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Before you start to worry as a man.

Look at both sides of the story, especially the person saying the very thing that makes you worry.

I feel like whenever you log on to the internet, a sea of negativity and horror stories awaits you. As a hypochondriac guilty of Googling his symptoms, let’s just say that this even has me thinking I might have cancer. However, something hit me because naturally, we believe the person making the claim and going through shit but don’t dig into the full story. Now this is not just health related, it is even game-related. I will take present an extreme example to you that has most men scared.

Red pill men and PUAs saying: “Women out there are trying to MeToo all guys they hook up with”

Related to the #MeToo Movement where some women may have exaggerated what men did to them and made a guy that hooked up with drunk sound like a Harvey Weinstein. I do not deny that such women exist in our society and men should be careful when hooking up with randoms if alcohol is involved. However, as men we don’t look at the person or group of men making the claim. In winging with some guys who were aggressive guys into pickup and the red pill, I could only walk away with one thought which is: “I am shocked these accusations aren’t happening more often”.

You have a group of men who see women as a piece of meat, have bitter views towards them, go on the hunt for the ones that seem vulnerable due to alcohol, and aggressively push for sex when the woman is not comfortable. Whenever I have had a woman back at my place, if she has shown any discomfort I have backed off and that has led to me losing out on some lays. However, most of the times, I have brought women back to my place and they have been down without much issues.

When you start to hang out with guys who are seriously into the Red Pill or take Pickup way too seriously, you start to realize that things make sense. Maybe the guy who approached a woman after she repeatedly told him to get lost could have expected her to say he was harassing her. Perhaps the guy who reads borderline misogynistic material and has toxic views towards the very women he is trying to have sex with had bad intentions that night. Two sides to every story.

Guys that claim they cannot meet women due to hypergamy or societal issues.

Dating apps, social media, lockdowns from COVID, and you name it. Guys that complain that it is so tough to meet women after college, in a given city, given culture, or a given country. How often, when we read this, do we start to ask how the guy himself is like? Does he care for his looks? Is he a fun person to be around or a pessimistic incel? How does he see himself? How is he actually like as a person? What does he have going for him?

More often than not, when you peel back the layers, you realize that it is usually the guy who is the problem rather than the society. After all, plenty of men are scoring and doing well in most western societies so what exactly is off about this guy? What has he done? If he got into game, did he do it right or did he come off as some spammy weird pickup artist? There is just so much more we need to know about this guy before we think whatever he is going through will apply to us as well.

We can also extend this to guys who say they cannot make friends after college. How is this guy usually like as a person? Is he even someone worth talking to or does he have the vibe that drains the room? We don’t ask this often enough, we just harp on the topic rather than the person who made the complaint. Some people are so difficult to be around that not even their own family members want to spend time with them.

Examine the source and the messenger.

Always, no matter what the complaint is about. There is a catch here though, if lots of people are making a complaint, it might signal something. For example, I noticed a lot of people getting sick this November and lots of complaints coming up around that. Even the most followed sports star in the world caught the stomach bug! If that is the case, be on high alert. However, before you believe any complaint or horror story on the internet, examine the source. Finally, examine the probability of it happening to anyone.

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