The Bachelor almost goes 2 for 2 (2/19/23)

After a long layoff from the game, I had a somewhat great time approaching this past Thursday as I went 2 for 3 with the numbers I had. Now the problem was setting up the dates. Thankfully, I did this on a Thursday and the weekend was right around the corner but with attraction, you have to act fast. I kept DMing the girls and posted a nice story of me at a friend’s party on Friday. My friend has a nice patio in a luxury apartment and the two girls saw it. Well, that is a good sign, but as soon as they did, I DM’d both of them.

Both respond and now I have to figure out the logistics for tomorrow. Albanian girl who was supposed to be free all day magically has something come up and her afternoon is shot. I push for the night and to my surprise, she is receptive to the idea of meeting up earlier on in the night.

The news is not the worst news for me because of the three approaches I did, despite her being hot, my biggest thing was for the Kendall Jenner lookalike which was my third and final approach. The night before, the Kendall Jenner lookalike is set to go and I am excited. Something about this girl just hit differently where I felt some serious arousal while I was talking to her and approaching her. I have not felt my heartbeat and blood rush for quite some time during a cold approach than I did with her because I could have pulled on the same night.

CA girl.

Calling her Kendall Jenner or California girl is just too much effort to write out so we will call her CA. Given how high the bar was set, I was actually at a disadvantage here. I was going to pull this girl to my rooftop and then try to close by bringing her to my apartment. Now, I had to walk things back just slightly and I thought about this on Thursday. If I propose to meet at my rooftop, it became too obvious. I had to find some plausible deniability here.

Thankfully, the place where I had approached her has a lot of shit going on during Saturdays, usually outdoor markets with cool ethnic foods and a bunch of other local stuff. Women go crazy for that kind of stuff and I DM’d her about it, she never knew because she doesn’t spend time there on a Saturday. I had my in and that was my hook. When I proposed that to her, she said she would be down.

I woke up that morning and after having a nice walk around the nearby on a sunny day, I DM the CA girl to confirm. As for the DM itself, I have attached the image below but I have crossed a lot of stuff out for the sake of not unveiling anything about her or even our location for obvious reasons.

After looking around, I see her and I was turned the fuck on from the get-go. She had on those short white shorts and a blue top that went well with her golden skin. I immediately go up to her and hug her as I feel that rush consume my body. The way she smelled and how soft her skin felt had me as hard as a rock. I’ve struggled with doing NoFap for longer than a week so I had to take a deep breath. I ended up accidentally getting a whiff of her and she had that hazelnut-like smell that I go weak for.

“So, I just made you even more cultured like that,” I said, putting my arm around her waist.

“Pfft, I am from California, we got way more variety than here,” she replied, teasing me.

“Yeah yeah, better weather, better movies, all that, we get it Katy Perry,” I replied, teasing her right back.

“Oh my god, she is not even from California!” she said, laughing.

“I knew Daisy Dukes and Bikinis on top were not your style,” I replied as she smiled.

We take a walk around to the various stands they had set up and she was amazed at the sights. Tells me she had no idea this sort of stuff was going on during the weekends and I told her it has been for about a year but it’s low-key which is what makes it so good. Then she tells me about how she wants to buy stuff at the outdoor stands in Miami Beach but they are usually crowded and seem seedy.

“Those melons look good,” she said.

“You pervert,” I replied, teasing her.

“I meant those actual melons,” she said, laughing while she looked at the fruit stand.

“Oh you mean watermelon,” I said, quietly. As for why I did this, whenever you are correcting a girl in public, this is usually a chance that other guys nearby will take to butt into your conversation.

“Yeah yeah same shit,” she replies.

“Let’s get some,” I said.

“Yes!” she replied, excitedly.

The reason I got watermelons for us is not just because they are good to have when it is hot outside but because some also consider them an aphrodisiac. I get the watermelons for us and then find a space at a park nearby the mall. We sit on these nice long stairs and overlook the beautiful buildings and views in front of us. I had my arm around her back as I use the other to eat a little bit of the watermelons. Too much watermelons and I have to go piss and I wanted her to have more of it anyways. She is mostly done with the watermelons and as am I, the shit works and I am as hard as a rock and feel my blood rushing even faster. I look at her and we just smile at each other.

“I take pride in keeping my promises you know,” I say to her.

“Oh yeah, like what,” she whispered.

“You see that tall building to your right?” I asked.

“I see where this is going,” she replied, smiling.

“Rooftop views and you can see the whole city,” I said.

“I feel like you have something else you want to do,” she said, giving me a seductive look.

“Yeah, you caught me, can I make a quick confession?” I asked.

“Ha! I knew it!” she replied.

“So they also have a pool table up there and I need someone to practice against, are you any good?” I asked.

“Oh my god, wow!” she replied, rolling her eyes and laughing.

“I take that as a you damn good and cannot believe someone would challenge you, I am gonna get punished for that!” I replied.

