A terrible place called Long Island.

So this past Friday, I got back home after visiting my family up north and had just enough energy to head out with a friend of mines. My friend, Preston, is also a really good wing and we go to the usual spot as always. Preston and I have complementary looks which helps us as we wing each other. I am a guy with dark hair and darker skin while he is a guy with blond hair and pinkish skin. Our strategy lately has been to actually sit around on the tables and watch the boats go by the marina as opposed to walk around hoping we can approach something. So we sat down and got our usual Vodka Soda since it is the best drink for us.

On the first go, these four people ask to sit at our table. Two were guys, one of them clearly gay, one was a fat girl, and one was a semi-cute blonde. Preston and the blonde seemed to hit it off somewhat alright but I took one for him and entertained the rest of the table. Apparently, they were all visiting from San Francisco and what ensued for the whole thirty minutes or so was them complaining about Florida being intolerant. I hold my frame and play along, ask them what caused them to visit and they said that they came for a concert but cannot believe it was happening in Florida.

Meanwhile, as Preston was talking to the blonde, I notice that the fat friend was veering off into his conversation as opposed to mines. In what was a move not true to my beliefs, I talked about toxic masculinity and how it is just ruining America even in the age of Biden. Somehow, this gets fattie to passionately speak about how it is ruining San Francisco and the world for about a solid thirty minutes. Thankfully, Preston is wise enough to know what is going on and decides that he should go for a close on the blonde who he has a great vibe going with. We know that getting physical with her will lead to the group instantly blocking you so the best hope for Preston is a day two (which is rarer to come by in nightgame than you would think but they seemed to have a great vibe going).

We chat for a bit more before the group bounces and then go back to watching the boats on the Marina. Preston and I chat about the previous set and he tells me how the blonde had even put her leg on his lap while she was sitting across from him. As soon as she had done that, he talks about how he rubbed her calves and she giggled over it. We talk about how he has a date planned during the day and then right as we are talking, these two blondes walk over asking if they can sit with us. My eyes light up, hell yeah!

One blonde was tall and athletic, we’ll call her Sadie and the other was short and cute, we’ll call her Kate. Sadie had immediately warmed up to Preston and to be frank, I kind of envy how easily Preston can pull the tall hot blonde type. Kate seemed to be the more docile personality of the two and the one slower to open up, almost attentively doing what Sadie was doing. Preston and Sadie hit if off hot while I tried to chat with Kate who seemed to smile but in a very “I am just being nice” type of a way.

“So you and Sadie, how do you two know each other?” I asked Kate, leaning in to get her perspective.

“Oh we went to Ohio State together and were in the same sorority,” she replied.

Somehow from there on out, the conversation became easier. Kate came off as initially shy but once you put the focus on her, she seemed to open up a good deal. Unfortunately, out came a bigger group that knew Sadie and Kate. The group was mixed with guys and girls so we knew nothing was going to come of it but Sadie voluntarily gave Preston her Instagram. Meanwhile, Kate gave me the nice to meet you line and I was too trigger shy to ask for an Instagram. I have been conscious recently, only trying to close girls I know can realistically be an opportunity.

Preston and I sat around, it was only 11 so far and we chatted a bit. As we chatted, Preston showed me his Hinge account to drive a bit of envy in me. It was as if Preston had the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading team as his matches, almost all hot blondes. I am doing alright myself but my Hinge leans more towards brunettes and ethnic women. Maybe this whole opposites attract thing was a lie, who really knows.

As we chatted for a solid 30 minutes, we exchanged ideas on what has been working for us. Preston seemed to hype up the daygame in Wynnwood while I talked to him about my trip up north. For a while, we didn’t even give a fuck about who would come to the table. Then, as we were talking, a group of guys come and sit at our table and try to almost passive-aggressively AMOG us.

“Do you ladies mind if we sit here?” asked one of the guys in a Rangers jersey. Oh boy, probably Long Island trash.

“Only if you are sober enough to see that we are actually guys,” I reply.

“Woooooaaaahhhhh,” replies the guy’s drunk friend as he tries to give me that confrontational stare.

“I mean I had a tough time telling,” he replies.

“So you know a lot of chicks with beards and hairy arms?” I asked, as the most rational guy in the group intervenes.

“Rob dude, let it go, sorry about that,” he says, looking at me as I nod and then turn around to speak with Preston as I was. I shake my head, laugh, and then we go towards chatting with Preston.

