The unfortunate truth about daygame

In 2022, I decided to take daygame seriously. Previously, I had only relied on online game and getting drunk at bars/clubs with the hopes of hooking up with a random. After doing daygame consistently for almost 6 months, I managed to get 6 new lays but as I look back at it, there is an unfortunate truth I wanted to share. I have known a lot of guys who have resorted to doing daygame because the nightlife in Miami really sucks and you are far more likely to find attractive women accessible during the day. The reality is that very few of these men outside of maybe two are having success with daygame. Success means they take women out on dates and then turn those dates into closes.

Even looking back at my own results, I notice that it was exponentially easier to get closes with online dating and even nightgame back when I was in NYC as opposed to daygame. Let me run through some of the numbers with daygame and what I am finding.

If a guy goes out on weekends to daygame for a few hours, in the span of that time he might get 2 good phone numbers an hour if he is good. Even from the guys I know who have success with daygame, this seems to be the most common trend. Some might have a good day where they get 4 to 5 good phone numbers an hour but that is rare and an oddity.

Now let’s say a guy is out for 3 hours on Saturday and Sunday doing daygame. We are looking at someone who is intermediate or just good with daygame itself. 2 two good numbers an hour means 6 good numbers a day and 12 throughout the weekend. We can replace numbers here with social media as well.

From what I hear and have found, for a guy who is good, 20% of those numbers turn into dates. If we take 20% of 12 we get 2.4 so for now, let’s round that down to 2. So that is 6 hours spent over the weekend for 2 dates assuming that the person doing daygame is actually good (most are not).

I hear that even for the guys who are good, they get a 10% close rate from daygame which means that out of 10 girls they go on dates with, 1 will close. So let’s do the rough math here for a guy who is actually good with daygame.

One weekend gets him 2 dates, he will need 5 weekends to get 10 dates. The guy spends 6 hours per weekend on daygame so he will need to spend 30 hours total to get one close. Now let’s play this out throughout the year to show you how it actually ends up looking like.

In a year, you have about 52 weeks which means you actually have 52 weekends as well (as they are a part of the week). If it takes a guy who is good with daygame 5 weekends to net one close, he will get 10 closes in a year from daygame itself. Now the numbers can fluctuate a bit here as some guys will get more and some will get less. For most guys who get good with daygame, this is the most likely reality in a lot of cases. Now I will add that overtime, guys can net daygame closes by being on guard and approaching women as a part of their lifestyle but this will not happen initially for most men.

If you get my point here, daygame is an awful way to raise your lay count.

Outside of social circle game, unless you are in an elite social circle (which is rare), daygame is just awful for raising your lay count. By what I showed you, it will take you a decade to break triple digits and we know most men are not sticking to that regimen of going out for 3 hours every weekend just to meet women. Now granted, some will argue that it is a waste of a weekend but I will counter by saying that there is not much guys are doing with their weekends outside of getting drunk and watching sportsball anyways. However, you get my point, it is a bad way to raise your lay count.

For newbies and guys who are new to approaching women, I will never recommend daygame. I think men are better off getting their feet wet with nightgame first and getting good at talking to women sober. During the day, the rejections sting even more and women aren’t always nicer either. Plus, the vibe and environment do not contribute to a sexualized environment meaning that you have to do more work to build that in the day.

So why do it?

I have spent most of this post telling you that daygame is an awful way to raise your lay count. So why should you still bother doing it if it is such an awful way to raise your lay count?

It is healthier.

Daygame is healthier than nightgame and despite what the pros say, it is tough to do nightgame sober. If girls see you without a drink in your hand, they will think you are weird. In fact, you will make it painfully obvious to women that you are out on the hunt and women will wonder what kind of guy goes to a bar at 1 AM but doesn’t even drink. Sure, some guys can explain themselves here but it is already an uphill battle. Plus, you are staying out past 1 AM in a lot of cases and well into the morning, something that adds up especially if you go out on weekdays.

