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Day game vs Night game

Over the years, I used to do a ton of night game and it was my only way of meeting women along with dating apps. Lately, I have decided to get more into day game as well. Most of the time, I will dedicate about three or so days of the week to day game and one to two nights for night game. Guys ask me which is better of the two so I am here to answer which one wins what.

Now overtime, I have started to internalize the idea that while getting laid and meeting amazing women is important, the overall life you live matters. Game should help you live a fun and more productive life, not get in the way of it and most of all, you should be having fun. Which means that as I breakdown both night game and day game, I am going to factor in quality of life. So based on the various factors, we will breakdown which is better.

Quality of life.

At the end of the day, game may be just how to talk to women for some but factors such as looks and other things play a role as well. The fact of the matter is that night game is just awful for quality of life. All of those nights staying up until 4 AM (and even 6 AM in Miami), drinking, dealing with super loud music, and sleeping in just add up. I do not think that night game is actually all that sustainable for anyone who wants to build a successful life for themselves overall.

From my years of experience doing night game, I noticed that most of my wings and most people I knew did not have much aspirations outside of their job and the basics. Now because of this, these people could stay up all the way until 6 AM and run game because they had nothing going on the next morning or even afternoon. All too often, I found myself sleeping in until 2 PM as a result of staying out so late. I’ve also known guys who have had their hearing impacted due to countless weekends in loud nightclubs.

Finally, night game is tough from a financial point of view. Cover charges at most clubs are sky high and drinks cost quite a bit. While some may argue that you simply avoid drinking and avoid going to clubs with covers, the truth is that both behaviors subconsciously communicate low value. In reality, night game is not congruent to the lifestyle of most guys getting into pickup that want to improve themselves.

Meanwhile, daygame tends to contribute to a more positive lifestyle overall. You are walking around a ton and doing so on a nice and sunny day. On top of all of this, you don’t have the negative influence of alcohol and drugs thrown in your face. You will find that you are losing more weight due to all of the walking around and not having to deal with potential hearing loss due to spending so much time at loud nightclubs.

Winner – Day game.


Say your goal is to sleep with a lot of different women and you want to get to it as fast as you can. Day game is riddled with a lot of steps in-between such as asking her out on a date, hoping the date goes well, and then seeding a pull from there. In night game, you will often find that it is easy to pull then and there. For anyone looking to get a lot of lays, you just find that night game is a far better bet than day game is.

Now, while this might be the case, I will argue that if you get good at either then it is completely possible to get a lot of lays in a year. In day game, you will just get the lays a lot slower. While a guy who religiously done night game can sleep with a 100 different women a year, a guy that religiously does day game will be lucky to sleep with 50 different women a year. However, someone who is not comfortable with a style of game but still trying to go at it will struggle. I do not do loud music well anymore so I don’t even bother with Miami nightclubs.

All this said, if you have the goal of sleeping with a ton of different women, you start investing more in night game or just dating apps. Day game is better for quality and finding a girlfriend but you will find that your friends who do night game rack up lays faster than you do.

Winner – Night game.


Now we talk about which is easier to actually get results with and learn. Well, there is a reason that so many guys prefer to game at night. The context is implied and you don’t really have to show intent. In night game, you can be indirect since she knows you are approaching her in order to score. With day game, you have to show intent or risk coming off as some scammer.

Night game is also a lot less awkward to do. You are at a bar and you are there to hit on her, not to do anything else. You are supposed to hit on girls and the alcohol makes some women a lot more loose as well. With day game, it is awkward to go up to girls and run game. While it does get easier over time, you still have to deal with the awkwardness.

Finally, day game in a way is a more pure form of game since she can hear you. With night game, even newbies who have never heard of game can get lucky by meeting a drunk girl they hit it off with. The guys who score from day game actually know verbal game because they have to show intent and build attraction in a setting that does not lead to it. Meanwhile, in night game, alcohol can make a lot of women easy. If you are willing to brave through some rejections, night game works even for most newbies.

However, there is a catch here and that is quality. If you want top notch quality, night game becomes a lot harder than day game. In night game, the women that are good looking are likely to be in venues and areas that will take time to infiltrate. For example, you will find them in clubs that have very high covers or places with strict door policies. I’d argue that night game is amazing for sleeping with a ton of 6s but tough if you want quality.

