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Abundance is always the answer.

I’ve been silent in the past week or so and the reason is, because I have been debating whether to put my lengthy field reports on here or my advice posts. My desire was leaning towards the latter but my field reports had, for the most part except for a couple of instances, been uneventful. However, due to more recent success, I wanted to share something with all of my readers. I have given you a lot of pieces of dating advice but this has to be at the top of your list because this is the piece of advice I live by.

In Miami, flaking is more common than guys with leased sports cars. I am starting to find that unlike other cities I have been to, women in Miami are a lot flakier and they tend to move on fast. You may have one hell of a date and even have sex but never hear from her after that. Now I could have easily been like the rest of the guys who cry about the dating culture in Miami and say how awful of a city it is for game. However, I decided to change up my approach because the truth is, guys who cry a lot about dating culture in one city cry about it everywhere (more on that later).

I decided to incorporate more day game and even some night game into my approach mixed in with online dating. No excuses, approach and gather up as much numbers/Instagrams as you possibly can. I kept on approaching and refined my technique to where I would get an Instagram or two whenever I went out. Fast forward a few months, the results start to pay off. I am DMing about five to six girls every day and trying to set up a date with no worries about whether or not she flakes. I’ve had weekends where three out of my five dates flakes but two happened and one ended up in a lay.

Your priority as a man is to create abundance and options at all costs (within legal means of course). Unless you are settling into a relationship, you must be talking to at least five different women at once. Abundance gives you power and it makes you a lot less outcome dependent. Most of all, men with abundance are attractive to women because women love nothing more than men they think other women love.

Now, it is a lack of abundance or lack of an abundance mindset that creates simps. Simps and suckers are all too common in Miami because of the cut throat dating culture in the city. Before coming to Miami, I used to think that Latin men had the best game in the world but after living in Miami, I realize how naive I was. While I have a lot of Latin friends and do admit that there are quite a few Latin men just killing it, my god have I seen Latin men at their worst in Miami.

Culture aside, it is that lack of an abundance mindset that creates the worst of men. In the most extreme example, we think about the guy that goes berserk because some girl rejected his advances (and a ton of people get hurt in the process, making headline news). We think of Incels who clog up the internet communities and post so much misogynist content about women, only to become massive suckers the second a girl (especially online) gives them attention. Even a lot of men who join racist and radically political movement are doing it due to lack of women in their life and the fear that some outside force may come in and take “our women”.

Easy for you to say, how do I even create abundance?

This is a fair question and the answer is that you become good overtime. While Incels will claim height, race, and other things matter the most, I disagree. I have seen men of all kinds of backgrounds and looks have abundance in the dating world. However, you must put in the work and shut the fuck up. Instead of posting on internet forums, you must go out there and hustle.

You must put in the investment for quality online dating photos, hire a photographer for these (and don’t be cheap). You must go out there, talk to a lot of women, get rejected, find out what you are doing wrong (instead of playing victim and claiming all women are racist or status chasing), and then implement those changes. You must put in the work for many months, getting better along the way, and then you will start to see results.

The answer for all of your dating and life woes is abundance. A friend of mines got laid off a month ago due to the economic environment and decided to approach her new job hunt differently. A couple of years ago, she was all too used to recruiters ghosting her and companies taking forever to get her the offer. My friend decided that she will approach this job hunt a bit more differently.

What my friend does is she decides to work a list of fifty companies she would like to work for daily for an hour. My friend connected with as many people on LinkedIn from the given companies and started to have up to three interviews lined up in one week. After a month of doing this, my friend is sitting on four offers and is in the process of deciding which company she wants to call home.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about my friend’s journey.

My friend could have easily listened to the news and given up with all that is being said about the economy. It would have been the equivalent of me and the successful guys here in Miami listening to the whiners about how Miami is all social circle oriented and has nothing but narcissistic women. However, despite the bad news, my friend silenced the noise and executed. Sure, she might have an offer or two rescinded but she has created a system that will continue to get her offers until she is firmly set at a new company.

Same with some of the successful guys I know who are doing well with Miami nightlife and game in general. The most common underlying theme? These guys constantly put themselves out there and execute. Even if they have a few numbers and a few dates lined up, they are constantly approaching and building the top of their funnel (marketers will know what I am talking about here). At some point, these guys have so much abundance that they are having to turn down dates or even reschedule them which makes some women want them even more.

Do not wait for her to text you back, go talk to more women.

Do not wait for a company to get back to you after an interview, network and get referrals into jobs at other companies.

Do not get hurt over a company turning you down, network more and try to get into other companies.

Do not get hurt about her ghosting you, go talk to more women.

Do not get hurt after a girl who was seemingly into you at a bar and gave you her (private) IG doesn’t accept your request, talk to more women.

Okay, now stop reading this post and go talk to more women!

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