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A question that goes through the mind of every kid that moved around a lot.

As you will find in my life story that I post, I moved around a lot as a kid. Even thinking back to the life I have lived, I just look to see how fast it has flown by. I mean, I cannot believe it! The 90s were a couple of decades ago but I remember them like yesterday. Things were different then and to be honest, as much as this may sound like nostalgia, they seemed better. Even though I would not have had a smartphone or even a blog to reach all of you, I just wonder what it would have been like to grow up as an adult in your 90s.

However, as someone who moved around a good bit as a kid, it hits me. I had the chance to make friends in every city my parents moved to but then I would have to leave. I look at where I am now as an adult and think back to how it was like as a kid. Given the amount of kids I knew in my youth, this question always hits me:

What happened to them?

I guess maybe I could dig up old yearbooks (in some places we didn’t even get them) and do some social media stalking? However, it is almost like I will never see them again in my life and if I do, I guess that would make me a believer in some sort of fate! It hits me just like I bet it hits so many out there and you can only relate if you moved around a lot as a kid. What happened to some of my classmates along the way?

To think how different people are as adults. Even when you see most adults who you think are mean, to think that at one point that person was just some kid who wanted the simple things in life (exceptions exist of course). To think what path in life they took and where they ended up. Wherever they ended up, at one point they were right next to you coloring things with their Crayolas. Man, what happened?

More so, thinking about it has me thinking about life in general, how it truly flies by fast. Here I am at 30 but I could just think that it was not that long ago when I was a kid. To think how much the world has changed since the 90s, it is insane and I almost cannot fathom. How we went from having to beat a freaking TV for a good signal or wait minutes for a webpage to load to now having Smartphones that load webpages in seconds. However, to think about so much of the humanity that was lost from back where we were and now to think about where we might be headed as a society.

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