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A feeling that hits a man as he gets closer to 30.

As I approach the age of thirty or really when I started to enter my late-twenties, something hit me. At the time, I could not describe this feeling but it consumed every aspect of my being. I was angry, bitter, impatient, and just had a lower tolerance for shit. Then, as a year passed in my late-twenties, something really hit me hard and a question came to my mind.

Are we going to do this shit or not?

When I was a teenager and in my early, even mid, twenties, I had a major flaw. I was what some would call a mental masturbator. You could have long convos with me, we could fantasize about all sorts of shit, and I had all the time in the world for gossip and small talk. However, as soon as it hit me that my twenties are getting closer to ending, this feeling came up. I started to be a bit more bitter and impatient towards people.

Now, I started to look down on guys who would only small talk and not take action. I noticed this primarily when it came to game, I started to really hate men that just wanted to stand around and bullshit rather than take action. The theorizing and discussing attraction theory made my skin crawl, not because it was wrong, but because it was a waste of time and I needed to get shit done. In a way, I had entered what I call the Get Shit Done Mode.

At work, I had no time for people that just wanted to BS and waste their time on pointless shit. I quit a job because we didn’t get anything done, all that happened was gossip, and a ton of time was wasted. When it came to friendships, I became a lot choosier about who I let into my world and into my circle. I had no time for complainers, toxic people, and people that were flakey. The idea of cutting people out and forgetting them became a lot more common for me when the younger men would have never done that.

The feeling of years wasted.

Years wasted posting on internet forums, Discords, seeking validation, gossip, and not getting shit done. I look at the guys who were driven, serious, and cut the nonsense out of their life and what they managed to accomplish. One place I want to bring attention to here is game. While I was stuck in the past, bitter, playing a victim, and not taking action; some guys out there did. Some guys out there stuck to the gym, approached women, and after a while got laid by over a hundred different women before their twenties ended.

Now, those very guys have moved on from game fulfilled. A lot of these men have moved on fulfilled from dating and having had their fun. While majority of us complained, whined, played victim, criticized, and became Debbie Downers; these guys got shit done. Thankfully, some of us did wake up to our flaws but still realized how many years we wasted. Unfortunately, others are still wasting time and still stuck in that victim’s mindset. I do not even want to imagine waking up at forty and thinking you spent almost two decades of your life black pilled.

In a way, I blame the advice men are given as to why so many of them waste time.

Men peak later in life.

Your thirties are your prime years.

You’re young, take it easy.

While none of this advice is false to say the least, it does make men quite complacent. Yes, you can peak later on in life if you put in the work now. However, you do realize that you can become too old for certain things as you enter your thirties. You cannot go out like you used to because hangovers are now a thing and it feels weird partying with younger people at a nightclub. Maybe now you are a lot more injury prone compared to your younger self.

My point being, you really don’t have forever and you will be an old man before you know it. The older you get, the faster the years fly by. As you get closer to thirty, assuming you are a driven guy, you start to seriously ask yourself if it is all a fantasy or if you are going to make it a reality. You stop wondering if something can be done, you start wondering how to do it if it can be done. Now that is how getting closer to thirty feels like, you start to seriously consider if what you wanted all along was a fantasy or if you are going to do it.

Take game for example.

When you are a younger guy, you are all in your head if you are not out there. You are riddled with limiting beliefs and excuses. You are too short, too dark, or too whatever to get girls. You want others to feel sorry for you and you want a community to cry with. If anything, you want any excuse in the world to not take action around getting laid and meeting lots of cool women.

However, say you are serious about meeting lots of cool women. As you get closer to thirty, all of the excuses and limiting beliefs go to the back of your head. You are now in Get Shit Done Mode where all you care about is achieving a result. You cross out the black pill nonsense, internet trolls, incels, and whatever the whiners are saying. You want to get shit done or move on to something else, period.

As men edge closer to thirty, it hits them. Men seriously start to wonder what the hell they are wasting their life and time on. Now some, will still stick to whining on black pill forums and such, and for them there is a very rude awakening that will happen later on in life. However, for a lot of us, that anger towards ourselves consumes us.

What was I doing all this time?

Why did I not talk to that hot girl?

Why did I not learn this shit sooner?

Why did I waste time arguing online and on negative things?

Why did I not remove toxic people from my life sooner?

All you know is that you have the time you have now. A part of you is grateful that you are waking up before it is way too late. I’d hate to be the guy that spent his twenties and thirties black pilled only to wake up at forty and realize how badly he fucked up. If you are reading this and in your late-twenties or even early-thirties, it is not too late for you even though you have your work cut out.

Whatever life you wanted around game, this is your last chance to get it because the window of opportunity is closing. You almost feel like a sports team with all the talent in the world that makes it to the playoffs but always manages to choke. You ask yourself how many years your best players have left before you have to realize that the Golden Generation you have is gone. Now is that time to execute hard and give it all you have.

Whether it is dating models, sleeping with a hundred different women, screwing pornstars, you name it. Once you hit thirty or get to your late-twenties, that voice bites away at you. Are we going to do this or not? My answer? You bet your fucking ass we are.

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