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Social Life 101: The Most Important yet underrated thing.

After a short break, I will continue my series on social life!

Tom goes to the local Meetup group he found online in the small city he is in. The city is typically full of families, married couples, and kids. Almost everyone from Tom’s high school who wanted to make something of themselves moved out of the place. As soon as Tom goes to the Meetup group, he finds that there is an old guy, a single mom, and a couple of high school kids there. Deep down inside, Tom knows that this is not the crowd he actually wants to be a part of.

Outside of Meetup, Tom has tried everything from gym classes, volunteering, and even Church but nothing sticks. Tom does not have the social life he wants at all and the people he ends up making friends with, he wants nothing to do with. What is Tom doing wrong? Where did Tom go wrong? What is Tom missing?

Location, location, and location.

In order to have a successful social life as an adult male, you must move to a major city. My social life was crap until I moved to NYC. It was not until I moved to NYC that my social life took off in a major way. If you do not move to a major city in your twenties, your social and dating life as a guy is going to be crap. Do not ignore your location. Location is almost everything outside of your actual social skills.

This is how short this post is by the way.

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