“Yeah, you know what, fuck you! Yeah fuck you!” shouts the drunk belligerent in the Rangers jersey as I slowly turn around. Others in the area looked around as well as I stared at him to see him fuming with rage. Thankfully, the bouncers came and due to knowing us, knew exactly who to kick out. Typical Long Island trash, all bark no bite. The guy tries to fight the bouncer, who was a big tall black dude, and then proceeds to get put in a headlock and passes out.

Preston and I laughed about it but then he wondered what made the guy so belligerent and angry. Oh Preston, you have no idea how Long Island trash acts. Typical dude bros whose own women want nothing to do with them and are too busy shacking up with the guy living in Manhattan. In my years in NYC? Outside of Jersey, the main guys picking fights at the bars. As I told Preston this after the situation had calmed down, it was nearing midnight and a couple of women approached us asking if they could sit. One was a tall cute brunette with a tan and the other was a sexy blonde with an athletic body.

To no surprise, yet again, the blonde goes right for Preston and meanwhile I notice the brunette warming up to me fast. The brunette’s name was Liz and the blonde was named Alex. Liz was taking quite well to me and we really hit it off on how I had moved from NYC. Then, Alex asks Preston about what had happened with all of the shouting and commotion so he lets her know.

“Surprise surprise, Long Island,” replies Alex.

“Oh wow you know, where in New York did you all move from?” I asked.

“Well Liz is from Long Island and I am from Westchester,” replies Alex.

“Looks like Liz has stories,” I reply, turning right back to the brunette.

“I don’t even want to,” says Liz, laughing.

“She has stories for days,” says Alex.

“As long as it doesn’t involve Amityville,” I said.

Thanks to me being on no fap for a bit, I got aroused by the look that Liz had. Liz kind of looked like Emily Ratajkowski in a way and then opened up about her last name being very Italian sounding. Goes on and tells me that she loves Italian culture but hates how Long Island seems to have the worst that her heritage has to offer. I jokingly put on a New York Italian accent which makes Liz laugh but at the same time, attracts the wrong kind of attention.

“Ey, you keep it down over there ey,” says some guy trying to be a part of our conversation. I look at Liz and smile, knowing that you do not ever want to engage the guy in this situation and just let him talk himself out.

The guy gets the message fast and leaves the conversation as Liz and I chat. I know that I was in danger of coming off as a friend so I try to make the conversation a bit more about physical things. What I do is tell Liz about how I recently started BJJ a while ago.

“Oh god that stuff? No way, too violent for me,” she replies.

“I actually think you are trying to hide how strong you are, something tells me you could put all of us in an armbar with ease,” I say.

“No!” replies Liz, laughing.

“Let me back off before the Long Island in you comes out!” I reply, laughing.

“Yeah, the Long Island where I talk to you about how strong my dad is and how strong his connections are,” replies Liz, joking back.

“Wait, I thought that was Westchester,” I reply, as Liz turns around to look at Alex who gives me that pissed off smile.

“Do you want to see how rough Westchester is?” asked Alex, smiling as she looked at me.

“Uh no, I believe Preston does,” I reply, laughing.

“Well Preston, talk to me,” says Alex, looking at Preston with the same smile.

“Let me back out before this turns into Jersey,” I reply, as the whole table laughed. Somehow, I was loud enough to where the table next to us full of couples seemingly from the northeast wanted to intervene, ugh.

“Oh it could turn into Phili,” said one of the guys, as I laughed, nodded, and turned right back to Liz.

I am lost at this point, I want to sexualize the conversation and plant the seeds in her head but come off being unintentionally funny. Due to the tables being so close together, we keep drawing in attention from others that we do not want. Preston, while not the worst wing, has been awful so far at moving things along and I am starting to feel like a one-man show. Finally, I decide to somehow move it along by asking Liz where her and Alex live.

“We actually live like five minutes away from here,” said Liz.

“Oh wow, how fun is the apartment? Must have a ton of pre-games and after parties,” I reply.

“Oh its amazing, rooftop pool and all,” replies Alex, overhearing me.

“So this place is actually a step down for you all,” I reply.

“Eh, we like the vibe and the marina, plus its crowded and fun,” replies Liz.

“Are you all any good at cornhole?” asked Preston.

“I am, are you?” asked Alex.

“I am alright at it,” replies Liz.

“I can get it in the hole sometimes,” I reply, as others laugh at the table, fuck…..being unintentionally funny. Please god, do not let another group interject in my set.

“Put it in the hole brah!” says some drunk dude in a freaking Alabama shirt. I ignore him as much as possible. Then come to find that this drunk guy is trying to fist bump me so I give him a fist bump and then quickly turn around to chat with Liz again. Somehow, this guy isn’t having it so he immediately comes in to ask me a question.

