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My absence explained and some life updates (again).

So it’s been quite a few weeks since I wrote to all of you and I did not expect to take this long of a break from writing and updating you all on my journey. However, there have been some big life changes that caused me to step away from the computer or just overall not have as much time left to write as I passionately should have. Due to my life changes, I had to take a break that I am crossing my fingers is short-lived. So, for this post I am going to update all of you on some of my life changes.

MB gets a “passionate” friend.

While running daygame a few weeks ago, I hit it off well with this tanned brunette from France. After a couple of dates, it ended in a one night stand. The sex was some of the best I have had in a while but we grew passionately addicted to each other. She had a very Emily Ratajkowski kind of look going for her and for some reason, I do well with that kind of look. What started off as protective sex ended up in me doing her raw anal and busting inside of her. Two weeks and it has all happened so fast. Since then, I have seen her about five different times.

MB’s job hunt picks up some serious steam.

After spending the past few years in a job where I was miserable, I decided to serious go in on my job hunt. At first, due to the economy, it ended up in a ton of rejections. Now, my hunt has me traveling to different cities and meeting the teams in person. I have been overwhelmed to say the least. I really want my next job to my long-term home and am deep into the process with some companies everyone here will recognize.

MB needs to diversify his income and the future of this site.

To this day, this whole site has not produced a dime for me. I have thought of Affiliate Marketing and other paths to grow but not a dime has been produced. On an average month, we get 500 or so visitors and 2k or so views. In other words, I need to really find a way to grow this site. As of right now, it does not seem like my blog will generate any sort of an income and has not been profitable, it’s largely been a hobby.

As for the future, I do look to grow this site more and have thought of eventually releasing an e-book as well as creating a community.

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