“Okay, let’s go, but you better not try anything,” she said, smiling.

We get up and I grab her hand but then quickly put my arm around her waist. We walk slowly through what is now practically a crowded bazaar. I don’t like it one bit because too many of my neighbors, including annoying cockblocking Bros, are there too. I refuse eye contact and walk in silence with her, pretending like everyone else is not even there. Meanwhile, as I am avoiding eye contact, I just feel two eyes on me and it is the two annoying Guidos that live in my building. I have seen these guys leave the rooftop a total mess and shout like dogs when everyone else is just trying to enjoy the nice views.

“Those guys were so creepy,” she whispered, as we passed them.

“Which ones?” I asked, pretending to not know.

“Those dudes were just staring and gawking at you,” she said.

“I am used to it, maybe you can relate,” I replied, as she smiled and shook her head.

We get through the bazaar environment and then finally make it to my building. The walk along the way has me hard and I have to take my mind off of so I make minimal conversation with her. It always gets me how you can walk to a place with a girl and sometimes not have any conversation but in the past, I have kept chatting and not shut up.

As soon as we are inside, we go to the rooftop. I forgot to ask for the pool sticks but I knew that this would be an extra hassle. Once we are done playing, I have to return them which could get in the way or provide an extra barrier as I am about to close. I just go with the flow and we get to the rooftop.

“Wow, this is, neat,” she says.

“Yeah, now for the views I promised,” I replied, smiling.

The whole tone of the conversation had slowed down and I felt more composed. The best part is that the rooftop was relatively empty and the weather had gone from bright and sunny to a bit cloudy. I show her around the various views of the city and we talk about all we can see. My voice calms down and I go into the yoga instructor mode or one of those instructional videos where the voice is in calm and slow mode. My arm is still around the waist and I gently grab her ass and pull my face closer to hers as I tell her about the views, no resistance from her at all.

“And we call that gloomy or what Californians say, a foreign language,” I said, as the weather gets more gloomy from the sunny it was. She smiles and puts her hand on the back of my head and massages it. I put my face close to her ears and sniffed them, she had that strong hazelnut smell that was reminding me just how horny I was.

“Since it is getting gloomy out, let me show you my depressing view but only under one circumstance,” I said.

“What?” she asked, giving me that teasing smile.

“You promise not to laugh like you are at a comedy show with Kevin Hart performing when you see it,” I replied.

“Uh, I mean, if its that depressing I don’t know, that’s a lot of pressure,” she replied.

“Okay I will meet you halfway, you can laugh but no teasing okay?” I said.

“Hmm, okay, deal,” she said, smiling.

We hear some thunder and I get her off of the rooftop and we get to my apartment. I am glad I didn’t get the pool sticks or whatever they call them. We finally arrive in my apartment and I show her my view which is basically overlooking some construction. She smiles while looking at it and I look at her. My heart is pounding and I am feeling that rush again, it is now or never. I grab her ass, pull her close to me, and go in for the kiss.

No resistance or anything, we just locked lips and I kissed her slowly. I have learned to slow down the kissing which has helped me better my Performance Anxiety. With this girl though, I do not feel that anxiety at all. We kiss and then I take her top off, my goodness she had some nice, shiny, and soft nipples with breasts that can fit into your mouth. Naturally, I started to suck them slowly and that made her moan.

It went smoothly and naturally by the way she touched me, she knew almost all the right spots on my body and did in a way that made me groan from excitement. I sat down on my bed with her skinny frame on me as she took her bra off. The horny me could not help but kiss and lick her slim waist which she liked.

Soon we rolled over with her on my bed and I started to eat her out. I just had to bury my face in her pussy, she had a bit of a trimmed bush and I didn’t mind the soft dark hair that rubbed against my nose and lips. She smelled amazing down there and I took the time to savor it by eating her out slowly. I could not help but kiss her thighs and suck on her pussy, never really felt the urge to eat a girl out more aggressively than her. I did it for a good bit too and it was enough to make her cum.

I was as hard as a rock and had to get up to put a condom on. Always a crapshoot with me but the thoughts I had of her made it go on easily. I went right back, all naked now along with her. Did a whole lot of humping and lasted at least a solid five minutes. Sucked on her nipples and kissed her beautiful face while I did it.

We spent the rest of the time just laying around making out nude before I had a second rush. Went to put on another condom and let her ride me but this time, it was enough to get her to cum. It seemed like the second time around lasted a lot longer than the first. We enjoyed a great conversation with each other about a whole bunch of stuff and I could tell towards the end that she was definitely someone I would like to keep seeing. However, the afternoon was turning into a late one.

She leaves and gets ready while I get ready for the second date.

The Albanian.

So the night was nearing and quite frankly, I was a bit exhausted. My lazy ass took a nap after going to town on the Kendall Jenner clone. I had set the alarm but even though the alarm went off, I felt like sleeping just a bit more. Missed my window of opportunity to shower but still managed to get my hair styled up a bit. Here is my exchange with her.