Winner – Night game.


No matter which you go with, the question becomes one about sustainability. You need to understand which style of game you can do for years and easily repeat in the future, no matter where you go. The debate gets somewhat tricky here because you can argue for or against both.

Yes, day game is a viable option in whatever big city you go to. Night game, as I have found in Miami, is not always a viable option in every big city when it comes to quality. For example, in NYC there were a ton of bars without cover and with women looking to get down. In Miami, you are lucky to have a handful of bars but most of the city is the big nightclubs. Outside of the nightclubs, you run into old people and couples. The quality in places like Wynnwood is abysmal.

For day game, one can argue that it is only a viable option in major cities. If you go to a small town or even a small city and start cold approaching a bit too much, you will become known as “that guy”. In cities like Toronto, women have been so heavily spammed by pickup guys that anyone doing day game faces obstacles. So in other to truly do day game at a decent enough volume, one must live in a major city and resist the temptation to go to the same spot every day or week for day game.

I have mentioned quality of life because in Miami, the language is super loud night clubs. One can argue that you can keep going to cocktail bars and more calm places for night game. In NYC, night game is still easily sustainable. However, you factor in things like having to stay up well past midnight and the fact that alcohol is going to be involved. Continuing to make moves on super drunk girls can get quite risky.

However, the one thing I will say night game has going for it is that in short spurts, it can prove to be quite beneficial. If you have a month off from work, you’d be a fool to not give night game a go. If you go to a city like Vegas or NYC and stay there for a couple of weeks, night game is very effective to do for a short while.

Winner – Day game.


Say you do not just want to sleep with hideous looking women and want to sleep with women you can actually brag about. As someone who has been in night game for years, I have seen what it can do to women. All of those years spent staying up late takes a toll which is why a lot of women often transition out of nightlife unless they work in it. You also find that the girls at clubs look flashier with their make up even if they do not have model looks.

Over the years, I notice that a lot of good looking women opt not to go out to the loud nightclubs. Often times, it is the more above average looking women with insecurities who go out in order to have their egos boosted. Good looking women seem to prefer more social groups and going out to a house party with their friends. If they do go out, it is for a bachelorette party or a special event which is not that often.

Amongst my friends that relied on night game, I noticed that their quality was lacking. A lot of these guys got with women that weren’t the best looking and had a tough time living that down the next day. Meanwhile, I notice that my friends who do day game get far better quality. I think that this is due to the kinds of people that you run into in both.

Nightlife attracts a ton of shady characters, especially amongst people that work in it. The women who regularly go out to bars and clubs often have a lot of shit in their life that is a mess. Women and people in general who regularly go out to bars and clubs on weekends are doing it to get away from something, almost as an escape and I know because I was this way myself. You are likely to run into women that are toxic, prone to cheating, craving drama, and overall just crappier personalities at nightclubs and in nightlife.

Now that is not to say that you will run into Angels during the day but think about the kind of woman that go out to the park on a nice and sunny day every week versus those that spend most of their weekend at a night club. One environment is conductive to a healthier life and self-care while the other significantly impacts the quality of life for the worse.

No other style of game makes such a large swath of quality women accessible than day game. Even in night game, the best looking women are often guarded and many times, unapproachable. During the day, almost every woman by herself is fair play and if you do it right, you set yourself apart. Once you master day game, you will notice that the quality you are getting beats anything that night game can offer.

Winner – Day game.

Improvement and actually learning game.

Now we talk about which is better for actually learning game and your long-term success in game. I think that the thing about night game is that it can actually delude guys into thinking that they have game when alcohol and her lowered standards are what did it for them. The thing is that in day game, it is much more rare for something like this to happen. An average guy cannot simply score in day game while in night game, it is all about being in the right place at the right time.

People argue saying that if you can do night game right then day game becomes easy, I actually disagree with this. What I have found more often is that guys who can gather up the courage to approach women during the day, prolong the conversation, build attraction, and get a solid number often do well in nightlife if they choose to go that route. However, the guys who figure out day game often stick with it and will only do night game here and there. The approach anxiety is gone and these guys have a more solid foundation to rely on as they build attraction throughout the night.

