenge. Instead of having a wing, I decided to do it solo.

What I held myself to as a standard.

It helps to have a standard or goal before you go out, if you meet it, then you can go home. Lately, instead of number of approaches, I have held myself to a different standard which is how many closes can I ask for. In order for it to count, it has to be on an approach that is going well instead of outright walking up to a woman and closing her (that be cheating). For me, that number was 3.

The approaches.

Approach 1

Now this was a bit of a rushed approached where I went up to this blonde heading in the direction of a store and opened her. As usual, I went direct and got a somewhat decent reaction. The blonde was from Ukraine and I ask her for her number and if she has an American one. She told me she has been in the US for a while and has an American number so I get it. Not a bad start.

Approach 2

I had been walking around outside for a bit and noticed that this blonde was walking behind me. Now I walk faster for a bit and I noticed she had on a black work dress, probably worked at one of the restaurants. I open her and she smiles and keeps going, that is what I call the Miami Latina Cold Approach rejection where you open them but they smile and keep walking. It’s a smug way of saying “oh you think you’re cool enough to approach me”, bleh!

Approach 3

I go inside a mall and remember running into this woman in a red dress an hour ago, she had somewhat of an icy look on her face which was definitely something I should have kept in mind. Now like an idiot, I open her only to be instantly blown out. Should have read that a lot better.

Approach 4

As I was sitting down, I always noticed this dark-haired girl walking around. One time, she walked right by me. I saw her walk in a direction with a lot of the stores and I went over in that direction. The had gone inside of a store so I slowly walked in that direction to see that she had actually walked out. Not long after, I immediately open her and find that she is quite receptive. She is visiting from Australia but only for the weekend. Meanwhile, I tell her of the best spots and she assumes that I am a promoter. Since she is an important approach, I’ll tell you her name, it was Maria and no she was not Spanish. Maria tells me she has to go see her friends so I grab her Instagram which she happily gives to me.

Approach 5

Riding the high of having closed Maria, I walk around outside and see this beautiful girl in a white dress whom I open. Behind her are a fat couple looking at me and for some reason, I thought of them to be her parents. Not long after, I walk away, not wanting to confront the awkwardness. Now it can be so hard to tell sometimes whether a girl is in a group or there by herself.

Approach 6

I walk around the block for a bit but then take a peek behind me, it’s a woman wearing a tanktop and a red skirt. The woman is a blonde and so I walk a bit slower than usual. Not long after, she is almost catching up to me so I open her. Surprisingly, she is quite receptive to my approach but then heads in an entirely different direction which I cannot capitalize on. As I go around, I would keep running into her so re-approaching is something I should have entertained.

Approach 7

I am almost done at this point as it is nearing late afternoon so I approach this one bottle blonde who is actually visiting from Mexico. Even though she was cute, I was not as into it as I was urgently trying to head elsewhere. Could have made so much more with this.

After the approaches.

I had done a lot of approaches for sure but was now DMing Maria back and forth. I invite Maria out to join me at an ideal pre-game bar which she is down with. We meet up as she is with her two friends, one which is engaged and another who is a lesbian. Not long after, we start having a fun time bantering and do it for about a solid hour. The pair say that they need to go back to the hotel to change for what they have planned for the night so I sort of invite myself, which they are fine with.

As we go to the hotel, we see how certain parts of Miami are a homeless wasteland. The girls felt a bit creeped out by some of the homeless so I let them walk behind me in a way. We make it to the hotel bar and get some drinks as Maria’s friends have had a bit too much. One has to go to her hotel room to change and shower because she feels really miserable while the other, the lesbian one, sticks around. I stick it out and talk a bit. Then the lesbian has to use the restroom as it is just me and Maria.

I chat with Maria for a few, even losing track of time now, and then transition to talking about her view. At this point, I somehow make it so it is less awkward for her to take me up there. We get up to the hotel room and we chill for a few on her bed before making out. However, it hit me, I could not get it up. Maria was cute and I thought perhaps I should eat her out which she was okay with. Even after all of that, I freeze up because I couldn’t get it hard, fuck MB fuck….I could not get it up. I had fucked with my morning date so much that I should have realized this was going to happen, even daygame had felt draining despite its results.

Finally, I wish Maria well rather than putting myself through the embarrassment and it awkwardly ends. Disappointed, I walk back to the bar and the bouncer lets me in without IDing me. Not long after, I get a couple of drinks and chill at a table by myself like a loser. A couple sit near me and we have a nice convo as we see the boats go by but then the couple leave. After that, a group of 3 Brazilian dudes chill with me and they seem like nice people.

Then I see this tall athletic brunette and immediately know I have to approach, she looked like a mix between white and Latin. I tell the guys at the table to save my seat and immediately go to approach the brunette. To my surprise, she is quite receptive as I open her with “what boat is yours?”. She points to the one with a black friend group in it and an overweight woman twerking, I challenge her saying “I think you could almost dance that good” which she finds funny. We chat and chat and have a good vibe going.

Soon she says she has to leave so I pull out my phone and ask for her IG. Well, here is the part of the story I didn’t mention earlier, the 3 Brazilians I talked to I was sharing an Instagram profile of one of the girls I had closed with. The IG was still left on her profile so the brunette smiles and tells me she has a boyfriend. Big opportunity potentially missed, so she goes on. Bonkers, what an awful mistake by me after a somewhat fruitful yet exhausting day.

I call it a night and go home.

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