A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (11/3/19)

I remember 2019 and before the whole pandemic started, how I was slowly coming into form with game. At this point, I had met a really cool Eastern European wingman, let’s call him Paul. Paul stood at about 6’1, had blond hair, and somewhat of an Ivan Drago look going to him. Paul and I had met at a bar in Bowery as I saw a couple of hot girls and asked him if he wanted to wing. Ever since then, we had been friends who regularly went out and ran game.

A few weeks before, Paul and I had approached this gorgeous two-set. One woman had black hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and an athletic figure. The other woman was a hot blonde with a similar figure and blue eyes. Paul took the blonde and I took the brunette, both were Eastern European. The vibe went so well that Paul called them back to his penthouse (not going to ask how he made that much money, it was for the best) and we had ourselves a blast. Long story short, I end up having some amazing sex in his luxury apartment with the brunette while Paul had nothing but fun with the blonde.

Now this set was different, we were going out to brunches with them and meeting their friends. The brunette’s name was Marta and the blonde’s name was Anya. We found that Marta and Anya had a lot of hot friends and I mean a lot. The two had friends that were hot European girls of various nationalities and a couple of hot American blondes from Ohio. Man did Paul and I strike gold with this set. One brunch, we were the only two guys on a table full of hotties to where random guys were trying to join our table and getting rejected. It’s a hell of a feeling.

The only other wing I knew was a good friend of mines named Will. Will was a guy from Texas who had become my good friend in NYC as we had pulled a couple of sets together. I tell Will about my success and he is happy for me and one dinner, I even call him out. Will hits it off well with one of the Ohio blondes and he is a joy to have at the table. As two weeks fly by, Paul and I arrange a house party that we are going to call the social group and Will out to.

“Dude, let me invite Terry,” said Will.

I didn’t know what to really say to this because I had met Terry a few months ago and a few times after that at Happy Hour. Terry was one of Will’s friends from work. The way Terry came off to me was a “good man” from Long Island who would often talk about doing the right thing and even say “brother” a lot. We noticed that Terry was quite passionate about sports as well and got very emotional over one New York Giants game, so loud that the bar could hear.

For a moment, I was thinking about it but I said why not. After all, we had a case of too many women. I tell Paul that we are going to call this guy Terry and Paul is cool with it because we had too many women and there were going to be even more! The reality is that I wanted more guy friends to come but was weary. All it takes is one wrong guy to do something sketchy and soon, we are all paying the price.

The party happens and Paul knows how to throw a good one. I see Terry who is looking like a kid in a candy store and smiling while at the party. Now I hear something from Terry that shouldn’t put me on edge but it sort of makes me confused. When I hear a guy talk like this, it makes me realize that there is more to them than meets the eye.

“You boys, so that’s what you’ve all been doing huh, you dogs!” said Terry, softly smacking me on the shoulder as he laughed.

Yeah, the good Catholic and man of God who is supposed to look down on us deviants that have sex before marriage all of a sudden turning into this Texas Cowboy with the way he chats. Terry always struck me as a guy that will quote motivational speakers and try to give everyone a sermon in public. The kind of guy that wants you to know how he is doing good in the community and cares for everyone. You could see Terry’s Instagram having Bible verses, family pictures about how they are his best people, and how he even volunteers. Good ole Terry, always trying to do the right thing. I grew up around a lot of “Good Christians” and “Men Of God” myself down south but I moved on, it’s just me overthinking and looking too much into it.

As the night is going on, I am getting a spicy vibe going with Marta, a really spicy vibe to where I was afraid we would fuck in front of everyone. Marta had this way of gently massaging my back and biting the right part of my neck which would give me the most comforting feeling. You know that kind of relief that makes you exhale a deep relaxing breath? Yeah, that! Me and Marta took it slow which made sex with her so amazing and she had this honey-like smell that made my cock as hard as a rock. Marta’s skin was soft to the touch and shiny, even in the dark room with neon party lights shooting out. Seemed like we had our own mini nightclub going.

“Oh my god, what the hell is he doing! Melanie!” shouted a voice. At this point, the music had cut out.

We were clueless on what had happened but given that there were only four of us guys at the party and about eight or so girls, we put ourselves in front of the fire. Paul and Will are both large enough guys with Paul having five years of kickboxing and a few years of wrestling experience. I get myself into that situation, lagging behind Paul and Will who are making their way over because they are ahead of me in the place. On my way, I hear one of the girls make a claim on what had happened.