“Dude, Bama or Texas bro?” he asks as I am trying to talk to Liz. I slightly turn my head his way to try and answer the question.

“No idea man, I don’t follow sports,” I reply and then turn to Liz to talk, apologizing and saying sorry and asking her about her place. Guy has to make his statement so he intervenes again.

“Dude, all you need to know is Roll Tide brother,” says the guy, getting really close to my face. I nod, smile and look at him.

“I’ll remember that man,” I reply, turning back to Liz and smiling, trying to talk to her again.

“Roll Tide woo hoo,” says the guy, looking at Liz who gives him a disgusted face.

“Yeah I bet you went to Auburn,” replies the guy, walking away and then rambling on.

“Hey, it’s getting crazy here, we should go check out the area on the other side of the bar, the view gets real good,” says Preston. Holy fuck Preston, great fucking idea! Wow, finally, my wing is somehow coming through!

Both Alex and Liz agree and we walk with them to the other side. As we are walking, a random guy approaches Alex who gives him a brutal rejection saying she is not interested. Guy is not having it and calls her a stuckup bitch. Preston looks back at the guy who immediately walks away to his friends. Now is a good time to mention that Preston is 6’3 and built like a Rugby player.

We go to the other side of the bar and I have hands around Liz’s hips, no resistance from her end at all. We chat a bit more as a group and then take photos of a group that asked us to snap a pic for them. As we were doing that, the guy in the group tries to chat up Liz and Alex who ignore him for the most part. Good lord moments like this make you miss NYC where at least guys knew well enough to not interrupt your set.

Things go from interesting to, well, even more interesting. Liz and I are having a great vibe going while Alex is starting to slowly get more and more intimate with Preston. I was rubbing up on Liz and starting to get a decent vibe going until I realize that I need to really fucking pee right now. Fuck! The restroom is right next to me so I tell Liz I am going to go real fast and then be right back, knowing damn well that she is going to get hit on left and right. I let Preston know and he taps me on the shoulder, telling me he got me and then look back to see that he has brought Liz in closer.

I go to find a longer than usual line for the restroom but it moves fast so I quickly take a piss. Soon, I come out and find that a couple of guys from the pickup group I am a part of are talking to Liz. I notice Liz just playfully shrugging them off and barely giving them attention until I go talk to her again. She is excited to see me but then the guys know me by first name and call it out. Liz now seems confused and asks “wait, how do you know these guys?”. I lean in, whisper, and say “oh I used to be a regular at this bar”. I say hey to the guys and go to talking to Liz but these guys do not get the hint and keep hovering around us, one even hyping me up.

Preston realizes what is happening and then Alex tells Liz that they are going back to their apartment now with Preston and me joining in. I tell my pickup buddies, who lack so much social awareness here, that we need to bounce. One tries to stop me and says he needs to talk about something but I tell him it can wait and that he can always DM me. Whew! Finally, we head towards the apartment for the two girls. At this point, I cannot be grateful enough for Preston being my wing.

We go for the walk and I have my hand around Liz’s hips. Liz tells me that she sees a mystery to me and that there is more to me than what she noticed from that bar. At this point, it is actually 3 AM which by the way, is really fucking early for Miami nightlife! I have the energy and I whisper “well, you seem like the detective type,”. I softly kiss her on her neck and she laughs and lets out a slight groan while I notice that Preston has a nice hold on Alex’s ass. Finally, we arrive at the apartment as a big buff black guy is at the front desk.

“Whoa we got visitors, these men bothering you?” he asks.

“Oh Terrence, I think this Preston guy is just intimidating me, I might need help wrestling this one,” groans Alex, biting her lips.

“Yeah I might need to put this bad boy here in a headlock so back me up Terrence!” says Liz, running her hands on the back of my neck which was quite arousing!

“Alright, yall ladies let me know if yall need help,” he said.

“And yall gents, you better be good!” he said right after, it could have scared anyone given how this was a massive black dude.

“I am not good most of the times man but she might make me a saint,” replied Preston, as everyone laughed.

At that point I realized that Preston is almost my closer for me. I am great at the start and holding on but as the night goes on, Preston becomes that hard closer who can put the game away. We somehow go to the rooftop because Alex was leading the way. Meanwhile, on the elevator, I am lightly making out with Liz.

“Awww, they look so sweet together babe,” says Alex, as Liz and I make out.

“Fuck, why am I going to the rooftop, naw fuck that,” replies Alex, changing the floor to their floor.

