The reality of traveling to other countries to meet women.

I almost didn’t want to do this post because of how I want to get away from these topics but given the news lately, I wanted to touch on it. Very recently, news came out about a California man who was drugged, robbed, and killed after meeting his Tinder date in Colombia. Before I get to my point, I hope this man’s family is able to get through these tough times because it is not easy to lose a loved one. My post is not in any way geared towards Paul and has nothing to do with him, it has to do with the phenomenon of dating and meeting women in other countries as well as how hyped up it is.

The reason I even care is because when I was a teenager growing up in Podunk USA, I too had fantasies of traveling to other countries where women are beautiful and love foreigners. Maybe seeing the movie Hostel made me see another reality as well so I was a lot more level-headed. I always had a tendency to look beneath the surface and if something is too good to be true, it often is. When I would read the stories I did online, I started to second guess a bit.

Around a decade ago, the Manosphere/Red Pill started hyping up developing countries as places to meet women. American and western women had lost their “femininity” so you would be smart to go somewhere in Eastern Europe, Asia, or South America to find your future wife. A number of writers and bloggers in the space even pushed this idea and discussion on to men who were struggling in the US. If you could just go to a given country, then women will flock to you because you are an American or you happen to look a certain way.

Men ate it up and started to fantasize about such endeavors. You would see posts about how white guys should go this country, black guys to that country, Asian guys to this country, and such and such. In fact, entire discussions would go on for pages around these sorts of topics. I was guilty of feeling engaged in these discussions because threesomes with beautiful women in a foreign land is a lot more fun than rotting away in Podunk.

After I moved to a major city, I started to date and sleep with women of various nationalities. In parts of my twenties, I even went to foreign countries and tried the hookup scene there. In a few cases, a group of friends and I went to foreign countries to try our luck as well. A number of these guys pulled back home and had no issues with women but in a foreign land, they ran into barriers. Even though we got way more Tinder matches, the game itself was a different story.

Here are a few things I wanted to share:

The best and highest quality women will almost always go with local guys.

It is a tough pill to swallow, especially for western men who are Incels and think they can nab a supermodel in a foreign country. The reality is a lot more discomforting for any guy with such big fantasies about his foreign travels. In almost any society, the best looking and most desirable women will usually go for a local guy of high value. If a foreign guy comes along, he better have higher value as well or he is going to get ignored.

Even in the US, people hype up how easy European or Australian guys have it. The reality is that those European and Australian guys are often in amazing shape, quite charismatic, and successful to the point that women go for them. In most cases, an uglier or awkward European guy is going to get scraps. I have gamed with guys who had the British and Aussie accent, it doesn’t help you if you are ugly and lack game. This is why certain nationalities where men don’t care for their looks or game as much (ie: Indian) tend to struggle.

You might ask what if you are a high quality guy yourself? Then most of the times, you would be able to find a girl in your own home country.

Women who chase foreign guys often come with their own set of red flags.

In a lot of cases, the local guys are seeing something that makes them want to avoid these women. In many cases, these women are trying to target a guy to get them a better life in a country with a higher standard of living. Now if you are the typical Red Pill or Manosphere guy who has been rejected by western women his whole life, you may think you got yourself a gem. However, everyone else is just shaking their heads and laughing because they know that you are being played.

Most of these women know that guys like you are coming to their home country in the hopes of scoring. A lot of these women also know that since you are doing that, women in your own country probably don’t like you (after all, why else would you be traveling for the purpose of sex?). Many of them will gladly be your therapist in bed as they hear you complain about western women and string you along. Fact is, they know that you are someone with an ego that needs to be massaged and they will do it as long as it serves their own purpose.

There is no such thing as an “exotic” advantage anymore.

A lot of the Manosphere loves to cozy up to the egos of men and tell them that women will go crazy for their features in a given country. For a man, especially one who hasn’t invested a lot in improving himself, this is a massive ego boost. The reality is that we are so interconnected in this day and age that she has seen a guy of your look if she lives in a major city of that country. Even in the United States, a British or Aussie accent does little if you are in a major city because she has already met many men of that accent. Similarly, your skin tone, eye color, and appearance barely give you much of an advantage because she has seen many men who look just like you.

Now granted, if you look good and happen to have game, all those things help you out but that would be the case anywhere. You may wonder why you still get better results in a given country, that’s because the average guy there is not that attractive in general. However, for you to have any exotic advantage would rely on you going to a small town or small city in that country that is not as exposed to an international society. In a country with a high crime rate, this means seriously risking your life.

If she is getting with you or giving you the eyes, it’s not likely because of your skin color, it’s because she knows you are a ticket to a first world life. I know this hurts a lot of egos in the Manosphere but it is true. The attention you get is solely due to you being used for a Green Card. Moving on…..

Local guys will usually hate you for it.

Most men do not like foreign men coming in and sweeping up women in their country. Even in the US, a lot of local men get defensive when competition in general comes in. When you go to a country, especially one that is somewhat dangerous, and try to mack on the local women, it pisses the guys off. In a lot of cases, these guys might just ignore it but in some, they will fight you for it.

When I went to the Czech Republic, I noticed that the locals separated themselves from tourists quite often. Due to me having a good Czech friend (which was the reason I went), I had the chance to mingle with the locals. From what the locals told me, they have seen an influx of drunk Brits who act like hooligans and even go around harassing women. What this has led to is local women having a bad perception of British people. Even local men choose to avoid the typical British tourist.

Most people just hookup within their own hostels and social groups.

Majority of hook ups that happen on Holidays happen when a guy is traveling in a group. The guy usually gets with a girl who is also in that group due to mere exposure. Rarely have I seen guys go to a completely foreign land and pull from night game in most cases. A lot of the times it is just guys getting with girls they are traveling with if even that. You are too unfamiliar with the local culture in order to pull in most cases.

The main point to take away from the whole post is that you are actually at a disadvantage when you travel to foreign cultures that are culturally different than yours if your goal is to pull. What I mean by this is you will have an easier time as an American in Canada compared to an American in Brazil. I know no one wants to admit this but it is true. Even guys with high lay counts like John Anthony (JMLUV) admit that Brazil is a lot tougher than the US because the women don’t allow any weakness and there is a language barrier.

So what now? What can you do?

I have likely destroyed the hopes and egos of a lot of men looking to travel but that was not my intention. What I wanted to get to now is what you can actually do.

Enjoy traveling for the sake of traveling.

Experience a new culture, meet awesome people (in general), taste new food, do fun things, and have a fun time. Travel for the reasons most normal people travel for. Go on a hike to the beautiful mountains or go explore the fun outdoors of a given country. Traveling for the sake of meeting women (what some call “Geomaxxing”) is one of the dumbest things you can do in this day and age. Go to a place you like because of its culture and its people and you will have a great experience. Going to a country for the sake of meeting women is a waste of time, money, and energy.

“But I want to meet foreign women!”

I get it, some of you want to get with women of different nationalities. If that is your desire, then move to a major city like NYC, London, Toronto, Miami, LA, or Chicago. Get really good with game and max out your looks. Overtime, you will start to get with a number of women and some of them will be foreign. You can go to certain venues in major cities that attract a more foreign than usual crowd and will be all the better for it. I actually advise all men to first get really good at game in their own home country where they know the norms and the culture well. Maybe afterwards, you can travel abroad for game but lower your expectations!

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