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The liberating power of game done right.

For those of you who had the time and patience to read my most recent lay report, I appreciate your interest. For those of you who did not, long story short is I ended up screwing some woman from Long Island while my wing went to town on a Westchester girl. Earlier in the night, we got into a confrontation with a few guys from Long Island looking for a fight. Thankfully, a fight was avoided and I was able to collect my emotions as well to end the night strong.

However, it kind of hit me the next morning, this weirdly liberating, powerful, and intense feeling that comes with doing game the right way (meaning you actually got laid). Good game, really the outcome of it, at its very core in the context of society is liberation.

By nature, society is very anti-game and against you getting an attractive woman in your life.

If society had it its way, almost no guys will be sleeping around with hot girls. You’d probably marry a bland looking woman because you are a “good person” and be a “good husband”. The very idea of you meeting a woman that is attractive, a total stranger, and then somehow having sex with her that same night or after a couple of dates makes society furious. Other guys will hate you for doing something that they wish they had the guts, skills, and dedication to do. Women will hate you because they realize that you can do better than them and are a man with true options.

You see, society wants things to go by the books. What this means is that a beautiful woman dates and marries a millionaire with male model looks and does not give the time of day to any other guy. No sleeping around because that makes her a “slut”. Likewise for you as a guy, you ideally marry a woman a point or two below you on the looks scale and do it fast so you can be a “happy family”. Society will throw everything your face to push you towards this direction.

Everything that society throws your way whether it is racism or sex shaming is done with the very purpose of stopping you from getting attractive women. No matter your race, society wants you to settle down fast and not have attractive women in your life. This is why cold approach is heavily shamed and society heavily pushes social circle game on to people. The idea of a man breaking free of social norms and having the guts to talk to a beautiful woman and take her home is scary to most people.

You notice it too, especially if you are improving.

People will tell you that you have “changed” or they might try to make you feel like a shittier person because you look out for yourself. If you are a minority or anything other than what society considers its ideal, it will constantly feed you negative beliefs that men of your race inferior and unattractive to women. The idea of sleeping around? Oh you will be shamed if Karen and any normies found out. Whenever you improve from who you were, you notice how insecure people get around you and how they will try to chop you down.

Passive aggressive and snarky comments.

Rude behavior aimed at you.

Guilt trips and trying to get you to compromise on your standards.

Anything to try and make you feel inferior and excluded.

Propaganda targeted at your group with the intent of making you feel inferior.

Everything is set up to make you “fit in” to what is “normal”. In other words, come out and get drunk with us after work as we gossip about coworkers. Come out and watch sports with us as we live vicariously off of athletic guys in jerseys. Just be “normal” and take part in our gossips and know your place in this hierarchy we have made up for our environment.

In comes the liberating and rebellious power of game done right.

Done right is what is key here, in other words, it has to actually amount to a positive result (a lay).

You are not supposed to talk to that random attractive woman during the day, but you rebel and do it.

You are not supposed to talk to random girls at a bar who are in their groups, but you rebel and do it.

You are not supposed to move the interaction forward and make something happen with her, but you rebel and do it.

You are not supposed to take her elsewhere, even within the bar, but you rebel and do it.

You are not supposed to talk to that sexy girl of a different nationality or ethnicity than you, but you rebel and do it.

You are not supposed to go on a date with a woman you just chatted up at a crosswalk, but you rebel and do it.

You are not supposed to go back to her place or get her back to yours, I mean you just met a couple days ago, but you rebel and do it.

You are not supposed to make out with her when you are back at her place, but you rebel and do it.

You are not supposed to have sex with a woman you just met out and about or at a bar, but you rebel and do it.

If society had it their way, she was supposed to be with a guy she met way back in high school and settle down in a random marriage with him. If society had it their way, she was supposed to have found a husband through her friend circle and stayed with him for life. Yet, along you came stranger, and swept her away. No social circles or social barriers could have stopped and there she is having the time of her life with you.

She was not supposed to get with someone of your social class, ethnicity, race, clique, nationality, or stereotype but you were the most attractive and cool version of yourself that day, so you made it happen. All of these barriers society put in place in her head whether it is shaming her or attempting to have her believe some stereotype and shattered they were. On that very day and night, it was just you and her in a spicy interaction with potential to go somewhere, and back to the bedroom it went.

So what should you take away from this?

Maybe you were on the wrong end of some attack or read something attacking your identity and it angered you. Perhaps it drove your emotions to the wrong place. Well, get off your ass and go game. Use this rebellious and liberating feeling of game done right as a driver to do game. It doesn’t matter if you got excluded from a clique or have some Karen at work making your life hell, liberate yourself on weekends.

Think about this the next time you feel upset about what someone came at you with or something negative you read that pertains to you or your identity. Instead of trying to confront it with more negativity, use it as positive energy towards game. I promise you that nothing will enrage that annoying Karen, passive aggressive coworker, or racist/bigoted/anti-whatever internet troll more than seeing you balls deep in an attractive woman. Such is the liberating power of game done right, a way in which love conquers hate.

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