A walk after work (2019)

Today, I want to talk a bit about an old field report. In 2019, I happened to get really lucky and find an apartment near Bowery. While it might not be Soho, Bowery does have some of the most attractive women in Manhattan. Washington Square Park is considered by many to be one of the best daygame spots and Bowery is a reasonable walk away from it. I’d notice that every time I would walk home from work, I’d see at least three good looking women on my way.

The look seemed to all be the same for the most part. Usually, the girl was white and dressed fashionably. NYC has a charm to it during the winters when the smell of garbage tends to die down. I’d walk back from a long work day and sometimes end up on the beautiful streets of Soho. All of this was before the pandemic itself had hit.

When I say that I have some demons to settle in NYC, this is sort of what I mean. I’d walk back from work and see so many good looking women but never had the balls to approach them. Compared to the volume in Miami, the volume in NYC was insane. Sometimes, you need to experience a less than ideal environment in order to truly appreciate what you had. However, I start to wonder if what I had in NYC back then is even possible now given how much the pandemic has impacted the city.

On one walk after dinner, I walked around the area and saw this cute blonde with a long tanned coat. The coat was one of those fancy ones that they show in fashion catalogs. I really wanted to approach her but not seem too creepy doing it. A weird thing about Bowery is how on weekdays, it usually seems quite empty after work compared to elsewhere in the city. I go for it and tell her “you are definitely from Holland”.

She found the compliment engaging and we talked for a solid few seconds but my body was nervous. Back then, I had not gotten into daygame as much. We talked about where she was actually from (Texas) and then I wished her well. It was all on small talk and I did not even go for the close. Yeah, that is how much of a game newbie I was back then when it came to daygame.

I finish my walk and see a few more cute girls but don’t shoot my shot at all. Now I am kicking myself at times thinking about it, how easy things were back then and how we all just sort of took it for granted. Even though Miami has its volume, it still does not compare to NYC before the pandemic. Well, you can’t change the past but you can change what you are doing in the present. So far, to say that my trip back to NYC has been a success would be an understatement.

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