Why you should ask for her Instagram instead of her number.

If you have been following the typical game guys or pickup artists, you were always coached to go for the number. “Number closing” as they called it and it was supposed to be the holy grail of a successful cold approach. Well, over the years, I decided to experiment a bit with asking for a girl’s social media (IG) versus her phone number. With Instagram, I had way more luck, and over the years, here is what I have found.

It is way more natural these days.

Think about it if you are younger, texting takes effort. I hate texting myself and find it to be a chore. With Instagram, you are on there in your downtime anyways. You are checking out your feed for recommendations, seeing what is going on in your city, and seeing the stories of your friends. Naturally, you will see that notification come up and want to respond to the faces in your DMs. It’s way less friction.

Imagine the typical woman these days who lives on selfies. Imagine our generation that prefers Uber Eats or Doordash over actually going to the restaurant to pick up. Hate it all you want but that is how women are these days and by approaching them, you have to play in their world despite whatever garbage the Red Pill and PUA tell you. You want to make it as easy for her to message you and interact with you. Instagram makes it a lot easier than having to write out a boring text.

Way less ghosting.

With girls that I asked the IG for whether from online dating, daygame, or nightgame, I noticed that I got ghosted way less. I noticed that text conversations fell apart often and my “text game” had to be tighter in order for me to get her out with me. In most of the cases with text game, I noticed that the girl was already super into me so all I had to do was not mess up. With Instagram, I was able to keep girls that were interested already interested as well as convert some maybe girls.

Way easier to gage her interest.

You get a number and she doesn’t reply, did she ghost you? Was she “busy”? Who really knows? You can’t tell that much other than assuming that her not texting back means she lacks interest. However, Instagram is way better as a tool for you to gage her interest, how she feels about you and whether or not your approach was decent at all.

For example, if she doesn’t follow you back after you have followed her, chances are that she was never interested and just gave you an IG to get an extra follower. For private accounts, if she leaves you on requested well after you have left, then she was never interested. At worst, if she blocks you right afterwards, then you came off as a creep. This may hurt your feelings but you have a quick resolution!

If she sees your stories, likes your pics, or comments on your stories; then she is interested and you have a chance. You can tell so much from her reaction to you on IG how much she likes you compared to a number where unless she is really into you, you are SOL.

A way better way to convert “maybe” girls.

Let’s take all game outside of online dating and put them into context. You are going up to women you do not even know, asking for their time, gaging their interest, and then asking for some sort of commitment from them whether it be a date, getting to know them better, or whatever that may be. Unless you pull that night, you are going to have to keep building that rapport and building attraction.

What do you have with a phone number? She can’t see you and has to imagine what you were like the night before. With Instagram, she can get a feel for you, and what you are about, and see what your lifestyle is like. You can take girls that were on the fence and if they see a fun and interesting story from you, want to get to know you better.

You become more than some random stranger that approached her.

When you ask for the number, all you become after that approach is some random number. You may have been the fifth guy to approach her on that day or the tenth to approach her that night, she doesn’t even remember in most cases unless your approach was super memorable. However, with Instagram, she can remember who you were and want to continue to know you. You are no longer just some random number, you are an actual face in her feed and you come up when she wants to view some fun stories.

Think about something like daygame. You are walking up to random women on the street and wanting to get their time and some commitment whether it is a date or whatever it may be. Well, the reality is that you are some stranger she does not even know who just came right up and started talking to her. The reason you are talking to her is so you can build some comfort, make it less awkward, and change that frame of being a total stranger in her head.

You get a number, what does that mean? You are some random dude texting her and that is that. She can no longer put a face to you and her memory gets fuzzy after you have left. Who were you again? Unless your approach was really good (and no matter how good you get, you will never have too many perfect approaches), she will forget about you and have every reason to do so.

However, Instagram changes the game here. She can put a face to your name and continue to put the pieces together to see what kind of a lifestyle you live.

Way better way to retain girls.

Instagram has made it easy for me to retain girls I am seeing. Since it makes interactions more normal and natural, I get comments from women on my stories. I have had instances where I am visiting a city and already, a girl I matched with months back who is in that city is hitting me up. Women are seeing my stories, commenting, and dates are naturally happening because I am at a place. If I have seen a girl already, then the story is a great chance for me to start a conversation if she likes, comments, or gives her take. Most of all, I can even DM her if she has seen my story.

Way better way to show off lifestyle improvements.

If you are reading this blog, you probably don’t want to look the way you do right now and are looking to improve your life in a lot of ways. You want to move to that major city, get those six pack abs, build that interesting lifestyle, and work towards that better life. As you get there, women in your past that you have closed will see it. I have had more than enough instances where women I closed on IG saw my lifestyle improvements or my looks improve and wanted to hit me up. I ended up taking them out on dates and smashing.

On text? I would have had to be more proactive. Most of all, you can get girls you missed because they happened to only be in town for a day or not really stay as long. I have had a few instances where when those girls came back, I ended up closing.

Common objections.

“But I don’t have a cool Instagram”

Fair point, build one. You just need to add a few hundred people or have them as followers. I would not recommend buying followers but get at least 300 or so followers to show that you are normal. As long as you are not posting bathroom selfies and low quality pics, you will be alright. Post cool stories and post cool pics of you doing somewhat fun things. Biking out in the sun? Fun and cool shit. A story of a day at the beach? Fun shit. Be a relatable person.

“Instagram makes me a sellout and not the alpha the red pill told me about.”

Most red pill and black pill guys are losers that suck with women and cannot relate with people. You are going after hot girls who are social and can relate to people because a lot of people want to be in their world. Relating to basement dwelling losers is not going to help you. Relating to those whose attention you do want to get is.

“But social media will ruin my mind and ruin me”

People who get ruined by social media are those that lack self-control and already have issues. Social media just exposes the issues people have. If you get angry because some dude is living a better life than you, or showing that he is, then that is a you problem. If you get angry because some girl has a ton of followers, likes, and gets free stuff, then that is a you problem, not a social media problem. If that kind of stuff is able to get you riled up, you were not meant for game in the first place.

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