Crazy session and encounter with a security guard (2/16/23)

So I woke up this morning and found my weight lower than it has ever been in quite some time around the 170s range. I have been lifting every other day and combining that lifting with running to wrap things up, as I get to a couple of miles I quit. Cleaned up my diet a good bit, although I still have my Nutella here and there. I am mot feeling downright sick or having blood come out of places it shouldn’t on a man, so it’s not Cancer as far as I know (knock on wood). Funny to think that I was around 195 lbs back in Jan 2022 so either I am healthier now or have some serious illness in me, time shall tell because a few doctor appointments haven’t been able to.

Work was hectic as usual and crazy too but happy to have a job so far in this crazy climate, knock on wood. After a crazy week at work as well as a crazy day, I decided to say screw it and head out to do some daygame at a nearby mall. I didn’t look my best as I could use a haircut and I swear my eyebrows are getting bushier than normal. Moved last week too so there was that.

My mentality changed to where I said I am gonna be out for two hours and whatever happens then, happens.

Approach 1

See this sexy dark-haired girl walk in front of this white guy and Asian girl couple I was walking behind. I quickly walk past them and then near the girl. Tell her she has the most NYC look I have seen and she smiles, says she is from Argentina. However, seconds later she heads right into a store. Darn.

Approach 2

Happened almost 30 min later but I am walking around and see this girl ahead of me. Dark hair, ponytail, and olive tan. However, there is a middle aged couple in the way so I walk past them. Open her and tell her “hey excuse me, I was completing my walk after work but saw you, had to tell you that you have the most LA look I have seen today”. She smiled, sounded really basic and said she is from Ft Lauderdale. I tell her “you kinda look like a Miami version of Dua Lipa come to think of it”, she found that funny. We chatted for quite a few and she said she recently moved nearby and it’s funny because she is actually of Albanian background.

I joke with her and said “it’s okay, we can kidnap Liam Neeson’s daughter together sometime, for who knows how many times”. She found it funny and bust out laughing. We keep talking but I screen her and say “I guess I stopped your Equinox workout”, she said they don’t have the class she wants today. Walk with her and get to know her a bit, we just keep chatting and I let her lead the convo. Then I point out a store near me and say “seems like your kind of place” (it was a Sephora), she says “it’s basic”. I tell her “basic and bougee is the vibe here”. She tells me “what are you saying about me?”, I said “the place here, this entire mall, my world doesn’t always revolve around you you know”, teasing.

She did find it funny but I ask her what she is doing this Saturday. Tells me it is a free day for me. I tell her I am free too now that the Superbowl ended and all my drunk friends are going sober (probably overkill lol). Grab her Instagram and tell her she can check out a coffee shop nearby. I also pitch my rooftop and tell her “I will be sending your rooftop pool stories so you can see where the sunburn came from”. She laughed but I keep talking to her.

Told me she had to go but then I stick around.

Approach 3

I keep walking around for an hour, nothing. I get some water and then keep walking around, place seems to be dying out. Then I see this girl with the most Kendall Jenner look to her. White girls with black hair and a tan, slowly growing to be my kind. I say screw it and approach her, my opener is more Austen Summers. I go direct and tell her “hey I was finishing up my walk after work, saw you, thought you were cute, and had to come tell you”. She smiled and played with her hair a bit, good sign and I was focused enough to pick up on it.

Then I joke and say “now hoping you are not under 18”, she smiled and said she is 21. I joke and say “great, so I can finally bring you to bars without having to worry about your fake ID”. She smiled and said “you do this a lot”. I joke and say “only on Thursdays”. She found that funny as we are walking around.

I point out a coffee place and she say she was gonna get coffee. I tell her “I am getting decaf so you know I am an addict”. Turns into instadate and we are at the coffee shop. She is from California and then mentions on our date that I am the fifth guy to randomly approach her this week. I found that weird and say “well, Miami culture for you, we are trying to convert you into a Dolphins fan”. She says “eewww no, I like the Raiders”. I tell her “so you’re the naughty kind of Californian”. She smiles with her finger at her mouth, turns to me, and asks “how?”. I respond with a “because your mascot is literally a dude with an eyepatch and your name is the Raiders” which she found funny.

Coffee shop is closing so we step outdoors near a bunch of shops the mall had.

We talk for a good bit and I got her IG too. She said she wanted to come to Florida because CA is unlivable. I joke and say “yeah, all that perfect weather makes you spoiled, you needed to challenge yourself with humidity”. She found it funny to where she grabbed my arm. I start trying to pitch my rooftop and tell her I am going to cool off, she says she has to go join her friends in Wynnwood. I tell her “get wet with the hipsters after a swim”, she says “naw naw, I mean I just met you”. I tell her “a guy you just met and then you go to his rooftop pool, now that’s a story to share with friends”.

She says “I just met you but I am free this weekend”. I tell her “but the pool will be packed”. She says “but I thought it was yours!”. I say “well I have to be nice to my guests” (quick thinking lol). She bites her lip and says “Saturday”. I tell her “alright, I will take you at your word, meanwhile you will have to look at my stories”.

Could have closed harder, would have been a heck of a same day lay but failed.

Day turns out way better than expected.

Security guard confronts me.

Security guard, this overweight black dude, confronts me and says “my dude, I saw what you did”.

I joke with him and say “you don’t approve of coffee this late, I get it”.

He shakes his head, laughs, and says “my dude, I saw what you did” while laughing.

I smile and look at him.

Then he fist bumps me and says “gotta respect a mack though”. I smile and nod, tell him “hey man, gotta shoot my shot when I can if she is interested, if not then you walk away”. He says “you ain’t even gotta worry bout all that bro, I seen dudes come up in here and jump in front of girls trying to shake their hands and a couple dudes even grab girls but you all good homie”. Then somehow we talk about women for a solid 30 min.

I have seen this security guard around and then I leave to go home. Before I do, he tells me “yo, you need anything or any help, I got you”.

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