“She was drinking at brunch and was wasted when she got here, she told me she really needed a nap because she could barely move!” said the worried voice.

“Holy fuck dude,” said Paul, an intense but angry look in his eyes.

I cannot make my way over because there is a crowd. However, I know enough about Paul at this point to realize that if he is angry, it’s not going to end well for the other person. Paul wrestled in high school, had a purple belt in BJJ, and had done kickboxing for about six years. I am still trying to figure out what the hell is going on so I ask one of the girls near me as I do not want to make my way through the herd.

“Melanie had been drinking all day, needed to rest, was almost passed out drunk, and that guy was all over her,” said Lisa.

“Who invited him?” asked an angry voice.

“Dude, get the fuck out!” shouted Paul, looking angry. I still could not make out what was happening.

“Terry bro, what the fuck!” shouted Will.

“Man, it’s a party and she seemed into it,” replied Terry.

“No she was not you sick fuck! She was resting and exhausted after a few drinks!” shouted one of the Ohio blondes. Melanie was the other Ohio blonde who Will was not involved with.

“Well shit, then don’t pass out at parties,” replied Terry, laughing.

“Get the fuck out bro, get the fuck out!” shouted Paul.

“Terry dude, you have to go,” said Will.

“Well shit, yall turning into some feminists here,” said Terry.

“Get your friend bro, get your friend,” said Paul, growing angrier.

“Will, dude, get him before it gets bad,” I said.

“Terry, come on,” said Will.

“I mean damn, it’s not like I fucked her or anything, just making a big deal,” said Terry, pulling up his pants. At this point, the girl Will was trying to get with immediately comes to her friend’s aid and has dragged her friend away from Terry.

“No you forced yourself on a woman that was mostly passed out,” said Anya.

“She didn’t say no,” said Terry, trying to get away.

“Will! Dude!” I said.

“Will! Dude!” replied Terry, mocking me.

“What would the Savior think of you forcing yourself on a girl, Jesus boy?” I asked Terry, who gave me an intense look.

“Don’t you dare take the lord’s name in vain!” shouted Terry, giving me an intense look as I smiled.

“Terry, come on, let’s go,” replied Will, trying to grab his friend away.

“You get your hands off me boy!” said Terry, trying to get feisty with Will.

“Oh come on Terry, you wanna do this?” asked Will.

“Fuck all of you bitches, burn in hell!” replied Terry, storming out of the room.

“Terry, dude!” said Will, angry himself.

“What boy? I am telling the boss this is what you doing with your weekends, have fun being unemployed!” shouted Terry, angry.

“Will! Dude!” says Terry, mocking as he looks at me.

“Bless your heart, Terry,” I say, mocking him.

“Bless this shit bitch!” shouts Terry, knocking over a glass.

“Fuck you!” shouted Paul, rushing at Terry before Will could hold him back.

Paul executed a takedown that was almost UFC-like. Meanwhile, the other girls are all gathering towards Melanie who is mostly passed out from the drinking and slowly coming to her senses. Terry, being the rat he is, screams for help as Paul lands a few punches. Will and I manage to drag Paul away as I tell Paul we can file a police report. What comes next is my own wingman turning on me and pushing me up against the wall.

“You invited him,” said Paul, a murderer’s rage in his eyes.

“I did not think he would this, you know me dude,” I said.

“Yall hearing from the cops soon, my uncle’s an officer,” said Terry.

“My dad is a lawyer, this is sexual assault!” shouted the Ohio blonde that was Melanie’s friend, her name was Alicia.

“At least 8 fucking witnesses, see you in court!” said Alicia.

“Will, drag your fucking friend away!” I said.

“Let’s go!” said Will, shoving Terry who finally decides to leave.

“Paul, I am sorry,” I said, as Paul threw me aside.

Well, there it was, a night ruined. Will wanted to invite Terry but I never knew it would end like this. Looking back at it, I did not see the red flags and was too afraid to tell Will no. A part of me knew the danger of calling the wrong guy to this kind of a party but we needed guys. Having been around enough “Men Of God” myself down south, I know how fake their faith in the Bible is and how they use it for leverage to get ahead in life.

However, I sat there looking defeated. Worst of all, I felt the eyes on me and it was Marta. Marta had that look of someone who had realized what a loser their lover was. All she did was stare and then looked away, attending to Melanie. My gut knew it was over, all of it. Melanie had some water and had slowly come to her senses while Will and Terry were gone. I go over and see the scene around the tall blonde.

