How many approaches should you be doing?

Once again a long layoff from your friend MB here folks, been doing some traveling on my end (more on that later). However, I wanted to quickly address a question I get a lot from folks which is “how many approaches should I be doing?”, whether it is out for daygame or for nightgame. I want to dedicate today for daygame and how many approaches you should think about aiming for.

In truth, you shouldn’t really be thinking number of approaches as much as quality.

Newbies and awkward guys just starting out think about number of approaches. As you get better and more results oriented, you care more about the quality. In other words, if she is hot (especially if your type) then you just go and approach. Only exception is if you have a situation where she is on her phone at which point you may pass. Once you get decent at cold approach, you care more for quality of the girl as well as the quality of your approach.

However, there is one major issue with this.

The problem here is that if you go in thinking that the number of approaches does not matter, especially if you are a newbie, you will run into the major issue I ran into when I first started out with daygame. I had way too many days where I would go out and do maybe one approach if anything. While you don’t want to be a spam approach, you also don’t want to be in the situation I was in where you hardly do any approaches at all. So what is the best way to go about it?

I say hold yourself to at least 5 approaches.

Tell yourself that if you can do 5 approaches, then you can afford to be picky. Until you do 5 approaches, which must all be direct, you have no room to be picky. Do at least 5 approaches where the girl is attractive enough and not super distracted (like on an actual phone call). Once you do 5 approaches, you can then spend the rest of the time being picky.

Ideally, I aim for at least 10 approaches in any outing these days.

The reason I love doing 10 approaches is because it gives me enough approaches to where I can at least evaluate each approach somewhat carefully when I am reflecting on being out in the field. 10 is a good number for metrics too because if I get say 2 numbers, then I have a 20% number close rate for that day. Finally, I think over a period of a couple of hours, it is enough approaches to where you do not come off as some spammy PUA type.

First five approaches I treat as warm ups and the final five, more focused.

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