When is the best time in life for a man to peak?

Or as some might say, hit his peak Sexual Market Value (SMV). Now it is suspected by some that a man typically peaks in his late thirties. However, just because a man peaks in his late thirties, are your late thirties ideally the best time in life to hit your peak SMV? In my honest opinion so far in life, I have to say no. So much happens to you physically as you get older and also with your environment that your late thirties are not an ideal time to hit your peak.

Now don’t get me wrong, a late-thirties guy dating models and in good shape is still winning in life. However, I would argue that there are limitations he faces when it comes to social life and even societal expectations. As a result of this, your late-thirties are not an ideal time to hit your peak as a guy. I mean there is a reason why majority of all men are married by then. So when is the best time in life for a man to peak? Let’s go through the stages.

High school.

When your hormones first kick in and when you get horny off of anything while living with your parents. Women are just now starting to reach their peak and most of your fellow men are beyond awkward. However, peaking in high school means being popular. While you can get a rush from those hormones, I’ll argue that high school is slightly too early and there is a reason why “peaked in high school” is an insult in American culture. Plus, to some women who are older, you might not even be legal and have to keep it quite secret.


Long called the best four years of your life by some. You are (hopefully) at a large university surrounded by tons of good looking girls who are unattached. Perhaps you hit your physical prime, join a fraternity, and get a bartender job on campus once you turn 21. I’d say that college would be up there in terms of being the prime time in life to hit your peak since you get so much social leeway. You are in college, you are supposed to drink a lot and party hard. Your body can recover since hangovers are not a thing and there is no expectation for you to get married and have kids.

Early and mid-twenties (21-25).

You got that job in a big city like NYC out of college and maybe you are living with roommates. You go out every weekend or during some weekdays in a city where the expectation is for you to hook up. Even now, less pressure to get married and have kids in most cases. Your body can recover from a night of drinking just fine as you have all the energy in the world. You can work long hours and still party hard, recovering just fine. I’d say that this is up there for me as well.

Late-twenties (26-29).

Now it is slowing down a bit. You start to realize that hangovers are actually a thing and then realize that most people around your age are settling down. Some of your best friends that you used to drink and party with are being lost to marriage and you feel like you are starting to slow down. Your buddies in the big cities are now moving out to the countryside or the suburbs now with their significant others. Slowly but surely, you just feel like you are starting to get old even if you do not want to admit it.

Early thirties (30-34).

I can only talk so much about this but I almost consider this time the last window of opportunity for a man to either peak or really get there. You are never getting any younger and you start to notice how your body is more prone to things like injuries now. Now you gain weight more easily and it is tough to recover from a night out of drinking. At this point, you do start to get weird stares and looks when you tell people you are single. Society pressures you to get married and find the one and you start to feel old at a lot of bars full of twenty-somethings. However, just because it isn’t ideal doesn’t mean that you can’t have a ton of fun at this age. I have friends in this age group loving life but I call it the last chance to get your shit together.

The winner?

If I had to pick one from above, my vote would go to your early and mid-twenties. I know it was a close call between that and your college days but I realize that college is still a closed environment. You do have to watch out more for prying eyes and even the guys at their peak cannot loosely sleep around. On top of that, you are doing it on your parents’ dime in most cases or trying to keep a scholarship.

Now one can say that in your early and mid-twenties, you do not have a lot of money and they would be right. However, hopefully you played it safe enough to where you have a decent career out of college. Once you get that, you live with roommates in a major city. Now you have the freedom to bring back as many women as you want as girls are now looking to wild out in a big way. You are also young enough for society to not pressure you to settle down.

But let’s get one thing out the way.

No matter your age, it is better to peak than to have never peaked at all. Most men will never really hit their peak value. A lot of them will have bad bodies and be out of shape along with having a defeatist mindset. So in reality, it is good to peak at some point in your life than to have never peaked at all.

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