Meanwhile, with daygame you are burning calories by moving around so much during the day. You are usually not drinking anything other than water (hopefully) and are often doing healthy things. For long-term health, daygame is better for you. You actually get to keep your hearing!

You get your best shot at quality and will probably meet some of the best women.

Assuming you are not a spammer that approaches everything, if you have your eye on quality then daygame is the best way to get it outside of a top-notch social circle. The reality is that most men will never have anything close to a Dan Bilzerian type of social circle, it is just not doable. However, daygame is perhaps the best way for you to get that 9 or 10 that you always dreamed of compared to any other method out there.

Online dating is rigged in the favor of women and a lot of good-looking women use it purely for validation. When really hot girls go out at night, they are going out in large groups that are tough to crack and often getting with guys that have some form of status in the venue (DJ, Promoter, or anyone who can get them into a cool Afterparty). In most “Social Circles”, the hottest women are usually taken and often going for whomever has won the Game Of Thrones style of social politics to get them.

While the numbers have been abysmal for daygame for me, I also realize that the women I have met have also been some of the hottest ever. Even if I have not closed all the girls I have slept with, I DM them often as they are traveling and it is good to have met some top-notch women. When hot girls love your pics on social media and there are plans to one day meet (which will likely not pan out), it makes it all worth it. You have to ask as a guy what matters more, getting with 50 women who are average or above-average looking or getting with 5 women that are just stunners. If you decided the latter, then daygame might be for you.

It makes you tighten up your verbal game and not rely on just pure attraction.

Daygame is a more pure game in the sense that you are the most likely to get one-on-one time with a hot girl. You get to practice your delivery for your opener and handle objections verbally. Compare this to nightgame where you do not even get a chance because the girl has cockblock friends and is in too big of a group for you to even have a shot. Even online, a lot of the work is done for you since there is some initial attraction already there (hence why you matched!). If you want to get good at the verbal aspect of game, nothing beats daygame.

The sex is usually a lot better.

I have pulled women from online, nightgame, social circle, and daygame and the one thing I have walked away with is that daygame offers the best sex. The sex I have had with the 6 women I have been with this year has been the best ever. For some reason, I never had the good kind of sex from nightgame pulls or even online pulls. Maybe there is some psychology to it where daygame required more patience so when I did get it, it felt great. Meanwhile, with nightgame I was usually drunk so Whiskey Dick happened. This I will pin down to personal experience.

It is perhaps the most transferrable to any major city out there, maybe even a smaller city.

If there is one lesson I have learned, it is that nightgame is very city-dependent. In NYC, the nightlife was amazing but in Miami, it sucks. If the nightlife in a city sucks, the nightgame sucks as well. For a social circle, it is just not realistic to build a new one from scratch that will net you women and the ones already formed will be closed off to most outsiders. Daygame is easily the most transferrable form of game to any major city or even a big one that you end up in. Attractive women will always be out during the day and it gives you a way to get them interested.

So that wraps it up.

What are your thoughts on daygame?

4 thoughts on “The unfortunate truth about daygame

  1. First time responding, but long time reader. I mostly agree with your post. I mostly daygame to improve myself as it becomes blatantly obvious what I am insecure about when approaching. Also I think it is quite fun to do (giving positive energy to others and feeling free).
    However, in my opinion only 10% from dates to sex is very low. It can be hard to get the first date (there are ways to improve this during the approach), but once you get the date (as soon as possible after the approach) and have a good dateplan, your close rate can be much higher in my experience at least (EU based).
    Let me know what you think.

      1. Sounds good, I am willing to write a post but coming weeks are too busy. Will start thinking about what to write about. I will hit you up later on!

        Thinking about my earlier comment, I would like to add some more:
        Doing daygame (or any other form of seduction) to increase your laycount is kinda lame in the first place (and kinda Red Pill…). People should not care so much about laycount but should focus more on the experiences they create. If you could date a couple of girls over a couple of months from daygame and sleep with a few, you should be able to retain some and thus have 2-3 friend with benefits after a while (of decently high quality girls). Why go through all the effort only to fuck them once or twice?

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