“Like I was laying down and I felt someone on me and I thought it was you but like wtf, I was like how wild is this party getting,” said Melanie.

“He was in his underwear with his dick out,” said one of the girls.

“How did he even get in?” asked Anna, a tall cute German brunette who was the most fun of the whole group.

“There is the guy who put him on the guest list,” said Paul, pointing to me.

“Why did you invite him? Does he normally do this?” asked Anna.

“Will wanted to invite him because they usually hang out after work and I didn’t know he did this,” I said, a defeated voice.

A lot of things ran through my mind in that moment. What if this did go to the cops and turned into a bigger issue? Now I am going to get into trouble because of not trusting my gut. I was however taken back by Anna’s genuine need to understand instead of getting mad at me. Marta was talking to other girls and had distanced herself from me enough.

“I didn’t know he was like this, Will told me he wanted to come along and I trusted Will’s judgment. It was a mistake,” I said, defeated.

“Dude, you can’t just go around inviting random people, especially guys you barely know to parties around us. I mean imagine if Paul couldn’t fight, we would be so screwed with a monster in here,” said Alicia. I got a lecture and nodded.

“Look, we know you are not a bad guy but that was naive,” said Anna.

“It was,” said Anya.

“You put us in danger,” said one of the girls.

“Relax relax, you all are good. Sorry about that man, I shouldn’t have done that to you,” said Paul.

“Hey man, I should have let you beat the fucker’s face in but didn’t want you to get a life sentence for murder,” I replied.

“Saved me there!” said Paul, as everyone laughed.

Slowly, the girls started to leave but I had lost that night. I went home, defeated, knowing that it was all over. Marta was not going to sleep with me again and Paul would never wing with me again. Paul and I grew distant and I had let a great opportunity slip. To imagine what would have happened if I had not invited that fucking snake, how many more parties we could have had. A few days later, I go to the usual Happy Hour bar I meet Will at and come to find, he was right there. Will walks over as soon as he sees me and I am not too keen on starting a convo with him.

“Dude, so Terry,” said Will.

“I can’t even, sorry bro,” I replied.

“He got fired,” said Will.

“How?” I asked.

“Well, come to find that one of the VPs at my firm is Melanie’s aunt and she got a wind of it. Come to find, Alicia identified Terry and one of the girls had recorded him. So my boss gets told of Terry’s antics and apparently, a year ago they had this issue at a team conference in Vegas. The VP had enough and they let Terry go due to poor performance,” said Will.

“That’s South Long Island for you,” says one of the men near us.

“Rob, where did you show up?” asked Will.

“Just sat down and overheard you all. Terry, I know his brother. Same behavior but man those folks are sketchy,” said Rob.

“What kind of behavior?” I asked, curiosily.

“That Long Island Blue Collar behavior brother. Act like some man of God, try to be overly Patriotic, try to take a moral high ground, and all of that shit. Put some alcohol in em and put those Guidos around girls, see their true natures come out,” said Rob.

“You know em well,” I replied.

“I grew up around em. Leeches man, leeches,” replied Rob.

“Sociology lesson here,” said Will.

“Yeah, any time one of them tries to be friendly or buddy buddy with you, there is always an ulterior motive,” said Rob.

Well, I learned my lesson the hard way. I saw a great social opportunity pass and it was all my fault. As the months flew by, the circle that Paul had grew bigger and had hotter girls coming into it. If I had just made the right call and trusted my gut, I’d have been a part of it. You live and you learn.

Lesson learned.

I knew, deep down, that something was off about Terry. Terry was in every way like the “Man Of God” types I met down south. The kinds of guys that will hold that Bible high but screw you over as soon as they get the chance. All of the self-righteousness and trying to hype himself up morally. However, I learned how the wrong affiliations can cost you a great opportunity and the value of the company you keep.

Terry was barely an acquaintance but Will knew him. Will and I had become good friends so I trusted Will. However, to the group it did not come off like that. What the group saw was me inviting Terry and somehow that was my problem. When Terry acted the way he did towards Melanie, I was left with the blame because how the hell did he even get in?

Furthermore, I get why nightclubs and exclusive venues are so harsh towards guys. Guys who can’t pay or can’t bring any sort of value are leeches. Leeches, if given access, will take value from the venue. In extreme cases, leeches will make life uncomfortable and even dangerous for the people of value in that establishment. The more experience I got, the more it made sense to me why nightclubs are so harsh towards men.

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