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No One Is Coming To Save Me.

Or you!

I haven’t posted in a while even though I have had a crazy August. The action section has gone dry but I will do the best to post on that more. However, I had a certain experience in August regarding women, friends, dating, and wingmen that led me to an epiphany. Some can call it an epiphany but I would like to really call it an acceptance of a hard truth that all men, at some point, must accept. I have seen this particular mindset from both blue pilled, red pilled, black pilled, and even most normal guys.

Someone is going to save us!

Be it a political leader that we all look up to or maybe some friend we all hope we make. On a smaller level, perhaps it is that wing we met on a group or maybe that friend we all hope we make. Perhaps the times save us when they finally change to favor men and not women. Something, someone, or some entity might just come and save us. I realized that as much as I was weary of this, it hit me.

An outing.

My friend Preston whom some of you may have read on an action report I talked about recently moved to another city due to work and family-related matters. Outside of Preston, most of my wingmen are absolute trash. I mean they do not even approach and just stand around like a bunch of cowards staring off into space. When I moved to Miami, I joined a Pickup Group and found that most of it was guys just standing around talking to each other about game while not approaching a single woman at the bar. Even the approaches themselves were garbage.

So I went out solo thinking I had it under control. As someone who had long relied on wingmen, and a good one at that in Preston, I realized that it started to hit me. I was out at the bar by myself and was hoping that perhaps I run into an old wing and we can chat. Perhaps we can chat for a bit and then maybe open a few sets together. Maybe we can just have some drinks and just get lucky with some girls!

Now I got it and now it hit me. Now I know why so many guys even in pickup barely do any approaches and just stand around at the bar wandering around. I now understood why even the guys who do approaches are just spamming and protecting their ego to not risk rejection, or just doing a gimmick to look like clowns (eg: “Hand To God” and spinning girls around). It’s because as unsuccessful as we may be in doing all of this, we at least have that comfort of a community to fall back on.

I wandered around the bar for an hour by myself, not doing a single approach. So I had a few drinks and hoped that maybe that would ease it but it hit me hard. I just wanted someone to come and save me, anyone. Please, any wing, please come and save me. I can’t do this, it’s too much. Women are not going to go easy on you or respect you because you had the courage to go out by yourself. Other men will see you as an easy target and steal any opportunity that is going well for you. I didn’t want to talk to girls, I didn’t want to make out, nor did I want to get laid. No, I just wanted someone to come save me because I felt so vulnerable in such a ruthless environment all by myself.

So I noticed a guy opening sets and then approached him after he was done with a set. The guy was a promoter for Daer which is apparently a huge Miami nightclub. We chat and open some sets together but then I realized that Mr. Promoter had some damn low standards. When we opened a three-set, Mr. Promoter was too shy to talk to the hot blonde and we ended up talking to her two fat friends. Yeah, I sacrificed quality just for the sake of company and comfort.

After that night, I accepted a harsh truth.

As scary as it is, all men must learn to game alone at some point if they want to sleep with lots of hot women. I know it is tough to take in and a very scary thought but you must do it. Your wingmen can lift you up and put you in a good spot but at some point, life will hit and they will have to move on. In that very moment, the game really changes. You are no longer playing football or basketball, you are a warrior stuck in the Octagon who must win by himself when the cage closes.

You must go out at some point and accept that it is going to be just you by yourself and take pride in that. So, I went out again by myself and did it solo. Even the worthless wings I ran into, I ignored because of what a time suck they were. I opened sets solo by myself and got a few numbers (which mean nothing in nightlife btw). Now I did get a make out but again, progress friends, progress. I didn’t pull but my confidence hit a new high where I knew I can do this alone.

Deep down, we all want to be saved as men.

Even the hardcore Blackpillers are hoping that society changes to where women have to lower their standards. We are talking about a group of cynical men who seem to have given up all hope on life but even they themselves are waiting for a hero. Every kind of guy for the most part is waiting for that, some hero to come along and save them. I know we talk about women wanting this but we are talking men here wanting the same shit.

Well, here is the truth my friend, no one is coming to save us and that is okay.

We must lift ourselves up by the bootstraps and be bold. We must go out with full courage and accept that a lot of painful, miserable, and deflating nights exist for us when it comes to women. We must accept that if our goal is to date and get with a lot of beautiful women, something very few men out there are able to do, then what awaits us at first is the kind of failure that will emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and times even physically test us. Perhaps we go through all of that and come out with the life we wanted. Maybe we go through all that and still fail.

Who knows, but the only thing that can save us as men is ourselves. Only you can save yourself!

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