How pickup and dating advice companies are profiting in a broken system.

In my previous post, I spoke about the number one reason behind the male dating advice space being broken.

Lately, I have been thinking about the long-term direction of Millennial Bachelor and what I ultimately want to do with this site (getting rid of it is also included). However, in an ideal world, I would want to make monetize this blog as I don’t make a cent off of it. One idea I considered a while back was being a dating coach but I have actually backed off from it myself. While Pablo might consider the avenue, I have considered not taking it.

One thing that a lot of us can admit is that the business of coaching men to be better with women is broken. Now polarizing pickup coach John Anthony Lifestyle (JMLUV, the first to actually reach the conclusion on how the system is broken and how companies are profiting) actually shared some brilliant insight into why RSD Nation seemed to be a program that ended up not working out for a lot of guys that paid for it. In short, it is not financially in the best interest of the coach to help you become great with women. As John mentioned this, it finally clicked for me as well!

Think about it, if you are a dating coach and you have a client that somehow manages to fix their issues with dating and find their ideal dating life, what does that mean for you? Well, it means that the client is not coming back and you don’t have a repeat customer anymore! If you are a financially driven guy who wants to make a full-time living as a dating coach, you don’t actually want your client to have his ideal dating life.

You may actually notice glimpses of this with a lot of pickup artists.

Typically, they will feed you limiting beliefs and then tell you how they can make you overcome them. In one of the pickup groups I was a part of, “coaches” in the group would regularly rag on newbies and push coaching on to them. With some extreme cases, I saw coaches (or people trying to coach) call out and insult newbies in front of the entire group on the chat and try to push them to coaching itself. In my opinion, this is some low-level garbage but the pickup industry gets even worse (check John Anthony Lifestyle/JMLUV’s content on Youtube).

In a way, these guys love to create a crisis so they can make their money. After all, what does a group full of guys who successfully score actually mean? Guys who don’t need help hence no ways to make money through coaching.

Have you ever wondered why so many guys who go through these bootcamps from major pickup companies seem to come out the same or even worse than they came in? Why is that? How about the guys who spend years on pickup forums but don’t really seem to see much improvement?

Could it be the blind leading the blind?

Perhaps you can say that but I think it is a bit more sinister than we assume. Maybe sinister is too dark of a word, let’s say a lot more financially driven. Follow the money; in this situation, who profits off of struggling men needing to pay for help? The dating coaches and major pickup companies. Now if there weren’t a lot of men needing help to the point that they are willing to fork over thousands (in some cases tens of thousands) to a dating coach or major pickup company, who would be hurting? The dating coaches and major pickup companies!

If I was the dating coach/company here, why in the world would I want there to be a shortage of men so miserable to where they will fork over thousands for someone to help them? Better yet, why would I want to actually fix the very thing that is making me money (their struggles with women!)? Here is the reality, I wouldn’t. You would use your recurring revenue because such men would have moved on to a better dating life.

Yet, I don’t want to go at the coaches here either.

Naturally, we want to vilify the coaches profiting off of this and that is acceptable. A lot of men have been lied to, deceived, and just misled by many of these big names in pickup. However, I think more than the broken men who pay for bootcamps as well as the programs that profit financially, we have to acknowledge that it is really the system itself is broken. The system is set up in such a way that a lot of these big pickup programs would be financially stupid to give men the actual resolution.

Because the actual resolution means no more customers or at least no recurring ones.

Think about it, most men if they have their problems fixed with dating and women, they are moving on. In their minds, they already paid the coach or company money, the problem got fixed, and now they can just move on from all of this. After all, why should these men who had all of their dating issues resolved stay other than to be a dating coach for the company? The truth is, very few actually will. Most will enjoy their life with a girlfriend or rotation or whatever.

So we either have a situation like we do right now where these coaching companies have to make sure that the men do not get good, or at least too good, so they can keep recurring customers. If not that, then we have a system where these coaches/programs do indeed fix all problems for the student in question but then end up losing financially because the guy got his dating issues resolved and moved on.

It seems like so far, one side has to lose in order for the other to win. The student has to be prevented from reaching his true potential so the coach or company can profit off of him, financially. However, the ideal world where the student does get his problems resolved leads to a situation where the company loses a recurring source of revenue because the student moves on and forgets them.

So how do we create a win-win situation? I will take a stab at this in my next post.

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