Why posts on race and ethnicity have been deleted.

After what was a good morning run, I came back and found that my site received a great chunk of traffic. Initially, I was a bit excited because who doesn’t love some traffic to their blog correct? Well, I came to find that a big chunk of the traffic came from Incel sites. I wanted to give some background about why posts on race and ethnicity, especially regarding Asian and Indian men, even went up in the first place.

We got a ton of demand for them.

As soon as this blog started to get some traffic and was shared on various sites, we got a lot of demand from Asian and Indian readers asking how this applies to them or how this would help them out. I was hesitant to touch this topic because I know how touchy of a topic race can be. However, at the time I did think that most pickup programs were doing a poor job in speaking about the topic and I wanted to shed some light on it given the number of Asian and Indian men I have known who did well. For most of 2021 and even 2022, posts on race were the most in-demand and I wanted to serve my readers.

During some points, I even found that race and ethnicity were poorly discussed when it came to game and picking up women. The advice was generic and said “stop being beta” or “be more alpha”. I thought that in talking to my friends of various backgrounds who did have success with dating, I would have a unique perspective to share that could change some lives.

I was being naive and what I found was disheartening.

In 2022, I found that men who have limiting beliefs about their race holding them back with women often have other limiting beliefs and issues as well. The old me was naive in thinking that he could help everyone but the truth was a lot grimmer. What I found was that many of these men were not that open to being helped and just wanted someone to hear of their struggles. All I can do is wish these men the best and hope they get the success and fulfillment that they want.

I am not fit to help men who believe they are struggling with women due to their race and ethnic background. As a matter of fact, I don’t get it and I am still new some of the experiences they face. Prejudiced and bigoted women exist, even in the younger generations we thought would be progressive. Racist and bigoted people in general exist and we have a long way to go as a society.

When I wrote about race and ethnicity, I was blaming the victim and not really hearing their whole story. Just like a lot of the pickup and red pill guys, I was in a different way saying “be more alpha bro!”. In doing this, I never genuinely reached out to hear the complete experiences of a guy who has had women show prejudice to his face. I did talk to some guys like this in 2022 and it made me swallow my words and sound naive. I’ll say it, I was wrong and still have more learning to do on the topics of race and ethnicity in dating.

I don’t want this site to grow popular in the wrong way.

My posts on race were getting linked a lot on incel sites and I don’t want us linked to that movement. My content right now is about doing the right thing to improve your current situation and even though I wish all guys well, I just don’t think that the Black Pill movement and the tone of incel communities is in line with the way we think. The content I post is geared towards sharing my experience and hopefully giving some of you some input that can benefit you. As good as my intentions may have been, race and ethnicity were not helping in that.

We all grow in life and it takes a lot to admit that what you said, did, and even the way you thought was wrong. In looking at some of my past posts on race, I found that I came off as misguided and arrogant. We all grow up though, all of us. We grow up and slowly learn from our ways. I have found that the content on Millennial Bachelor is a lot more positive in 2022 and I want to have it continue to go in this direction.

Moving forward, race and ethnicity will not be discussed.

I do not think that it is a productive discussion to be had. The guys who want to benefit from the content on this site will benefit regardless of their background. Maybe one day I do feel like I have enough experience to discuss race in a way that benefits all and does not attract the wrong kinds of attention if that is even possible. Today is not that day and for all I know, that day might never come.

As I get some time, I will be taking down more posts that are negative in tone and tied to race. We are just drawing in the wrong kinds of traffic and I want it to stop. If you were directed here from some of the incel sites, I wanted to let you know that nothing on this site will help you and you should seek advice elsewhere. I am rooting for you to get the life full of love, community, and acceptance that you want.

In some way, the traffic I got was a wake-up call for me in terms of where I have mentally been this year. 2022 has not been an easy year for me and I went through a lot. When we go through a lot of shit, our minds become negative and resort to bitterness, hatred, anger, and animosity. I did this a lot more than I would have liked in 2022 and the traffic I have been receiving lately has been a wake up call.

I hope everyone reading this, no matter where you stand or how you feel about me and this site, has a strong finish to 2022.

2 thoughts on “Why posts on race and ethnicity have been deleted.

  1. “I just don’t think that the Black Pill movement and the tone of incel communities is in line with the way we think.”
    100%, that is why I read and like this blog. It is one of the most positive (but realistic) and clear cut content out there.

    Imo, just be cool and hit on girls and results will come (yes, also for people from different racial backgrounds). Move to a big and progressive city and work on your traumas (hugely important for everyone). Don’t focus on hitting girls for a couple of months, but just become a more socially confident guy first. Imo, confidence really comes from positive reference experience together with deep work on yourself.

    Not everyone will like you but that holds for all guys (most of the time it isn’t even related to your looks or skin color).
    (In my opinion, maybe I am mistaken)

    Good decision on your end MB, no need to create a place for those people to get validation on their problems as most of them are just seeking a place to complain instead of really wanting to work on their deeper problems.

    1. Thank you man and actually, I am glad you feel the way you do about this site. I know you were going to do a post on daygame but I am happy with you sharing your story with everyone on here. We are looking to add more regular writers as me and Pablo can’t always upload the way we would like.

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