Should you go out just to daygame?

A question I have been receiving a lot from my readers is if it makes sense to spend hours going out on weekends, or even later on a weekday, for the sole purpose of doing daygame. As I have mentioned in previous posts, daygame is one of the worst ways to raise your lay count. So it begs the question as to whether or not it is even worth it to go out to practice it.

Now a lot of guys will say just meet women naturally through daygame or do it as you run your daily errands. After all, why invest your time going out to meet women during the day, especially through a method that normally has a low success rate? However, there are a few things that need to apply in order for this to be a fruitful strategy for you. The things that must apply are:

  • You must live in a high-volume area likely to have a lot of foot traffic and quality women passing through (Manhattan in NYC, Brickell or South Beach in Miami, etc.)
  • You must have a lifestyle where you regular go out a lot (work that requires you to travel a lot, a lot of commuting on foot, etc.)
  • You must already have a good base and foundation for daygame (openers, no approach anxiety, how to actually approach her, moving the conversation along, and effectively closing)
  • You must be at a level where your daygame is so good that you can open any girl in any place and at any time without sounding nervous (intermediate or above)

How many guys can confidently put a checkmark next to all 4 things? The answer is probably 1 in 10. Most of you do not live in a high volume area, have a lifestyle that consistently puts you in the vicinity of attractive women, or have a good foundation and skill with daygame. For about 90% of you out there reading this, it is just not realistic to go out and expect to find results with daygame out of the blue.

The vast majority of my readers would benefit by setting an hour or two, or more, aside every Saturday and Sunday to daygame. Go out, focus on doing approaches, do some approaches, and then see what needs to be improved after every session. You should do this every weekend for about 6 months before you truly start to see the results. Once you have lost your approach anxiety and closed enough women from daygame (aim for at least 3), then you can switch more to having it be a part of your life.

One of the reasons you must focus time on daygame is because it is different from other forms of game out there. Unlike nightgame where you can use dance moves and the girl being drunk to try your luck, with daygame you have to focus on it as an art. Daygame requires you to perfect your verbal game, get good at handling objections, and approaching a girl when she is by herself. What you say matters more and you have to have substance in what you say since you are not spending your entire time handling her disruptive friends.

Plus an honest question, what else would you be doing on the weekend anyways?

Have “brunch” with your gossipy coworkers and friends?

Watch sportsball on TV as you drown yourself in beer?

Going “hiking”?

Posting on reddit?

If you can give me something better that you would be doing on a weekend, I can understand why this would be a waste of time. If you are competing in something alpha like MMA, then perhaps focus on that. If you are spending weekends starting your own business and actually making money, focus on that. However, there really isn’t anything better you can do with your time. Going out to not only speak to attractive women but actively learn how to get better at it is a good investment of your time.

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