My thoughts on UFC 281.

I didn’t mention this in my Rebirth post, but I will update it later. Moving on, I will be sharing my opinions on things I see such as sports because that is a part of who I am. When I am not out gaming, I love watching a good sporting event and UFC/MMA is arguably one of my favorite sports out there. I know this somewhat takes the focus off of what I usually write about but as of right now, Millennial Bachelor is just more about you getting to know me better as who I am other than just some guy that runs game.

If you didn’t catch UFC 281, you missed out. The UFC has gone from being banned in the Empire State to being an event that sells out MSG every time it goes to NYC. What I have loved about the UFC and being a fan of it is how it has welcomed a community of different kinds of people. Watching the UFC is different than watching Sunday Football with a bunch of normies, the same kinds of people who think playing Golf on weekends and getting married at the age of 25 is the pinnacle of life. The UFC and the community around it just has a different feel to it which is why I love it.

Now I have not updated a lot of you on what I have been up to but I am actually back in NYC for the coming week visiting my friends. A while ago, we purchased tickets to the event because we knew that the UFC at Madison Square Garden was going to be huge! Well, the vibe was unreal.

Here are some of my random thoughts on the event.

Celebrities at the event.

Celebrities at the event included Miles Teller, Sylvester Stallone, Mike Tyson, Jared Leto, and Halle Berry. I did not care enough to get near celebrities because I was too into the event itself. However, at no other sporting events do I see as many celebrities. One thing I witnessed was that during some good fights, the celebrities were actually into the event. I read the faces of a few of the celebs and they all seemed to react with emotion at what was going on and even passionately speak to each other about the fight.

I have been to football games and other events with celebrities in them and they seemed rather bored.

Really energetic vibe.

It could be a Madison Square Garden thing but the vibe at the event was unreal. Everyone was high energy and cheerful about what was going on. When Dustin Poirier and Michael Chandler fought, the building went wild. I have been to a lot of sporting events and this was one of the craziest vibes I have ever experienced. People were genuinely into the events through and through and you could feel the nerves of the fans rising as fighters faced off. I would say the vibe was far superior to that of a basketball or American Football match and maybe slightly better than a quality World Football match (tickets to World Cup on the Bucket List here!).

The call him “The Diamond” for a reason.

Dustin Poirier endured an onslaught by the usually aggressive Michael Chandler. Against most guys, Michael Chandler would have had a W because of how hard he hits. Whenever Michael Chandler is in a fight, you need to watch that event because that man hits like a truck and he always presses forward. Rumor has it that Michael Chandler is trying to fight Conor McGregor next as the Mystic Mac makes his return to MMA.

However, I want to focus on the man who has beaten Conor twice and that is the man himself, Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier. Despite being hit hard in the first round and then taken down mercilessly in the second, he came back with a vengeance in the third. After being picked up and then a crazy scramble that followed, The Diamond kept his cool under pressure and choked out a tired Michael Chandler.

Israel Adesanya’s nightmare returns.

Alex Pereira had beaten The Stylebender twice in kickboxing and now followed him to the UFC. Compared to Israel who was the active long-reigning champ, Alex was a Rookie. As the fight started, the gap in experience showed. Israel was picking Alex apart and even successfully taking him down. Heading into the fifth round, Israel was up on the scorecard but then Alex unleashed the punches. In the past, Israel had been untouchable on the feet but Alex KO’d him to become the new champ.

While people have found reasons to hate The Stylebender, I think he handled the loss with grace. An immediate rematch is set to happen between the two. However, it did amaze me to see how matchups work and how a fighter who was previously untouchable seems to lose to the one guy who beat him in kickboxing, despite that guy being relatively new to MMA!

A lot of commotion and confrontations after the fight.

What yells NYC more than confrontations and yelling? Most of the time, New Yorkers shout and curse at each other before moving on with their lives. However, when you bring in a West Coast tough guy like Nate Diaz, shouting leads to a strong smack across the face fast. One downfall is the scrappiness of MMA fans leading to actual fights, something that was much worse when McGregor fought Khabib. I saw a handful of fights outside myself due to the event but noticed something that you could say red pilled me on seduction.

As the fights were going on, a lot of the girls pretended to hate it but kept looking on with curiosity. Even girls who were with guys stopped to see the commotion. I noticed this hot blonde bite and lick her lips as this muscular Latino guy beat up some bald white dude. Given that the Latin man had cauliflower ears, it would have been a bad move to fight him anyways.

Overall verdict, a hell of an event.

I would go to a UFC event again and from what I hear, there are a lot of great fights coming up. Every year, the UFC runs an event at MSG. The fighter I am most excited to see fight is no one other than Khamzat Chimaev. 2023 is going to be an even more fun year of the UFC and 2022 isn’t even over yet!

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