Do life-threatening experiences and facing death make you better with women?

I bet you didn’t expect that title!

As my fellow readers know, I faced a health crisis in late November and throughout December. I am doing a lot better now and have mostly recovered in health. So far, in many doctor visits, it does not seem like I have Cancer (so far). However, I still consider myself a changed man and I still think that whoever that guy in the past was, is gone. In the past, I have noticed that men who live the fast life tend to be better with women.

The fast life itself whether that is risky sports or doing stuff that can legitimately get you killed seems to create a different sort of a man. I have known a couple of former military guys, both Marines so they were boots on the ground. In them, I saw a certain kind of a behavior of not giving a crap and not letting the small stuff in life bother them.

Now look at how this is the exact opposite from that of your typical “Incel”.

Incels worry about their eyes being too far apart or not close together or have some weird body dysmorphia in a lot of cases. A lot of them worry about getting a day older and not having a social life. It is safe to say that most Incels have not faced life-threatening situations and probably live relatively easy lives. That is why something as simple as not being acknowledged by women gets them depressed and down in the dumps to where they think their life is over.

In past centuries, these men would not have been allowed to sulk on the internet. Most of them would have probably put their efforts into some productive outlet that doesn’t relate to dating or sex. Times were tougher back then and we faced a shorter life span as people and a lot more things that could kill us easily. Now with the advances that have happened in society to where we are constantly coming up with cures for diseases that would have easily killed us, men are comfortable. Men don’t have to fear death like they once did and so they can complain all day on an Incel forum about how unfair life is while having a great internet connection and their basic needs cared for.

I used to be like that, an Incel.

My followers have read my long and painful life story. At one point in my life, I was too comfortable. My parents wanted me to live at home and only focus on my studies which gave me a ton of free time in my early days in college. I had never been so miserable and women can feel what kind of a guy I was. Compared to guys who had to actually struggle for something and put themselves through trial by fire be it joining the military or playing sports, I was soft. I was miserable and I had not faced a life-threatening situation, just a life-limiting one.

It is no wonder that I struggled with women. However, it is when I started to take risks, told my parents to take a hike, and took my life into my own hands that I finally pulled it together and got better at dating. Overtime, the independent man who had seen some shit started to see some results with women.

Most of all, the small shit bothers you less.

Piss someone off? Great whatever, unless that person has a gun and wants to kill you.

Your opinion angers someone? Fuck em.

Rejection? Yeah whatever, plenty of fish in the sea.

Your typical Incel or guy that struggles with women cares way too much because he has not had perspective yet. Most of his days go by eating junk food, living a comfortable life, posting on internet forums, playing videogames, being comfortable, and then somehow being miserable because women won’t give him attention. Such a guy has not faced a situation where his life can be over or even come to terms with the fact that life can end for him. In fact, he wishes his life ends in some cases but that’s because he does not realize how good he actually has it.

Once you do get that perspective, it changes things.

Imagine, you are 30 with supposedly your whole life ahead of you but then you start showing some seriously bad health symptoms. Next thing you know, you fear going to the doctor because it could be something serious, something that can limit your life by a lot. Now you ask the real question, what really fucking matters?

What someone rates your looks on an Incel community?

What some random guy is doing with women?

What kind of attention women give to wealthy and attractive men?

How life won’t be as good as it was in high school?

How you missed out on the high school or college experience?

None of that shit matters in most cases. You just stop caring and start doing. All you care about is doing what you feel like doing.

Move to that city you always wanted.

Approach that hot girl you always wanted.

Go take that vacation to that place you always wanted.

Visit that whorehouse in Prague.

Get wasted in New Orleans.

Go to that Strip Club in Vegas.

When you start to realize that there is a real possibility you might not be around in five years, shit changes.

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