Head out to meet the second date and it was at a coffee shop but in Brickell. Logistics were already against me but I said fuck it and went. We met and I felt so bad now. My date was dressed up all well and meanwhile, I had the smell of a guy that just got done fucking. We hugged and she immediately stepped back after taking a whiff of me and went “whoa”.

I smiled and she replied “really?”. I knew it, I fucked up. I should have showered but I owned up to it. I told her “so I ran all the way from my block to Brickell to see you and underestimated how long it would take as well as this heat”. She laughed and said “uh huh, really, really!”. I replied saying I did and nodded.

We have a decent conversation but then someone’s dog jumps on me. This was not a small dog either, it was a freaking Alaskan Malamute. Who owns an Alaskan Malamute in Miami? YOU TELL ME! The thing fucking licks me. I hate how people are so irresponsible with their dogs. The shitty owner does not even acknowledge me or apologize, instead, she says “Balto, come here”. Ugh, all I can think of in my head was “Balto was a Husky you dumb bitch”.

Guess getting licked by dogs is some social proof because my date keeps probing and saying “what kind of cologne are you wearing?”. I try to be funny and say “natural fragrance”. She does find it funny and from there, we talked a good bit but I know I have to go for the close. It is nearing dinner time and as far as I know, she is probably heading out with her friends later in the night.

I ask her where she is over at, she says she actually lives nearby. It is always tricky to close when you are at her place and not near yours. Then I start making assumptions and telling her that her apartment must overlook the BCC. She tells me it does. I practically change the frame to get her to talk about her apartment. Then as the time flies by, I tell her “okay real estate agent, I might move to Brickell but you have to give me the tour of the overrated high life”.

She turns me down and says “I am not taking you, home dude”. I almost feel like giving up and wonder even if she took me home, would it lead to anything? I probably won’t be able to get it up so I think to myself, why not push past it for shits and giggles? I am not kidding, this is literally what went through my head. I finally say fuck it and then go right back to talking about her apartment.

“I get it, door guy and bouncer have seen you bring too many crazy people in, I figured”. She found that funny and then teased saying “says the guy who walks up to random women and asks them out on a date”. I respond by saying “says the woman stupid enough to agree” in a very teasing way as we smile and stare at each other.

We just look at each other for a bit before I get back to her apartment conversation, telling her “so you just just to see it out of the window or do you have to go to the rooftop of your place to see it?”. She gives me a long winded answer and I say “okay so rooftop”. She calls me an a**hole and hits me as I joke with her.

Then I tell her “we should get out of here, seems like the place is closing”. She agrees and then we walk around, she points me to her apartment which is this super tall high rise. Before I can say anything else, someone’s dog jumps on me again and this time it is a Golden Retriever. It goes right in-between my legs and tries to gobble my nuts. The owner is nice and says “oh my god I am so sorry, she so violated you!”. My date is laughing but the owner pulls the dog away as I ask “she?”. Owner says “yeah it’s a girl”. We keep walking as the Golden looks back at me barking.

My date is cracking up and then says “I am so done”. I tell her “me too, let’s relax a little”. She walks towards her place without saying anything, I walk with her without saying anything. What are we doing? I have no f-cking idea. Long story short, we talk a long elevator ride to her apartment and she lets me in. We look out the window, then stare at each other, and I go for the kiss. We make out but then I realize something is off.

Oh no, no no no no no. I am going flaccid…..

I should have seen this coming but I try to power through it. Maybe one good makeout session? Maybe more intimacy? Bro WTF. WORK! Work you f*ckin chicken work!

“By the way, you smell like *****” whispers my date. I am not sure if she literally meant it.

“You are what you eat” I jokingly respond.

“I meant it literally, you smell like you just ate a girl out” she replied, smiling and smirking. We make out some more but I am not feeling it.

It happened, I got overcome with Performance Anxiety as they call it. I could not get hard at all. I was spent and California girl got the better of me. I had to give up and told Albanian girl “hey, I have to go, I feel like I came on too strong”.

She says “oh no its okay, you are good dude, I was just joking”.

I tell her “I really have to go, I mean I just can’t right now”.

Then, she loses her temper and tells me “yeah that’s because you got with another girl today you sleazy b1tch”.


I gulp as she says “get the f*ck out and never talk to me again”.

I try to explain myself and she is raging mad and shouts “go, now!”.

Weekend ends on a low note but I realized that my sex drive might be dying out due to the health scares I might have had. I got some more work to do. Could have gone 2 for 2.

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  1. Bruh you really fucked up there at the end – if you don’t have the stamina or didn’t bother taking a shower you are just going to ruin both yours and her time. She knew you fucked another girl before that’s why she could smell your B.O.

  2. I’m really curious how tall you are as this affects your success rate with women

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