Pretenders: Phrases used by men that lie about being good with women.

Over the years, I have had the misfortune of knowing a great deal of guys who turned out to be frauds when it came to getting results with women. Now, we have seen this at its worse with dating companies and coaches that charge men thousands for their services only for these men to find that the given coaches suck with women. However, over the years, I have heard phrases that are commonly used by fake players. You will even read them on any pickup forum or pickup Reddit and you can bet that the guys saying them are often posers.

Here they are.

“It’s just p-ssy man”

My favorite (/s) of them all by far. The phrase is often some guy trying to act like he knows everything about game because it is so easy and he cannot believe how anyone could struggle. I mean the guy will rationalize how men overcomplicate getting laid but the truth is that most of the times, this guy turns out to be a fraud. The reality is that any guy who has put himself out there knows rejections, failures, and roadblocks are all too common when it comes to trying to date and meet beautiful women. In fact, any guy who has seriously tried their luck knows that the game is tough and why most men just stick to a marriage and kids.

So how is Mr. Casual Playboy somehow acting like it’s supposed to be easy for everyone? Because he has never really put himself out there and tried his luck. In fact, this is the kind of guy who will speak too fast and chicken out when it comes to approaching a hot girl. This is the kind of guy who has a big ego that will get shattered at a moment’s notice when he gets rejected. I have seen guys who do get laid use this phrase but often times, the girls are ugly.

“All women are X”

Okay I am guilty for stereotyping women based on their background sometimes but any guy who speaks in absolutes tends to suck with women. In fact, seeing the world as black and white is one of the most common traits of men that struggle with women and game. Usually, Red Pillers speak this way and it is well understood that they tend to suck with women. However, Misogynist guys and just hateful guys in general speak like this as a way to get some weird form of revenge on women.

Any guy who has been with his fair share of women starts to quickly understand that there is a big variety of what is out there. Guys who have slept around a lot often realize that you can have a wife-worthy girl one weekend and a toxic narcissist in your life the other. Men who have experienced different kinds of women realize that they are not all the same at all and that is what makes the game so fun.

“Just be a man and approach bro!”

More BS. Any guy who has had results with women realizes that while approaching is important, more goes into it than that. In fact, approaching a lot of women is a bad idea if you are not a decent looking guy yourself who knows what he is doing. You can approach women but you have to have the right kind of game and look sharp on that day. In fact, approaching blindly is foolish and sometimes, you would be wise to not approach. Do not blindly approach, any guy preaching this is an idiot.

You should be taking social cues and the environment into account. I would advise any guy not feeling very confident to put off approaching as it will invariably ruin your results and your lack of confidence will show. In fact, you should work on heading out with a proper mindset, already be putting work into improving yourself, and then approach.

“Just let it happen dude”

There are two kinds of guys that say that. One type of guy is a guy who had it all set up for him in life where he came from a rich family and had the right social circles throughout his youth. Then you have the other type of guy who is all too common, the one that sucks with women. Any guy who tells you to let it happen watches too many Hollywood movies. Anyone who has been with a lot of women will tell you that it is proactive and you have to make it happen, unless that guy had a really good situation come up to where he had a top notch social circle or such.

Once again, any guy who has actually been through the game and had results will tell you that it is a lot of work. You have to go out there and make it happen. You have to put in the hours approaching and talking to women to get your kind of girl. Women are not going to magically appear because you read a motivational book and good into a good mood.

“You are not pulling her unless you are an XYZ guy”

You are not pulling her unless you are from XYZ country or unless you have a massive social circle full of millionaires. The guys who say this often have limited experience with women and assume that because they cannot get a certain kind of a girl, you can’t. Now do not get me wrong, some girls are indeed out of reach unless you are a popular guy. Usually, these women are celebrities and they won’t be hanging out at the clubs most of us would ever frequent. However, most attractive women do not fit this bill as there are only so many celebrities and supermodels out there.

The one dead giveaway of guys who are fake players are guys that claim that all attractive women in a major city like an NYC or Miami only love XYZ type of guys. Yes, thousands of women and they all love the same kind of guy. Most men who have slept with a lot of different women and seen other men pull know that women often date and get with guys who are losers. Women sleep with that bald muscular dude with tattoos who looks like he would never be a model but he happened to be in the right place at the right time and shot his shot.

“Yeah she was a bitch anyways!”

There is no other way to really differentiate a guy that is actually good with women from a pretender than actually putting them out in the field. See how they react to getting rejected at a bar or club and that will tell you if they are a contender or a pretender. Guys who are good with women will laugh off a rejection and not hold it against a girl, she’s been approached all night and is probably in a bad mood. Guys that suck with women take rejection personally because they haven’t really done that many approaches and have delicate egos.

Any guy who has done a lot of approaches will get rejected, no matter how handsome or smooth he is. Women are simply taken and sometimes just not in the mood. However, overtime, the guy will learn to let the rejections slide off of him and continue to approach. Every No is just closer to another yes in a lot of cases. Then you have the Pretender who reads about it and fantasizes but hasn’t done that many approaches. Just one girl telling him to fuck off is enough to ruin his day and his mood for the night.

Any other phrases you hear a lot? Mention them in the comments below.

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