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Pretend like the worst is inevitable or already here.

The past few months have been quite rough for me, especially on the health end. Due to my symptoms, I worried that I might have Cancer but so far my examinations from doctors have started to rule that out (so far). I also started a new job months ago but due to the tough economic climate to come, face the daily reality of being laid off out of the blue as is common these days. For those of you who have read my story, you also understand that I lost my father a couple of years ago. Life from pandemic onwards has been a miserable roller coaster life for me and really tested me through and through.

I’ve stayed up some nights worrying about a lot of things such as whether my family will be okay, whether I will have a job, whether I will have good health, whether I will be safe, whether my dreams will come true, and a host of things. Then, an epiphany sort of hit me. I feel like we keep worrying about the worst that can happen and will come but deep down inside, secretly wish it doesn’t come. We worry if we will die tomorrow or at some point and secretly wish we can live for as long as possible or even forever.

What if stopped having that hope of bad situations not happening?

What if we accepted that they are inevitable or might already be here?

Not to scare you but what if right now, some of us have some form of a deadly illness developing inside of us and our lives are shorter than we would like them to be?

If you knew that you only had five years to live instead of thinking that you might just have forever and can’t possibly pass in five years, how will you do your life differently?

Maybe you would start your own business or go travel the world. Maybe you would go see the stuff you always wanted to see. Maybe you would take more risks. Maybe you would approach that cute girl without hesitation. Maybe you would go do that one thing you have been meaning to but just wanted to find the right time to do. Maybe you would….

The reality is that at some point, our lives will go downhill to some degree. We will face obstacles we could never see coming and we will face a setback that we could not have expected. Why not accept that and prepare for the inevitable? Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

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