The only way out of the Friend Zone.

Or really, the only potential way to get girls that don’t see you as a romantic partner and don’t seem to be attracted to you. Before you go on, you must accept that you are just not the type for some women. Some women will just not like you no matter what you do and it is a waste of time to try and get them. However, let’s say that you want to try a Hail Mary kind of a pass and get out of the Friend Zone itself. In fact, not even the Friend Zone, just have a chance to get a woman that won’t normally go for you because she lacks attraction or initiative. How do you do it?

Forget her and chase other women.

The absolute worst thing you can do to get out of the Friend Zone is trying to get out of the Friend Zone. Some Pickup Artists and dating coaches will say “woo her over” or “use this game tactic”. Wrong. This is not a saying the right words trick, this is a long-term game plan that is more relevant for a year out.

Your only way out of the Friend Zone is to work on yourself and chase other women in the meantime. Put all of your focus on chasing other women and talk to other women at every turn. You must avoid the woman who has Friend Zoned you by all means unless the interaction requires you to interact with her. Even then, keep it very short and civil but then back off.

Now the degree to which you have been “Friend Zoned” matters.

If you are still friends with her in the sense that you keep in touch with social media, stop all DMs and just keep her as a follower or whatever. If you block her, that shows emotional immaturity and she will think that she got to you. However, if you keep her as a follower and show that it is fine what she did, it means that you are okay with it. Where this does not work is if she is so creeped out by your antics that you get blocked on all social media and she wants to avoid you in which case, there is no way back.

However, if you are still in a legit “Friend Zone”, just keep her as a contact, keep it civil, be nice, but avoid actually interacting with her. If she asks what you are up to, bring up other girls and what you have going on with them. You must legitimately get good at getting other women in your life or else none of this works.

Work on your value, improve yourself, and talk to a lot of other girls. Build abundance and start dating and getting with other women.

I’d say 75% of the time, it won’t even matter. She was not attracted to you and will still forget about you. You have to live with the fact that this is a low success-rate idea. However, there is a 25% chance that she will actually want to sleep with you now and see what the hell happened with you. How did you become this new guy?

As you can see, a long-term play.

The reality is, you got yourself into the Friend Zone. You were too passive or just not attractive to her. You are not going to get yourself out by saying the right words and being shortsighted. You get yourself out by thinking long-term.

There is a caveat.

If you genuinely do all that I have said, you probably won’t care to get out of the Friend Zone with her. The beauty of meeting more women is that you end up finding a woman that you like more than her. In fact, I’d say that most of the times, you are going to find a woman that becomes your new obsession and then forget about the one that Friend Zoned you. How it typically works is that you genuinely forget about the girl that Friend Zoned you to the point she comes knocking and almost forces the interaction herself. It just sort of happens because the power always goes to the one that cares less.

Some of you may feel discouraged since I did tell you that the girl you are currently obsessed with, the one that Friend Zoned you, you can potentially get her back! However, the point is that you have to build abundance to the point that you meet an alternative so good that you almost don’t want to.

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