We get right to the apartment and at this point, despite the good vibe we had going, Liz was not going to go right to the bedroom with me. Soon, we sit on the couch together and end up having a small chit chat. At this point, I don’t even know much of what we are talking about. I know that Alex is getting playfully violent with Preston while Liz is the calmer one.

“My dad would kill me if he knew I was with you,” whispered Liz.

“Your dad does not seem like a fun guy,” I whispered back as Liz laughed.

“So Mr. Popular, how do you know all of those guys?” asked Liz.

“I draw people in, it’s a curse, don’t remind me,” I reply.

“Seems like weirdos love you,” she says, laughing. Really woman? We are at the one-yard line here and you are throwing objections in my face left and right.

“Weirdos love the sane,” I reply, smiling.

“Oh, you’re so sane,” she says.

“Nice catch, I am crazy as fuck but you know what they say about crazy people,” I reply.

“I don’t,” replies Liz.

“Great, even better,” I reply, going in for a kiss while being met with no resistance.

Thankfully, I had kept no fap going for a few days which meant that I had a lot of energy. Meanwhile, Liz smirked at the groans coming from Alex as she was making out with Preston. Liz and I make out and minutes later, I am eating her out. As I am and Liz moans, we hear a loud voice.

“Whoa there cowgirl take your tongue lashing to the bedroom!” shouts Alex, as Liz rolls her eyes.

“Okay champ, you’re having dinner in the bedroom,” she says, getting up without any panties on and only her shirt. I looked up and saw what a fine ass this olive-skinned beauty had.

“Smack that ass bro! WOOOOO!” shouted Alex, you did not misread that, Alex shouted that and not Preston. Alex was turning out to be the prototypical Alpha Female but as soon as Liz got up, I did squeeze and smack that ass as I kissed her.

“Time for you to eat pussy Preston, learn from your charitable friend!” shouts Alex.

“Fuck you (my name)!” shouts Preston, laughing.

Meanwhile, my blood is rushing and the heat of Miami didn’t do me any favor. Thankfully the apartment has good air conditioning and is cool enough but my skin is still a bit sticky. I finally get into bed with Liz and cannot help but kiss her waist before going back to eating her out. Now that was a muff I could just stuff my face into, cleanly shaved and also a bit shiny with the skin. I hear a groan and then after a few minutes, Liz lets out a loud high-pitched moan as I feel her hips vibrate. Now I strip down nude and am ready to fuck before Liz, who seems somewhat sleepy, cuts me off.

“Do you have a condom?” she asks.

“Uh, you have one right?” I asked, oh fuck, not this shit.

“Alex!” shouts Liz, not hearing a response. I am a bit scared, why is she yelling at her friend? Is she shocked that I would try to go at her raw?

“Alex!” shouts Liz again.

“WHAT!” shouts Alex.

“We need rubber!” replies Liz.

“Ugh, fucking hell Liz,” says Alex, walking into the bedroom nude with Preston right behind her as she tossed a condom our way. Liz gave me the look and I crossed my fingers hoping it goes on right. Deal with the pain you uncircumcised fool! I did and it was kind of painful putting a condom on an uncircumcised cock but I did. The rush of the moment and adrenaline mixed in with arousal will help you deal with a lot of crap.

Liz had nice darker nipples that went well with her olive skin so I sucked on them as we fucked missionary style. To my surprise, she was tighter than I would have expected. Meanwhile, we hear things getting really intense in the other bedroom as Alex starts moaning loudly at Preston fucking the everliving hell out of her. Old me would have probably tried to one up her but I keep it sensual with Liz who seemed satisfied enough.

“Don’t worry, she is a great actress!” whispered Liz.

“A great singer too!” I whispered back, as Liz laughed.

“Well I got a great comedian on me!” said Liz.

Seems like Liz caught on right, she read me and sensed me being insecure at how hard Preston was fucking Alex. However, I was not the insecure young guy I used to be so I took it slow with Liz. Liz kept massaging the back of my neck as we made out and then the sensual feelings between us spiced up, making me pick up the pace fast. Not long after, Liz had another orgasm and then I came after that. Preston and Alex were still going hard as me and Liz made out.

“Is your friend a sex worker or something?” asked Liz.

“Not that I know of,” I replied.

“Well, usually Alex is done with guys by now,” said Liz. I leaned in to make out to Liz a bit more but realized that Preston could easily have Liz and Alex on rotation if he wanted. Regardless, the night was one that ended well and went well into the morning. I might even write a reflection or part two to this.

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