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A daygame exercise for anyone with approach anxiety.

In recent months, I have received a lot of requests for advice from guys asking how to handle approach anxiety with daygame and really what to say. So today, I wanted to share an exercise I think newbies will find quite fun to do and almost no pressure. The exercise is for a complete beginner but almost anyone can practice it if they feel approaching to be a little too much. It is kind of simple.

  1. Get out of your house
  2. Go to any area that is good for daygame
  3. Just walk around and observe the sights but whenever you see a hot girl, take some mental notes
  4. Pull out any app you can take notes on
  5. Immediately write down what went through your head when that girl passed by
  6. Rate whether there was a legit approach opportunity (was she walking fast? was she with a guy? was she on the phone?)
  7. Move on and then keep repeating the process for up to at least 10 girls
  8. Now reflect on that whole experience and see how much you kick yourself for not approaching
  9. You will start to think of lines you would have wanted to say or approach with, write them down so you can use them on future approaches

Overtime, you are going to get so frustrated from not approaching that you will start to become bolder and just go for it.

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