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Did Good Looking Loser have good game?

For those of you who have been in the community long enough, you have heard about Good Looking Loser (GLL), also known as Chris Deoudes. For the most part, GLL has left the game community his impact cannot be underestimated. When I tried to find infields of GLL, most of them had been taken down and removed. However, I was able to find this video here which showcases him doing an approach (watch 10 min onwards). While GLL made a significant impact on the game community and had a forum that objectively produced more successful guys than anywhere else, the question needs to be asked, did he really have game?

Now it is important for me to mention, since a lot of people will bring it up, that GLL was caught faking some infields and hiring models. While this may make some question his integrity, the proof is in the pudding. When you look at GLL’s forum, back when it was active, no other community out there produced as many guys that high lay counts. However, does this mean that GLL had good game?

The answer is an outright no.

Compared to most pickup guys and coaches out there, GLL had awful game. As shown in the video above, taking a woman’s shopping cart is very risky and also something I would never recommend any of you do. Perhaps a decade ago things were relaxed but in this day and age? Forget it. Old infields that I remember also had GLL himself calling women cuties and being way too aggressive.

However, here is the paradox. GLL did not have good game yet somehow, he scored more than the vast majority of pickup guys out there. Whatever GLL taught, it worked which is why so many of his forum members came in without any lays and left with triple digit lay counts. I cannot speak highly to any other community out there other than the one that GLL created. So this begs the question as to how it happened.

GLL has awful game but what he did worked, FOR HIM!

More specifically, for him and his forum members.

If someone like say Simple Pickup tried the same thing, they would get arrested or even slapped by a woman. However, GLL was able to get away with what he did for no other reason than the fact that he is significantly better looking than most men out there (no homo). Back when I read the story of GLL, he was about 6’4 or so and was trying to walk on to a football team at an SEC school.

For the guys on his forum who did have a lot of success and triple digit lay counts, you noticed that they were shredded and also taller than average. In case you are missing my point here, yeah, good looking guys can get away with a lot of shit. Looks absolutely matter and the better you look, the easier this whole thing becomes. However, you do have a lot of control over your looks, most of you at least.

I have personally experienced this myself.

Back in my early twenties, I had a low body fat and looked like I spent my life in the gym. I had visible six pack abs and paid a lot of attention to my appearance. My matches were through the roof and I would catch a lot of women checking me out. I even had instances at bars where women who had other guys hitting on them would pay attention to me instead and try to talk to me. If I was not such a dolt unaware of game, I’d have a triple digit laycount.

However, as life went on, I fell into bad habits. Work stress, toxic relationships, excessive partying, and ignoring the gym had me packing on the pounds. Thankfully, this year I have lost 15 lbs but there is a long road ahead for me to get back to the old me. The first thing I noticed was how much tighter my game had to be in order for me to have success compared to the old me. If I had my early twenties looks and tight game, I would probably sleep with a couple of decent looking women a week.

So while GLL’s game was awful, his ideology was top tier.

Compare GLL to a Todd V or an Austen Summers and his game is wack. However, if you put him in a nightclub or even out daygaming, my money is on him out pulling even the best PUAs. The reason is because GLL often emphasized things such as maxing out your looks, having the most ideal logistics, and losing your approach anxiety. While you can get down the lines and continue to improve, at the end of the day you have to be working on other aspects of your life.

Similarly, I would put my money on GLL’s forum members and anyone subscribing to his ideology out pulling most pickup students. The reason is simple, on its own, game can only do so much. Looks matter, logistics matter, and so does how cool you come off. When you put it all together, it is no mystery that GLL’s students excelled while other pickup students were failing hard.

Most of all, GLL’s ideology pushed towards action and getting results. At one point, you had to prove you got laid on a private forum by taking a pic of you with the woman naked. While this is borderline seedy, it was proof. Debating game and chatting with internet trolls, which most pickup students do, will not get you results. Putting in the work, doing the approaches, and improving yourself will!

My point with all of this.

Right now, there are a lot of pickup artists trying to sell you their snake oil. You go on a pickup forum or community and most guys are too busy debating or chatting with toxic trolls. Everyone debates and superiority is based on who can debate the best, not who actually pulls. I want you to be more results-oriented and prioritize what you came into all of this for, to either get laid or find a girlfriend.

One thing I noticed from GLL’s community is that the vast majority of the guys on it are no longer around. Majority of them have moved on from game because they got their results and bolted. A number of them came, put in the work, got laid, and after having enough fun they went on to other things like making money. Meanwhile, you will notice with pickup communities that a lot of the same guys are still around or even worse have bolted to the black pill.

I do not want any of you to stick around the game for too long, it is meant to be there and then you retire. Similarly for me, I fucked around too much in my twenties and am now looking at a scenario where I will likely enter my thirties trying to compensate with game. If I had it my way, I would have gotten all of this over with in my early to mid twenties and then moved on to other things. Ideally, this is the path most men should take with game and getting laid. Get laid as much as you can during a certain period of life and then after that, move on to other things.

I’ve seen some men who are still trying to game like a pickup artist while being in their late-thirties. While I do not judge men too much by their lifestyle, I would not want to be that guy. At that age, I would have other priorities I want to get on top of. My point being, time is ticking away and you only have so much of it left. If there is one thing we can all celebrate about GLL, it is how him and his crew had their fun, had the results, and then got out to doing other things.

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