Why the growth of the black pill is inevitable.

At this point, all of you have heard about the black pill movement which tells young men that they cannot get girls unless they meet certain genetic criteria. Whether it is the comments on my blog or those on Youtube channels focused on self-improvement, blackpillers often flood them up. With extreme focus being put on things out of your control, at times blackpillers can swarm communities like the locusts they are and ruin them. However, as much as we want this movement to end, I have come to accept a more unfortunate reality.

The growth of the black pill movement is inevitable.

At this point, I think debating this is just pure fantasy at best. The truth is that men are getting the short-end of the stick on a lot of things and the gap between the haves and have nots is widening. Now I am still a believer in the fact that majority of men who put in the work for self-improvement can do well with game but that’s the issue, you have to put in the work. Maybe it is genetics itself but very few people have the kind of mindset or mind that is resilient enough to go through adversity and then keep on going. For the vast majority, a community where they can complain and feel hopeless is not only preferred but also comfortable.

The proof is in the pudding and society is becoming increasing more reclusive. We have been hit with one crisis after another and human empathy gets lower and lower every year. As much as I hate to say it, it is tough out there and majority of men are not meant to have success anyways. While I will concede that genetics aren’t everything, I’ll also say that very few men actually have the resilience, grit, and perseverance to truly succeed with women.

I even experience this myself.

In these past few months of doing daygame, I have learned just how tough it is. A lot of wings I started out with have quit entirely and been beaten by what the game put in front of them. I have had days where I go out and have to almost force myself to go out. It’s not just the rejections that add up but also the amount of dates that flake and the closes that you know won’t turn into anything. Yeah, like maybe 5% of men out there have the patience to deal with this shit and I am of that 5%.

However, I cannot realistically expect for most men to deal with this. I cannot expect for most men to even work up the courage to regularly approach and then somehow have it turn into something. The amount of patience and thick skin you need to go through this is insane. Now it is no wonder that even amongst the healthy and sociable guys with above average looks that I started this journey with, very few are actually left. If we are going through this and having our difficulties, how do you think most men would feel?

While it is scary to think about such a dark and cynical movement gaining steam, we have to learn to accept that the black pill will grow in popularity by large margins in the coming years. For the common man, the amount of opportunities to meet women has dwindled and he no longer has nothing. Even think of the small town guy who would have at least been owed a wife before the days of social media but now has to live with the reality that the prettiest girl in his town is getting hit up by high value men in big cities left to right online.

Here we are as a society and this is what we have to deal with. Some of us may think that depressing psycho violent men are going to grow in numbers now that they have a community around them. A lot of us may think that racism, sexism, and vanity just went up that much more in society now with the popularity of the black pill. However, I think that we can perhaps hold out hope for what the black pill may eventually lead men to; a more positive asexual path in life.

In a way, I think that the healthy long-term plan for most blackpillers is an asexual type of ascension.

Blackpillers, even if they claim to have given up, are obsessed with women, dating, and deep down inside want that intimacy. After all, why else would they even care about the dating market and what someone in it is saying? The reason they want to swarm all discussions on dating is because they want people to feel sorry for them and they want company in their miserable community. Even more so, they want that temporary lift in their hopes of others telling them that they can do it.

In my view, most blackpillers are too far gone to ever have any sort of sustainable dating success. However, I think that the true ascension for them lies in being like the herbivore men they have in Japan. At some point, blackpillers will have to gain an active dislike of sex and fully dedicate their life to other pursuits. I think that true success for blackpillers lies right there when they no longer get involved in dating discussions because it just doesn’t mean anything to them anymore.

As a society, we must not debate these men and continue to fill their minds with anything positive. I think that as a society, we must respect that they think they cannot meet women and hope that they do not harm others in this journey. We must let them continue to believe as they may and allow them to process these beliefs to where they ascend into a life where they are happy without sex. Perhaps we need to encourage that a lifetime of videogames or spent working in the woods where you can still chat with your buddies is a life that they can embrace, as long as it is not harming anyone.

We can no longer attempt to push back against the black pill and must now learn to almost live with it in our society. However, as we validate the beliefs and agree with these men that they cannot have a good dating life (most of them honestly can’t, it’s too late), we must push them towards a healthy life outside of dating. Maybe they are better off being like Nikolai Tesla and dying a virgin as long as they have added value to society. Perhaps as a society, we need to stop pedestalizing and glorifying sex so much in our movies and entertainment. So what if a blackpiller cannot be a Dan Bilzerian, we must respect them for their asexual lifestyles and allow them to be rather than shaming them.

If you are a follower of my blog and advice, get ready for the future.

A lot of men are going to be leaving the market and going their own way. A ton of men are going to voluntarily take themselves out of the market and stop pursuing women. The pool of men is going to likely get a lot smaller in the future as more distractions come up. Ready up right now and maximize your value as a guy because we are about to having a sort of abundance that history has perhaps never seen before.

A ton of women are going to be lonely and the amount of men approaching them is going to get reduced, by a lot. Now is the time to max out your looks, work on your game, and cultivate a healthy positive mindset. Now is the time to do your approaches, take your losses, learn from them, and continue to grow. While it may seem like the market is packed right now, I say five years from now, you are really going to have a lot of options.

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