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My thoughts on going back to NYC.

So quite a few of my readers and others around me have been asking if I will ever go back to NYC. After all, as much as I may have disagreed with the politics, NYC did give me some of the best years of my life. As I talk to some of my friends who remain in NYC right now, I often hear of how things are more or less back to normal. However, on the news I read about rents reaching record highs as crime keeps going up. So who do I believe? My friends or the facts?

In some ways, I would be a fool to go back to NYC. I live by myself in Miami in a nice apartment with a lot of amenities and I have improved ever since moving down here. The amount of fit people in the city has caused me to lose a lot of weight and I have made a few good friends. On top of this, Miami has far better international talent than NYC ever did as well. So, really, why would any idiot go back to NYC in this situation?

Well, I am kind of insane so the truth is, I am going back to NYC because it’s personal to me.

My first run at NYC, although I did have quite a bit of luck, is what I would describe as George St. Pierre’s (GSP) first fight against Matt Hughes. For those that keep with the UFC, you know that GSP is one of the best fighters of all time. However, on that day, GSP did lose. The version of me that went to NYC was barely 40% of his true potential and I let so many opportunities slip.

I was bitter, I was angry, and I did not make that much of my opportunity in NYC. Having come from the assbackwards south and loaded with limiting beliefs, I never knew what was possible until I moved to NYC. Manhattan would give me some of the best times in my life and help me make some of my best friends in my twenties. However, I was barely anywhere near my true potential and as a guy hitting 30, I get better almost every month.

Miami is amazing and I plan on being here for at least a couple more years. In Miami, I will continue to improve my game, my fitness, and myself. Then as my early thirties start to come to a close, I am going to move back to NYC knowing that I will dominate the social and dating landscape of the city. Even the current version of me would do much better in Manhattan because Miami is significantly tougher. Despite how much I am down about my Manhattan success, I still managed to get my fair share of lays in my time there.

As of right now, the plan for me is to gain some serious momentum and steam in Miami and then come at Manhattan with that momentum. I strongly believe that when I am back in Manhattan, I will have at least a 100 lays in just my first year there. In my second go around, I will thoroughly dominate and have my stranglehold over the social and dating scene in NYC. By then, I should be making more money, looking better, and having a sharper game. After a couple of years of dominating Manhattan and its scene, well, I ride off into the sunset and set my eyes on settling down.

I believe that the rematch between me and Manhattan will happen and it will have significantly different results this time around. Miami has been helping me become fresher, stronger, and more ironed out as a man. When all is said and done, I will be going back to Manhattan at my full potential. I believe that my domination of NYC and its scene is going to a tale for the ages that all of you want to stick around for. Now this assuming nothing seriously fucked up happens to me in the mean time!

It’s not a matter of if I go back to NYC, it is a matter of when. As much as it may sound like I am trying to come at this in a confrontational way, I am not. I was not anywhere near my true potential when I first headed to Manhattan and I really want to change that this time around. If someone like me close to 100% of my potential does not go back to Manhattan, I would have lived my life wondering what could have been. To all readers, this is a rematch you are going to see.

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