Now there is one exception to this rule, loud nightclubs. Day game guys who rely on conversational skills will often struggle in loud nightclubs where you need to be able to learn how to dance and stimulate women. At the same time, I will argue that night game guys will struggle here too unless they are naturally good at stimulating women. However, someone who has mastered day game will have an easier time closing in cocktail bars and quieter venues at night compared to a night game guy trying to approach women during the day.

When I was transitioning to day game, I found that approaching was just awkward. In clubs and bars, you can easily play off a rejection. During the day, a rejection stings even more and you are more visible when you do it. You also realize the importance of how you approach women such as not sneaking up behind them and the importance of maintaining space so you don’t come off as creepy. The mechanics that you learn from day game help you tighten up your fundamentals.

Finally, it cannot be overstated enough, day game forces you into healthier habits which are better for your game overall. For example, the walking around and not consuming alcohol leads to you staying more fit long-term. The Vitamin D is good for your skin and your body as opposed to being trapped in a dark building with flashing lights. You become more attractive long-term by getting more sunshine and by being more active during the day.

Winner – Day game.

Risks and hazards.

In other words, which is less risky for your own good?

Now this does not get talked about enough even though it should, risks and hazards. Game in general is risky since you are talking to women you do not know and there are a host of things that can happen. However, both day game and night game produce their own versions of risk that men should be aware of. Of the two though, I do feel that one is a lot riskier and requires a lot of social awareness in order to do right.

With night game, the risk is not just in the unhealthy lifestyle it produces but how drugs and alcohol impact people. Guys are more on edge due to a night filled with rejection for them and are also ready to fight on a dime. Hooking up and sleeping with drunk women can go horribly wrong and at times lead to undesirable consequences (eg: she changes her mind on how she feels about sleeping with you and you get accused of the worst thing). Now there is a reason why so many older people say nothing good happens after midnight to a lot of young men. Alcohol and emotionally tense situations can make you do things you wouldn’t do, if not you then it can have that effect on others.

However, with day game, there is also risk associated for a lot of guys. We all know about the famous Toronto mall pickup artist story. When it comes to day game, you have to be a lot more socially calibrated or you just risk coming off as a weird guy. If you do this enough times in public, you get a reputation and may risk going viral for all of the wrong reasons. I have heard of men getting into serious trouble with the law because they came off as creepy and as harassing women. In some areas and countries, day game can be seen as harassment if not done right.

More importantly, there is less plausible deniability with day game compared to night game. You are supposed to hit on women at nightclubs and bars, it is understood in society and accepted. However, hitting on women during the day can be confused for Catcalling or just flat out harassment. The level of social awareness and social calibration needed to avoid trouble with day game is the reason why so many men shy away from it.

While day game is not as rough on your health as night game is, it poses far more social risks and hazards compared to night game. You can take any newbie and have them doing night game, they likely won’t encounter that much trouble. However, asking a socially uncalibrated guy to hit on women during the day is just inviting trouble. Day game is underrated for the risks and hazards associated with it which means night game barely wins this one.

Winner – Night game.

The winner: Day game.

I do not want my opinion to be absolute here and for certain kinds of guys, certain kinds of game is better. My vote however goes to day game. The reason I went with day game here is not only because of how sustainable it can be in any big city but because of the kind of quality you get because of it. For night game, the only guys I know who get quality are those that actually work in nightlife. Outside of those guys, most guys are relying on a steady stream of 6s that they spam approached. Finally, day game forces you to get your approach and fundamentals down tight in order to have success while night game can offer success by just pure luck, which isn’t good for long-term growth in game.

There is a reason that most guys stay away from day game, it’s because it is actually harder. You have to acknowledge an awkward situation which is hitting on girls during the day and then lead a longer interaction. You have to get good at building sexual tension on dates that you get and working out the right logistics. It’s a much longer play and your night game friends will undoubtedly have more lays than you. However, the quality you get once you get day game right will blow away the quality that your friends get. Day game beats night game for me.

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