Back at it (2/23/22)

After what was an embarrassing outing yesterday, I decided to get back at it with daygame. I have come to realize that lately, I kind of look like shit and could use a haircut, it is long overdue! Still, no excuses, I need to get back at it. I need to get back out there instead of wasting time making excuses. So I decide to say screw it and get back out there approaching.

While Thursdays are usually decent at the place I go to for game, this one was crap. I did not see any quality sets at all until I finally see this woman in all black. I go over and approach her.

“Hey there, I was on my way to get coffee, saw you looking stylish in this all black and had to tell you,” I said.

She took well to it and everything. I am proud of myself for having done the approach accurately and the way I wanted. It all rolled off the tongue. We were vibing well but then I try to ask her for coffee. She shows me her ring. WTF, how can I be so blind as to not see the ring? I thank her for her time and leave.

Then I walk around a bit and from a distance, see her with her husband who is this buff dude. Bullet dodged!

I walk around a bit and it is truly dry. I did see a couple of hot girls but they were on their phones. Usually, I do not approach girls who are on their phones as it is too risky. I have had some wings that do it but I am not a fan of it. Then as I walk around, I see her.

This one girl has black hair, pale skin, and this beautiful pink shirt that goes so well with her body. Unfortunately, she is a bit of a way away so I miss my shot. I still walk around and try to see what else turns up. The whole situation looks hopeless but I stick around for a few. As I am walking around, I finally see her walking towards my direction.

A few older women are in the way but I am patient. I would have waved to her earlier but as she gets closer, I open her. Tell her that I was finishing up my walk after work, thought she looked great in pink and had to come say hey. She smiles but then talks fast, telling me her name. I slip up and say “oh your accent? You must be Russian”. No, she was Cuban. We awkwardly look at each other and then the interaction ends. She has to go and I do not try to hold her back.

Big coaching moments for myself here. I feel like my openers are yet again sharper but the problem I have is that sometimes, I box myself in. I will have a good opener but box myself into a situation where a question can be answered with a yes or no or a statement can be answered with a yes or no. I need to work on the next step after the opener, opening her and then making it so she cannot just answer the question with a yes or a no.

Just a week ago, I was on top of the world and now here I am. Funny how this thing we call game works sometimes.

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