Back at it (2/3/22)

Today was quite the day. Despite a few days of NoFap and working out every other day, I was not the sharpest today. However, despite getting a full 8 hours of sleep, I woke up very exhausted today and even found myself sleeping in. Then got through work and it seems like there is drama at work too. We had meetings all morning and all afternoon which means no chance to game. Then I realized that I had to get on top of other stuff like health insurance overcharging me and everything, it was just crazy!!!

My boss is slowly starting to not care at all. I fear that she might be going through quite a bit at work herself which is not the best news. Things seem to be in a turmoil worldwide for the economy which brings up why I need this blog to finally start being profitable.

Despite the miserable day, I was practically determined to make it work and so after work, I went at it near a local mall. It’s been quite some time since I had a proper approach session too. Usually, I would go out on weekends and do sets but there has been a major gap in all of that. My life has been all over the place with getting sick and then trying to find a new job and all. I told myself that no matter what happens, I am going to stay at it with a routine. Maybe it is a stoic mindset.

Approach 1

The first approach is always the toughest and despite what happens, I had to convince myself that sets will come. It did not seem that way as the whole area seemed quite dry for the first 30 minutes since I was there.

I saw this cute Latina with a golden doodle but right in front of her was an older woman who looked back and called a name. At first I thought it was her mom but I had already made the approach anyways in the process. She was friendly but seemed to want to go away or not chat much. I felt like there was potential here but I slipped. Game sticking point is once again, old mindset of caring too much. I could have just opened her with confidence and then let her mom being there just work itself out but no, I slipped up and came off awkward on the approach.

Approach 2

I saw this woman dressed in a nurse outfit walk across from me. Opened her asking if she is a nurse, she said she is a pharma sales rep. We chat for like 30 seconds and then when I asked if she is Brazilian, she shakes her head and walks away. My energy was off with this approach too. I had spent the first 30 minutes out not even doing an approach.

Approach 3

I told myself enough is enough. Got too nervous in the past few approaches worrying about what others might think and got too in my head. Well, I approach this woman looking off into the sunset and she gives me a dry response. Then I say “your Russian?”, she says no French. Then out the store walks this super tall guy who is her husband……..Maybe a degree of being careful could have worked. I hear women that wait outside of stores are waiting for their SOs or friends. I got lucky that the husband did not want to confront me.

Approach 4

I walk around and see this older chick in all white. Use the Austen Summers ACII method (Attention, context, intent, etc.) and open her, she is once again coming off as dry. I tell her she must be Eastern European, she says no and then walks away. Seemed like a total bitch, probably the typical Miami escort type. I know, I sound bitter, but that rejection made me want to keep approaching which had me happy.

Approach 5

See this brunette in all black walk across from me, I turn around and then walk in front of her. Open her, tell her she has the most LA look. She smiles a bit but then says she is from Miami. I told her that would have been my 20th guess. She then says have a nice day. Well, not a good day at all. In looking back at it, she seemed like some typical bitchy Jewish chick.

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