Stop gaming women at college campuses.

I have commonly seen the advice given to men that of any place in the world to meet women, the easiest is a college campus. Now granted, this might seem true based on the numbers since women outnumber men in college. However, once you get past the numbers themselves and for those of us who have been a part of the college environment, you will quickly start to realize that college campuses are usually awful places to meet women if your intention is to run game.

The truth about hookup culture in college.

Are college kids hooking up? Yeah, obviously, but it is a lot more complicated than that. You see, the hookup culture that people boast about in college is generally exclusive to a select set of people in most cases. Most of the times, these are athletes and people in Greek Life/popular rich kids. Everyone else for the most part studies, occasionally dates, and then works. I say this as someone who went to a big Division 1 school notorious for its party scene. Yes, you read that right, even for the average college kid it is tough to hook up.

The thing is, college is a bubble and word gets around. If a guy is gaming and approaching way too much on campus, he slowly becomes “that guy”. The guys who truly succeed with college game tend to have status or are the ones regularly throwing big parties at their places. I have known guys who have been banned from college campuses because an approach went wrong. In a big city environment, this is a lot less likely to happen.

If you are out of college, please, for the love of God just move on man.

There is nothing more cringe than some guy in his mid-twenties who graduated college but still sticks around campus in order to pick up girls. Most of the guys I know who are older and have an obsession with college girls were socially awkward guys who could not get them in college. Now that these guys have some money and maybe read a few pickup blogs, they want to go back on campus with the hopes of trying to pickup coeds they couldn’t in their college days. It’s not going to happen.

The truth is that the guys who are older and somehow managing to do well with college girls often have a form of value that makes her want to invest in the guy himself. An example could be a musician that plays at a college bar or a bar owner in a college town. Outside of that, maybe she meets him in a big city whether she is interning or traveling. In that world, the guy has value that she can benefit from so she is more likely to get with him.

For the guys who are older or out of college but doing things like going to college campuses to day game or going to college parties after their early twenties (without having a strong reason to be there), just stop it! Seriously, most college kids think you are weird for trying to hang out with them. Most of the good looking, or really all, coeds are not going to entertain getting with you because they know their friends will talk. In fact, even talking to you lowers their value and any good looking college girl values her status too much to risk it.

It is sad to see because I think a lot of these men are chasing something that they will never get. You’ll never get back those years so it is time to move on. If you go to a college campus to day game or do any sort of game as an older, in my eyes you are a loser unless you have a pretty good reason to be there (grad student, working at one or you just happen to live next to one). I know it is tough to hear and I know you were hoping for me to be on your side but I cannot support this. Grow up and get rid of your college fantasy, it’s not going to happen.

When you do move on, you realize your opportunities with quality coeds go through the roof.

I didn’t get with some of the most beautiful sorority girls in my life by trying to break into their cliques as a guy many years of college. Instead, I met them in a big city where they were living and I was going about my life. I offered them value by knowing where each spot is in the city and showing them the party itself. Now, I was no longer that creepy older guy that is trying to break into her parties and cannot seem to move on from college. I was now the older guy who has his own thing going on that she was curious about.

The older guy who is getting coeds isn’t desperately clinging on to college life as paradise or trying to break into their cliques. No, that older guy is living a cool fucking life he loves and he wouldn’t even go back to college if you paid him to do it. To him, his thirties are heaven because he gets to do fun shit, meet cool women, and has money to spend. College girls, the ones who are going to go for older men, are going to flock to that guy and not some loser who couldn’t move on and pedestalizes them to the point he is going to college just to approach.

Perhaps more than anything, there is one thing older guys need to work on, embracing their station in life.

I see way too many older guys begging for their college days to come back and talking about how good things were in college compared to now. Almost all of those older guys are the ones that coeds will reject hard and distance themselves from because they don’t have shit going on in their life. If said older guy tries to break into her college clique and college lifestyle, he is already at a disadvantage he cannot recover from.

Already, he has communicated to her “please save me from my miserable older guy world”. No woman is going to come to save you regardless of her age or station in life. The older guy day gaming on college campuses is subconsciously communicating to all women that his life sucks so much and his options are so slim that he has to go to an arena he clearly doesn’t belong to for the sake of meeting them. The communication here screams low status and believe me, college girls will not get with low status men unless the girl herself is hideous and low status herself.

Meanwhile, the older who has embraced a life of making money, living in a big city, and sees college life as the past is more attractive. For this guy, the mindset is once again that his life is so great in a big city or after college that you cannot pay him to go back to college at this point. College parties are lame to him, college girls are kind of overrated, and he already has a steady pipeline of women whether from dating apps, cold approach, or hobbies. Ironically, the good looking coed is going to love getting with this guy as soon as she visits a big city. When they talk about college girls or girls fresh out of college dating older men, these are the kinds of older guys they are talking about.

You will never be that popular frat boy archetype after your early twenties or as someone who is not even in college anymore. You will never be that cool party guy who hooked up with girls in his classes because you are older and no longer a college kid. Accept it and be the best version of someone who is around your age. Be that cool guy in a big city that she wants because she is getting ready for life after college. Show her how amazing life in an NYC can be in her twenties instead of bitching and moaning about how much life sucks after college.

Your job as a guy if you are trying to get women is to show them a great time. The older guy who is unable to meet women in his daily life, likely due to his toxic attitudes, and has to go to a college campus to day game is a low status creep. Chances are, he likely posts on red pill communities about how awful women are and tries to get with college girls out of some form of anger and compensation. Even other sane guys, like the cool guys college girls do hook up with, will head to the hills and avoid this guy.

However, the guy who is living it up in a major city and knows where the best parties are is a hit for college girls. When coeds are becoming upperclassmen in college and trying to see what the future has in store, they want that guy. The cool older guy now becomes a valuable asset for them to see how amazing life can be as opposed to loser older guy who desperately clings to whatever piece of college he can. Coeds become curious and wonder just what the older guy who has all these fun things going on is doing differently.

Be the ones that makes them happy to graduate and graduate yourself, mentally and emotionally, from the campus.

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