The grind of game.

I sat back and watched Netflix on a Friday and Saturday night while spending Sunday watching some football. All of it seemed so relaxing and calming to me. For most weekends, I had spent time on game and it did produce some success for me. I would spend most Saturdays and Sundays out to explore the city and do daygame in the process. Friday nights would usually be spent on nightgame itself. However, the unusual weekend where I stayed in was calming for me as much as I may have found myself slacking and not remaining true to my purpose.

That’s the reality, the game is a grind.

Cold approaching a lot of women at night or during the day.

Getting rejected by women.

Women that give you their number or social media but flake.

Dates that go nowhere.

Dealing with crappy wingmen who are a waste of time and energy.

The game community which is full of toxic, self-defeating, narcissistic, and scheming guys.

The amount of scammers and low quality coaches out there that feed you misinformation.

Mentally and emotionally, it all adds up. Now I know why so many guys elect to go the social circle route or just decide to get a girlfriend as they spend their weekends on brunches, watching sportsball, and having dinner. Very few men are made to deal with the wear and tear that goes into talking to new women and most end up dropping out entirely. This is part of why Social Circle game has been marketed so much, because the actual game is a grind.

I used to go out to observe Pickup Bootcamps in Miami and for a period of a month or two, I would see guys who were out with the coaches doing approaches. However, I noticed that after about month three, all of it stopped. I started seeing less and less of the guys out and some I kept in touch with on social media opted to get professional photos done for online dating. A couple told me that they will stick with online because of the grind of cold approach.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Imagine the superpower of walking up to any girl you found attractive in public and eventually winning her over. I mean that would be a heck of a superpower and objectively, it is just not possible. However, you are getting the next closest thing which is perhaps getting ten to twenty percent of the women you approach interested enough in giving you a number and eventually even a date. If it was easy, almost every single straight guy would do it. No matter what background, body type, religion or whatever, they would do it.

However, it is not easy. So many obstacles exist to the point most men voluntarily quit. The game is such a grind that at the end of the day, about 10 percent of guys that get into it are able to consistently meet new women and take them out on dates as well as have some fun afterward. Most of the other guys will continue to not learn from mistakes, do things the wrong way, or just not approach out of misplaced ego.

Yet, I am not going to be another statistic.

I have a deeper purpose that has gotten into game and kept me in it. I might share in the future but the reality is, I most likely won’t. I think most people suck at cold approaching and talking to women so they are more concerned with taking the moral high ground over you and making you feel bad for wanting to cold approach. The reality is that I want this to succeed and have already seen so much momentum that I cannot turn back anymore.

Lately in life, some personal matters and even health matters have had me sidelined from game a bit. I have had a hectic end to October that has my living situation a bit unstable but I am confident that eventually, things will get back on track. When they do, I will be back at it!

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