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My Health Update.

It’s been quite some time fellow readers! December onwards has been a difficult time for me in life and I had been going through a lot of health issues. The symptoms were stomach pain, back pain, unexplained weight loss (that’s a big one!), general weakness, tingling feeling in arms and legs, night flashes, night sweats, heightened anxiety, and you name it. I actually did feel like I was going to come down with a serious health condition (Cancer being on the list) or just fucking die.

What sucked along with my health was how I could not go out like I wanted to or get to my goals. For the first time ever in my life, I started thinking about how to prep for an awful diagnosis or the fact that I might not have long left in this world. In January, I started all of my doctor’s visits and a few days ago, got the results of my CT Scan as well as a lot of important blood work.

The good news is that so far, I do not seem to have Cancer, based on my CT Scan. However, my blood work showed what was going on. A few aspects of my blood work show key things needed to be way below what is considered standard and my doctor was able to figure out what was going on based on that. Thankfully, it seems like something that can be treated with medication and vitamins which I am now prescribed on.

I have also slowly started to feel better. Thank you all of my readers for the kind wishes and I look forward to delivering more new content in the coming months.

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