Why are there so many single guys on the West Coast?

A while ago, I shared a statistic that talked about the ratio of single men to single women in the US. One thing that immediately stuck out is that west coast cities (Denver, LA, San Francisco, San Diego, etc.) had a lot more single men than single women compared to the cities on the East Coast. Now I thought about why this is and there were quite a few theories I had.

Is it the fashion industry in NYC? Is it because of the kinds of jobs on the East Coast? Is it because women just aren’t that big on nature and what the west coast offers? I don’t doubt that all of this plays a role in single women deciding to prefer the East Coast over the West Coast. Could it also be because the east coast has a culture where being single is more encouraged compared to the west?

I think that a number of reasons play into it. One I have not mentioned is that men are likely to move for jobs to the west coast where they are away from their family while women stay put more. However, then I am forced to ask why a city like NYC has far more single women than LA or San Francisco. Now, this is all a theory and one that can be completely off for all I know.

One thing we have to make clear is that women love big cities so as it goes, you want to be in a big city if your goals are to hook up a lot. However, are all big cities created equal when it comes to having a lot of single women? I would say no. So why is it that cities like Chicago and NYC enjoy a lot more single women than cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco?

The harsh weather shit test.

I started to wonder, what if women prefer a city with a tougher climate as opposed to sunshines and rainbows? I know it initially sounds weird but stay with me here. If men are willing to go through the harsh climates of a Chicago or a winter in NYC, then it speaks to their desire of putting themselves in uncomfortable environments. Maybe it is evolution speaking here in the sense that she wants a guy that is going to be able to thrive in such circumstances and might even give her stronger kids.

Meanwhile, the guy who leans more on perfect weather environments like California would be one that craves comfort and likely not a fitting parent for her kids. Now we all know that this is not actually true but I cannot help but wonder if it is that evolutionary drive in her talking. In a way it makes sense because a place with perfect weather and an abundance of single women won’t stay that way for long, every guy and his grandpa would move there in a heartbeat.

What if the harsh climates and other unfavorable aspects of a city serve as a buffer to separate the men that want to meet a lot of women versus those that just want it handed to them? What if younger women are intentionally choosing harsher cities with harsher climates as a way of weeding out the lazy men that just want an easy life of comfort? I think this is worth considering.

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