Thoughts on the split between Tom Brady and Giselle.

As you all may be aware, and can look up yourself, the greatest NFL Player of all time, Tom Brady, split up with his wife Giselle. Giselle is a Victoria Secret supermodel who many claim is even wealthier than Tom. Now I don’t usually look up to a lot of athletes or celebrities but Tom Brady is my childhood hero. To see a guy go from 6th round draft pick to the greatest of all time is truly a story for the ages.

The rumor goes that Tom was supposed to retire from playing in the NFL since he was in his mid-forties and playing a sport meant for men decades younger. Since he refused to do so, this caused a rift between him and his wife. By himself, Tom Brady has more Super Bowl wins than any franchise in the NFL. As you can see, no one dominates their sport to the extent that Tom Brady has dominated American Football. Even with Michael Jordan, there is a debate as to whether Lebron James is better. With Tom Brady, there is no such debate at all, no one even comes close.

Now a question to ask, should man abandon his gift and life’s calling for a woman?

Let’s be real here, if Tom Brady was not a Super Bowl winning Quarterback, then Giselle would not have been with him. Compared to other sports, NFL Players don’t usually enjoy the privilege of dating supermodels unless they are truly elite in many ways. Supermodels are not lining up to date your average lineman or even your average Quarterback. It is a far cry from soccer where supermodels often date Soccer players because of how much popularity they enjoy. For the record, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed athlete on Instagram right now.

So Tom Brady had to establish himself as one of, if not, the best at the time in what is the most coveted position in American Football, the Quarterback. If he had not done that, Giselle would not have given him the chance. I find it a bit strange that the very thing that attracted Giselle to Tom would be the very thing that drove her away. However, I am outsider looking in and there was likely a lot more to the store than I speaking about.

Only a couple of years ago or so, Tom Brady won the Superbowl with the Tampa Bay Bucs after leaving behind one of the biggest dynasties in the Patriots. Even in his mid-forties, Tom Brady is playing at a reasonably high level. In some ways, I can see why Brady would hate retiring, he still has that chip on his shoulder from being a 6th round draft pick. I rage when I look back and watch NFL Draft Dork, Mel Kiper Jr, criticize Tom Brady’s talent when Mel himself couldn’t throw a spiral to save his life.

I don’t think a man like Tom Brady should have to abandon his career in the NFL unless he starts to face a massive decline in performance. After all, it was football that brought him Giselle and all of the finer things in life. Could Tom retire and live comfortably for life? Yes! However, for men like Brady, it is about more than just money and comfort.

In my view, Tom was right to move on and chose the very thing that brought him Giselle over Giselle. I know that there is a lot more to this story and I accept that I do not know all of the details. In recent years, I have backed off of sports so much that I don’t even watch the NFL on Sundays anymore. However, Tom Brady is my childhood hero and in my opinion, one of the biggest alpha males on the planet so I had to weigh in on this.

As a reader, your takeaway should be that your purpose and mission in life comes before all else. Now none of us will ever be at the level a Tom Brady is, he is simply one of if not the biggest alpha male on the planet. However, some of you in here will find your calling in life if you haven’t found it already and it will bring you success. As a man, you have to put your calling before you put any woman in your life. I think that in the end, Tom made the decision best for him.

However, it leaves behind one other principle of mines, you do need to know how to quit.

While we should all try to make the most of our prime, the truth is that after a while, you need to quit. At some point, it becomes time to settle down and take it easy. For different men, this comes at different times. For Tom Brady, it has not come given that he led the Bucs to the playoffs last year and has been doing well on the stat sheet. However, at some point, we must all admit that time has passed us by and we are no longer the sharp man we used to be. An older man told me that you will know when that time comes and to not overstay your welcome.

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